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No the parties are not the same

bobwjr 10 Feb 4

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Highlighting two crazies from each party ix not an argument. At least MTG is honest in her beliefs while AOC lied about being in the Capitol during the riots.

Only one of them is crazy. If you cannot tell the difference, you are part of the problem.


Sure, there are stark differences between the parties on culture war issues, and even on real issues that matter more, like taxes, war, economics, health care, immigration, etc. but those differences on the latter issues are only between the progressive Dems like Bernie and AOC vs. the Repubs, not the establishment Dems and Dem leaders. Those Dems make sure that progressive like Bernie and AOC never get any real power in the party or congress, so those differences between the parties are for show and mostly just cosmetic ploys to raise money, fire up their base, and convince progressives to stay within the Dem Party instead of leaving and starting a third party that actually wanted them and respected them. That third party could then start getting what they wanted instead of having to settle for being always lied to and slapped in the face by the Dem Party.

We once had a possibly viable 3rd party, the Liberal Party. Sadly 3rd parties,here, just get used by the other two to siphon off votes. Had Ralph Nader not been running, for example, we'd have had President Al Gore, not idiot Bush.

@BirdMan1 That's bullshit. Bush was appointed by the SC, not elected because Nader ran. You are buying a common myth. The actual vote in Florida favored Gore, but the SC stopped the count. Another factor that favored Bush in the vote were hundreds of elderly voters in Palm Beach that mistakenly voted for Pat Buchanan as a third party candidate, due to the confusing butterfly ballots, when they would have otherwise voted for Gore. These were elderly Jewish voters in Palm Beach. Buchanan's name was right next to Gore's on the butterfly ballot. Do you really think these people intended to vote for an anti-Semitic fascist like Buchanan instead of Gore? Don't spew that false shit blaming Nader for W. becoming presidents. You are showing your ignorance...


Not even close.

Leelu Level 7 Feb 4, 2021

The parties have slightly different facades, but down deep they toe the neoliberal line. I’m talking the standard conservative republicans here. Trumps facist splinter group is another story. And the fact that the republicans allowed it to grow out of control is a whole other topic

And yes the people above are polar opposites.


With the continued inclusion of people like Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and especially MTG, the republican party has signaled that they are throwing their party open to those who have no interest in upholding the Constitution.

Kevin McCarthy has more interest in the money coming in from 45 supporters and conspiracy kooks, than he does in his own integrity, and that of his party.

The democrats have their own problems, but in this particular instance, they are a much better alternative to what the republicans have to offer.


AOC has an agenda that is inclusive, and would bring us much more in line with the rest of the western democracies than we have ever been. That is neither Marxism, nor any form of Communism. Greene, on the other hand, is simply delusional in a dark, and dangerous way. And, if she does not really believe the crap she's been saying, but is just pandering to the fools who would vote for someone spouting that shit, she is even more dangerous.


When the Dixiecrats were purged from our Democratic Party where did they go. They went to the RepuDlican Party. The party of bigots. The anti science party. The party of yay for me & eph you. Now you have the party of lunatics. AOC has not threatened the life of elected officials. MTG has. End of story.


I'm with AOC and progressive. If you are talking Marxism and trying to send people to North Korea and other places you miss what our social security is doing for us in America and how people want to expand it, which we should. Conservatives who want all their elderly relatives to live with them at home most likely do not have the money to take care of them. Someone would have to quit a job in order to do this. No, it is not 1900 and never can be again, but our modern democracy started with FDR.


She's like AOC and Hank Johnson combined into one Congresswoman:

BD66 Level 8 Feb 4, 2021

Also from Georgia!! It seems that his vocabulary is more restricted than the size of Guam. Capsize, as if it's "floating" on the ocean? This is the product of an education system? HOLY SHIT!
But, no, AOC is an intelligent, socially conscious, well spoken person, so I vehemently disagree with your characterization!


I think you meant to type "the parties are not the same", not "sane".

But in any case, you're right. Only the party pictured on the left is the sane; the one on the right is the in-sane.

They are not Sane, would be the correct spelling to me. Vote them all, they are all the same.

@Castlepaloma You sincerely believe, when one party's priorities are reversing climate change, universal health care, racial and income equity, and social justice, while the other's priorities are tax cuts for the wealthiest 5% and some of their members are spreading conspiracy theories that the other party are a cabal of election-stealing, child-murdering vampires...

That they are both the same?

What color is the sky on your home planet?

@Paul4747 Well put!

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