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Is anyone here A D D?

Sporty 5 Apr 14

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Don't think it should be called a deficit. Just anothet type of personality. Has pros and cons, just like others.


Sorry not paying attention what was your question?


Oh yes-can't take ritalin anymore-not good for the heart.


Level 14 Paladin?


oh yeah...there wasn't a name for it when I was in school...but I drove my instructors crazy...aced every test, but didn't do homework...I had a real problem showing my work if I didn't need to work out a problem, which was most of the time...if something was easy, I could not focus on it...I learned that I had to pressure myself or stimulate the creative side of my brain to get things done...but I didn't figure that out until I was almost graduated from high school. The worst was science classes...they were so rigid...very 'documentation orientated' which I understood, but just couldn't do....I had a instructor named Mr. Snow....a college proffessor wannabe (but not in a bad way, he treated us like little adults and we behaved accordingly) who had to fail me because documentation was 50% of the grade...and I just couldn't do was even strange to I have learned that I need to do 3 or 4 things at the same time to be truly great...most of the time...hah

@Sporty I love it of the great results is that I learn from failure better than fact, as an artist, failure normally just means I discovered something different...(though, then I go off on that tangent and forget about what I was doing in the first place)...

Yeah I'm with you on that last part. I have to be doing multiple things or nothing, but one lone pursuit will never get done.



oh nooooo.... another acronym !! (JK, ok?)

@Sporty I guess I'm a survivor.

@Sporty, @IamNobody Lol.


Yes... its been a struggle most of my life. My wife too. We never gave up... we just had to work harder then the rest. I can't believe I made it this far and can retire too...


Anyone with ADD here get told often,"Why don't you make a list?"....because then I just make a list of things that I will get distracted from...haha...

I've got lists all over. I just need a list that informs me where my lists are.

@Tony80223. My wife hides everything... later on I hear a soft whine... I can't find my...? I forgot the list. I've actually said to her, read the directions. That was stupid to her.
I was a machinist... I had to learn to read the directions. Yep I tortured myself but I needed an income...

@BucketlistBob I had to learn to read directions too. It is very hard for me. I start reading and it is like I am having to keep myself grounded, while my mind is trying to pick me up to start working on it...we don't need no stinkin' directions...and I know better...I do need them...but it is almost like a compulsion, not a 'know-it-all''s gotten better as I've gotten older...I've learned to be myopic...which can be annoying to those outside looking last ex hated it...I don't take breaks, or do anything except the set of tasks (usually 3 or 4 tasks) that I set before me until the main task is done.

@JohnnyThorazine. I hear you on doing 4 things at a time and not taking a break. I think that's why I like to cook. Getting 4 things going and all done at the time to serve them.


Yes, I am. Diagnosed but I don't take my meds. People tell me I'm creative and I look at them like they're crazy. Creative? I don't see it.

I can't smoke anymore. I now have a heart condition and it does weird things to it. Sigh, getting old sucks at times.


Yeah, I’ve been treating for it for many years. I agree that it is just a fact of being differently abled. I think it made me who I am and served me well. I only began treating for it when depression became insurmountable and the conventional treatments had horrible results.


Ye... Look at the squirrell!

It is actually called ADHD in the current DSM.


Oh look, a chicken.


Yes, not diagnosed until well into adulthood. I medicated for it for about 5 years then quit. I "discovered" the possibility that I had it when trying to figure out why my 10 year old son was having so much trouble in school despite being very bright.


Yeap, I love my meds they keep me slim, and I love my focus.

Meds? / Slim? Tell me...


I was never diagnosed. There was no such diagnosis when I was a kid, but I think I probably would have been diagnosed as that back then. I was never really bad, and I have learned to cope with it, and it seems to have lessened as I have gotten older. At least in some ways. So, who knows?

@Sporty Not really. Though I am on escitalapram, which may help. I smoke some, but not enough to make a difference.


So that is what they tell me. I have no need to argue against the doctors.


I watched a PBS special called ADD and Loving It. I think I came in about half way through and thought it was just a comedy show. The more I watched it, the more things about myself I recognized so I went back and restarted it from the beginning.

It was so eye opening as I saw many issues that I faced throughout my life unfurling before. I haven't reached out for a formal diagnosis or treatment because the medical treatments don't really appeal to me (the meds) but the behavioral remedies seem just as difficult to make happen.


After reading responses... I better ask, what exactly do you mean by ADD? (By the way, the double DD comment was awesome !!! ... ha ha ha)


Attention Deficit Disorder? Yes, me.


I'm not but I can almost guarentee there are. There might a specific group for it?



skado Level 8 Apr 14, 2018

I got diagnosed when I started school. My mom didn't want to put me on medication so we kind of forgot all about it. Now, as a teacher, I'm learning more about it and I realize how it explains some of my life choices. There were times I did things to relieve the boredom which weren't the best choices.


Yes. I had real problem studying in scho....... Look a butterfly!

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