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Have you ever wondered if the benefit of prayer which seems to have similar spiritual (read endorphins) benefits to meditation, where you set yourself aside.
In other words take a moment to break the fourth wall.
Discuss the plot of your show, objectively critique the development of your character.
Narrate your own life, like Morgan Freeman.
Just a THC paradigm shift.
I'll try if if I remember after sleeping a few hours.

Willow_Wisp 8 Mar 1

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I guess.... I don't know, you can attain that certain state of mind in several ways. Doesn't matter if the vehicle is painted with crosses or flowers, it's the road it's on.


Entrancing thought.


I wonder is there much difference between prayer, meditation and self-hypnosis? I have heard people say that they are more ' mindful ' of their thoughts as a result of practicing meditation, viz, they are less compulsive.

Meditation is not prayer

@Spongebob I agree and it was someting of a rhetorical question. Those in prayer are always telling god what do. πŸ™‚


The band-width of my reflective thoughts increases markedly without chanting at 5:30am on quite a few mornings. It decreases or is pushed aside by necessary activity during the day, but on most occasions I have forgotten any conclusions for future action by the time I am getting out of the shower. Have tried writing them down but the paper gets soggy and unreadable.

Careful you're not banned with that band-with bandwidth.

@waitingforgodo just not thinking broadly enough!


Does make sense and I could see the connection but prayer is different than most forms meditating. However, I do what's known as mindfullness meditation where one focuses on certain aspects of ones body. This includes concentrating on such things as being calm or even certain things we want to improve. There is no one specific form of meditation.


β€œPrayer” is something That’s never been a part of me. It’s useless and pointless.


No, I never wonder about that.


Willow, perhaps another dose will work....


Praying was never the same as meditation or self reflection to me. It always felt like a meaningless chore. Wasn’t until I left religion that I discovered meditation and self reflection. But frankly enjoying a campfire or the breaking surf is all I need


Smooth jazz instrumental music is wonderful for meditation

Absolutely. Funny thing about jazz, some of it is the most beautiful music played, and some of it annoys the crap out of me

@Canndue , I agree with you it's beautiful and it works for me. I just listen, breath, relax, and imagine. I don't know whether to call it pray, meditate or be hypnotized. 😁


Prayers are religious magic, just like pagan spells, invocations, and rituals. Religion is all about ritual regardless of the sect, i.e. communion in Xtianity.

Even when I was pagan, though, I didn't supplicate deities to help me. I meditated, cast "spells," and performed rituals to help me focus on the issues at hand. Clearing my head and devoting my attention was beneficial.

I don't meditate any longer, but I should.


I've never seen the issue. To me, prayer to a supernatural (non-existent) entity is a form of meditation, primitive in some respects. This parallels that to me, religions that hold there to be some supernatural non-existent entity are a form of philosophy, primitive in at least some (if not most or all) respects.

kmaz Level 7 Mar 1, 2021

In my case it is a form of contemplation of seeing and viewing those and what is surrounding me as a slate of background white noise to stay clam and collect near thoughts and actions in their basic form upon to build peace and security within the short time I am present within!!!


I reflect hourly, usually while riding our public transport,or sitting in a doctors waiting,waiting,waiting room.


The gym and on my runs/walks, those are the loci of my life thoughts.

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