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Starbucks, has the recent controversy changed your mind about the company?

JayJackson 7 Apr 15

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I wouldn't blame Starbucks as a whole over the stupid actions of a manager. I would need more info before defining my opinion.

  • is it individually owned or owned by Starbucks?
  • what actions were taken after the incident by the management and by Starbucks?
  • should the local police department share in the responsibility of the incident? What is there say in the matter?

What he said.


What is it this time?

Okay, I looked this up. If you're talking about Philadelphia. I would wait and see how the corporation handles this. So far, I think they've reacted appropriately to a mistake made by one employee. I do think that manager should be removed though.

JimG Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

I don't frequent Starbucks enough that my patronage would really matter to them. I meet a friend at one about every four weeks and we have a gabfest for about four hours. In that time, I'll spend about $2 for a drip coffee. However, I regularly get there anywhere from five minutes to half an hour before her, and I don't order until she arrives. Mostly I'll sit there and read a book. No one has ever asked me to leave or refused me access to the restroom.

The whole point of Starbucks is to lounge about over coffee, and the shop didn't look too crowded in the video I saw. I think corporate's response should be stronger and they should fire the manager who was obviously being spiteful). They said they were waiting for someone, they didn't look homeless, and they were quietly sitting at a table. Not good PR to let it ride.

I go to a Barnes & Noble pretty regularly, and it sells Starbuck's coffee. I think it's independent of Starbuck's, but I'm not sure. They do have a sign stating something to the effect that the tables are for B&N Cafe customers only.

@JimG Our B&N Starbucks does that, too - probably because people (like me) that hang out in book stores for hours would take advantage.


I see this as yet another case of guilty of not being white. It is not a corporate misdeed, rather it is the prejudices of one or more employees who caused this to escalate inappropriately.


The best coffee comes from my home....brewed fresh, made the way I like it...extra coffee is frozen in ice cube trays to create home made frozen coffee drinks....there is NO reason to ever spend money at Starbucks.

Yeah! Tea 2 Go is another ridiculous business. $4.00 for some nasty colored water. And people are waiting their turn to be fleeced by them.


No. They still over raost their beans, and other coffee venues are still better.... I think the racism incident was limited to the one location. It isn't a company wide thing. Waitn until several incidents are wracked up before condemning the company as a whole.


What controversy?

Lindi Level 3 Apr 15, 2018

No it won't. People's asshurt does not change my mind about much. I'm not giving up anything because there's a movement that says I should.


I don't know a lot about the circumstances at this particular location but I personally would not enter a busy coffee shop, not order anything and take up seating that another paying customer would use. I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask someone not buying coffee or food to give up seating for a paying customer. Asking to leave I think is stepping over the line. I think it depends though on a bunch of things such as the hygeine of the people being asked to leave. Ive been in shops where homeless people have been allowed to loiter and the smell was really offensive and not conducive to a positive customer experience.


Don't go there often but every once in a while im jonesin' for a mocha frap. Won't go back until they fire that dude tho.


I had a cup of black coffee at Starbucks years ago and it was TERRIBLE! No wonder they load it up with whipped cream and foo-foo. I haven't been in one since. YUCK!

I agree. It tasted burnt and bitter. I'll get coffee from McDonalds any day over Starbucks.

I wish they had a Bear Creek Coffee where I live. I love their coffee.


In my view in general Starbucks is just too crowded with folks sitting around for too long. I prefer smaller joints with fewer folks, and to me the coffee is just as good.


Terrible company. terrible coffee and food. they pay the farmer 123$ for 46 kilos. poor farmers. sod starfucks


No I never use them


Yes I won't get coffeee there


I drink my coffee black, so Starbucks ain't fer me.


I have been in Starbucks near where I live exactly 2 times since they were built. Met two people that I talked to on line -2 different locations. Don't really frequent the place.


No. I have always hated their coffee.


What happened? (British person..woukd NEVER frequent such a place)


Starbucks has terrible coffee. That alone is enough for me to refuse to patronize them.
I have no idea what the "recent controversy" is. There isn't anything that would make me
wish to spend a plug nickel in any of their establishments. Ever.


As if this ridge rat ever paid $5 for bean soup.


Now what, they changed the color of the cups? It's Coffee, and they pay well, who cares! One site is Not the corporation for Pete's sake. But of course there are no Real problems to worry about right?

ANYTIME RACISM REARS ITS HEAD its a problem. If you choose not to acknowledge the problem be it in this one shop or others than fine thats your choice, BUT as for "real problems", I don't know if your view from your ivory tower can see that this is a real problem, so let me clue you in...IT IS. The very fact that TWO BLACK MALES WERE SINGLED OUT...

@JayJackson and this is a Starbucks corporate stance? Or an ignorant local manager that will not doubt be let go? Nobody is more aware of racism, and calling it out, than i, my entire life, but tarring the entire company for the actions of one person is also wrong! And cool the CAPS and telling me i am in an ivory tower...WTH put you in charge?


Florida is one of the states with laws on the books regarding public restrooms usage, even none patrons can utilize the facilities. Cuts down on guys pissing in public and some women too. I don't like Starbucks coffee, I'm a Dunkin Donuts connoisseur......LOL

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