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If you won an all expenses paid vacation, where would you like to go?

carlyhorton 7 Apr 15

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Rio de Janero for the Mardi Gras.


Great Britain. I want so badly to see England, Ireland, and Scotland. The intedrtwined history of these three countries has fascinated me since childhood. I have always felt that the British Isles are where I truly belong.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Me too! Right now, as I type, I'm watching a British TV series called Agatha Christie's Marple. Each episode is set in some charming British town or grand old manor. I watch a lot of British shows on Acorn TV. I'm very drawn to the charm of the British Isles! I love Europe in general, too. But I've never been to the tropics, or the far east. Maybe I'd go there...

My recent DNA analysis has me 50% British/Irish which includes Scotland. My father had told me we were Scottish then moved to England before crossing over to the U.S.

I'm also 32% French/German and although I never had much interest in Germany, France was a point of interest.

Perhaps someday.

Come over, I'll show you the sites


Igazu falls !! []

@Philosopearl One day I am going to be there!!!!! One way or another lol !! πŸ™‚))))) Yeh must be insanely dry and hot there!!! Beautiful in it's own way too suppose!!!


Mars. Seriously.

Kinda not really, I've heard the weather can be a bit brutal and the night life is blurgh

@Amisja yes but zero people.

@WileEQuixote i
I like people

@Amisja I don’t.


Sydney, Australia. All of Australia if someone else is paying.


Bora Bora island work my way to, Tasmania the Canaris islands New, Zealand, New Guini.

I added New Guini because the only known poisonous bird in the world lives there just a point of curiosity.

Yes, Bora Bora is a fave of mine too.


Antartica so that I could get a picture of me standing next to the ice wall on the edge of the flat Earth. πŸ™‚

Seriously tho, I would want to travel around eastern europe, prague or moscow would be the place I would go if I had to choose a single destination tho.

jorj Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

I applied for a seasonal job in Antarctica. I didn't get it. There was a cool documentary online somewhere about working there. Prague is high on my list of places I'd like to go!


I would have to go to the British Isles.




Seriously...I'd give it my kids. I have been round the world twice in actuality and three times in distance. I always just want to go home.

that's impressive


Port Isaac in Cornwall where the TV series Doc Martin is filmed.

Come over, I'll take ya

I'd totally go there! I haven't watched the newest season, but I've watched all the others. Charming location! Lots of walking up and down hills, though...

go to clovelly while you're down there and perranporth if it's summer and the tide is out


I'll take the "World Tour" please....


I would go back to Bora Bora for sure. Nothing like snorkeling in the nude!


Ireland. My people. Drinking in a real Irish pub, and get into a scrap.


New Zealand because it has been the only trip I've ever looked into that I don't feel like I can afford to take. Maybe South Africa, I'd love to see the great whites.


That's interesting. I don't know much about that country. What about it interests you?

It’s called the Switzerland of South America. Most stable country on the continent that somehow flies under the radar on the world stage. Moderate climate, legal weed, and fairly laid back from what I’ve read. It would cost me over $3000 to fly there so if someone else was picking up the bill I’d pick there. Sweden is also high on my list due to my heritage and similarity to my home Alaska geographically.


Home. I travel too much for work as is.




The Greek Islands.


Eleuthra bahamas now out of my pay grade


I would like to do a tour of old castles throughout the UK

Yup - I used to live in Oxfordshire. That's my lottery-destination.

@SweetHarp sweet ... have you explored any castles?


Back to Turkey and then to Greece.
Maybe you don't have to win this. Travel is cheaper than most Americans think. Round trip to Paris was $600 last fall
Round trip to Athens is $800 right now.
The world is also pretty safe, if you have good common sense.

I lived in Turkey for 2 years. I liked it. I've been to Corfu, and I'd happily go back. I didn't do mainland Greece, though. I'd do it in a heartbeat!

@carlyhorton I was stationed in Turkey while in the military. Ever heard of Sinop? We called it The sexless society of sunny Sinop by the sea (Black Sea). Very interesting place but with Erdogan the politics are resembling tRump's.


Hawaii , to the black sand beach or Volcano National Park

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