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Are you familiar with either of these two websites?

I have been a member of both but only one of them currently. Just wondering what your experience with either or both has been.

MikeEC 7 Apr 14

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Nextdoor appears, at least on my end of the world, to be a great venue for old folks looking out their windows, posting about anything that seems to be a danger, i.e. people of color, helicopters, unknown cars driving by, loud sounds, etc. I find it amusing, and just think to myself "get a life".I rarely log on.


I have been on freecycle for years in several different areas. I've always had good experiences, I am usually a giver. I like that stuff is going to be used and not go to a landfill.


I am a member of our local and have had great success with getting my superflupus stuff to people who need it.


Nextdoor is very useful in my area.

Many people have found pets.

I had an offer for a jump for my car battery almost immediately.

Lots of free stuff offers or at least dirt cheap.


We had something likeit for free stuff -one of my exes used to use it-too cluttered now.


Have got rid of some surplus items on them, never got anything off of them.


We used freecycle to trade a toddler bike for some large sandstone paving stones. Also got a solar panel that way. Managed to get rid of a few larger items that donation centers wouldn't pick up, too.

2 has been pretty useless to me. People post about seeing a loose dog, for example. By the time anyone reads the post that dog has moved on.


I use freecycle here in the UK, it's been fine, have shipped some stuff out and picked up some bit and pieces with no grief at all

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