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A conspiracy is simply 2 or more people telling a lie. So if you and me make up a lie then we are engaging in a conspiracy. The term conspiracy theory attempts to discredit honest people by claiming that 2 or more people never lie as a team. I know that's not true, so do you.

Thirst2learn 7 Feb 7

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Your premise is incorrect due to the incorrect definition of conspiracy. Are we now deciding the meaning independent of Webster? Conspire implies illegal or criminal intent by a group. Not as you assert ..."a lie". I think you have a thirst to argue, not a thirst to learn,


Your premise is incorrect due to the incorrect definition of conspiracy. Are we now deciding the meaning independent of Webster? Conspire implies illegal or criminal intent by a group. Not as you assert ..."a lie".


You twist everything. A conspiracy theory is a false spin on an issue or event designed specifically to create doubt or to mislead people. It takes just one person to start a conspiracy theory.

@Thirst2learn Again, you twist things. A conspriacy theory is atheory is a false statement about apurported conspiracy comm8ited by two or more others. your reasoning is poor.

In this millennium, a conspiracy theory is anything that goes against the official narrative. And in hindsight, there are many conspiracies that turn out are based in truth. Bay of Tonkin is the famous example, which dragged the US into war with Viet Nam.

@Thirst2learn just because you keep saying it does not make it true....drump is not around to make that shit acceptable anymore.

@powder The vast majority of conspraciy theories prove to be fabrications without merit.


Can you not just look up Google?

~ a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators
~ a theory asserting that a secret of great importance is being kept from the public
~ an attempt to explain harmful or tragic events as the result of the actions of a small powerful group. Such explanations reject the accepted narrative surrounding those events
~ is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. (the term has a negative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence).

@Thirst2learn @St-Sinner or it can be a working theory that needs evidence to be confirmed. For example, Woodward and Bernstein had a working theory that the Nixon Administration was involved in a conspiracy to cover up the Watergate break in and related events. I guess they were conspiracy theorists. The official story by the corrupt American government was that nothing illegal happened. W and B kept digging, doing journalism , got lucky with deepthroat and John Dean, and were vindicated in their suspicions. In another universe maybe they didn't get lucky, and are thought of as a couple of crazy conspiracy theorists from the 1970s. Power has become a lot smarter is covering up its criminality since the 1970s.


Not “tell a lie”; plan a crime.

skado Level 9 Feb 7, 2021



Quite true. Though that does not mean that I would subscribe to any particular theory.

PS. Your text could do with a little more work, to make it read more easily, and your meaning more clear.


I believe the term is conspiracy theory theory, meaning the use of the term by power to discredit anyone who challenges the official narrative of power. The term is so loaded now that no one is their right mind ever wants to be called a conspiracy theorist. Mission accomplished by power. The term will invoke the same negative response from this site. I can see that you were trying to define the expression in its literal meaning. Collusion and conspiracy are well known activities associated with criminality and corruption. Anyone remotely connected to the real world knows that wealth and power do this all the time. Form a theory that this has happened in a specific case and bingo, you are a conspiracy theorist, in other words a crank. Case in point: Interesting, isn't it, that loads of people think Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. Even on mainstream US TV this is referred to. Yet, no one who thinks this would admit that they are conspiracy theorists, although they suspect that power conspired to have him murdered. What I dislike is the lack of distinction between serious questioning of official stories and narratives by power, and waco theories about aliens in Atlantis secretly running the world. Now it's all lumped under the term conspiracy theory. I despise this.


You say, "The term conspiracy theory attempts to discredit honest people by claiming that 2 or more people never lie as a team."

Trying to understand: if I am an observer, and I claim "conspiracy theory " about 2 people "over there somewhere", are you saying I am calling them liars because I say they are conspiring? Or. Are you saying I would be the liar for claiming conspiracy theory about those 2 people over there?

Word Level 8 Feb 7, 2021

@DangerDave he made a post. I asked for clarification. I don't know of any particular reason to not discuss for clarification. If me asking helps me OR him, then there is something beneficial to come out of the discussion.

If there is something wrong with his understanding and I have assisted him to come to a clarity, what harm is there?

@Thirst2learn No I do not agree, with that. The term conspiracy theory was NOT made up, to discredit honest people pointing out actual conspiracies. In its modern popular meaning it was created to point up, and mock, a very large number of fake conspiracy theories, of which there are far two many, often contradictory, for them all to be true. The fact that on now and again, a theory about a real conspiracy may get caught in the same net, is just an unfortunate side effect.

@Fernapple makes perfect sense to me what you say. I can understand many people are quick to say something is a "conspiracy theory " (as in call it false hood), with out understanding the details thus as you say "get caught in the same net".

@Thirst2learn Q'anon is Chinese sex slaves?

@Word Conspiracy theory is very tempting because it appeals to one of our most basic insticts, laziness. It addresses many problems with the world, but in fact most of the worlds problems are much more simply addressed by understanding the role that greed, stupidity, incompetence and laziness itself play. However, if you try to face up to the role of those things play, then you come up against two problems. Firstly that we all play our part in the worlds greed stupidity, incompetence and laziness, we could all make more effort to educate ourselves, give more to others etc. and facing up to our own share in it all, is hard. Secondly, the webs of greed and stupidity etc are often complex and hard to untangle. Which is why conspiracy theories appeal especially to the lazy streak in people.

@Word, @DangerDave Word, bothers with people, even people like me, and there is no harm in that.

When I read the post that heads this page the first word that sprung to mind was obfuscation. Clarity of expression may be lacking for one or two reasons which is either muddled thinking or a deliberate attempt to confuse the matter.


Please learn a little English

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