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This tribe is older than every major religion!

This is the Jarawa Tribe.

This tribe migrated from Africa to Andaman Islands in India 65,000 years ago. They were one of the first groups to migrate out of Africa after the emergence of our species "Homo sapiens" around 200,000 years ago.

They inhabit the western coast of South and Middle Andaman Islands, and still rely on hunting and gathering.

The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), a biotech research unit of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research stated that the Jarawas and the other tribes of the Andamans are the first people of India who go back 65,000 years.

The CCMB’s research says that the first group of Jarawas left Africa and arrived on the island all those years ago. The other Negrito tribes in the Andamans such as the Great Andamanese, Onges and the Sentinelese too have been around for as many years.

This tribe is older than every religion in the world, even older than Hinduism.

Hindus claim that their Yuga System is millions of years old and Sanatan Dharma is being practiced since then, but the Jarawas were one of the first humans to settle in India and they have no idea about Hinduism or any other religion.

All religions claim to be the center of the universe but are nothing but fiction and fairy tales.

Monty13 4 Mar 14

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I read once about Kumari Kandam - meaning is Female Continent. Theory, Myth or Truth?
Here''s a link to that effect πŸ™„πŸ€”

What do you make of this? Perhaps you can shed some light on it? If any at all😊


Do you perhaps have a link you could direct me to on the Jarawa people? ...would surely be an interesting read.


I was somewhat aware that the Aborigines of Australia travelled to South Asia first before Australia and the neighbouring islands and land masses surrounding Australia.


There's another tribe in India called the Siddis and another that live on their own island. I was always aware of the Sentinelese. The term that history is written by the victors is hogwash. It's written to suit the writer's. These writers have preference in their own history. Good write-upπŸ‘


Thanks for the informative post.


Please keep the missionaries away from them.


These Aboriginal ancestors probably migrated into South Asia and then into Australia, where they stayed, with the result that, outside of Africa, the Aboriginal peoples have occupied the same territory continuously longer than any other human populations. These findings suggest that modern Aborigines are the direct descendants of migrants who left Africa up to 75,000 years ago.[9][10][11] This finding is compatible with earlier archaeological finds of human remains near Lake Mungo that date to approximately 40,000 years ago.[citation needed] The idea of the "oldest continuous culture" is based on the geographical isolation of the Aboriginal peoples, with little or no interaction with outside cultures before some contact with Makassan fisherman and Dutch explorers up to 500 years BP.[12] [].

Word Level 8 Mar 15, 2021

How did you find out about the Jarawa? Appearances are that they have not had to change their way of life for a very long time, so they might exhibit some intriguing contrasts to other peoples.


Take your white god creation myths and shove them up tight.


I recall realizing at one point that as much as we have learned in our Western/European civilization (don't mean to be ethnocentric or exclude other world civilizations who contributed greatly to our current advancements and understanding) and as much as we have been able to control our surroundings with engineering, medicine, and other sciences, we share our planet with people who still live in stone age conditions. My realization came when reading about contact with Amazonian tribes some of which had only recently made contact outside their isolated worlds.

That's one of the points which works to show how preposterous the message of Christianity is - that of a message of such supposedly supreme importance to mankind, but is delivered so inefficiently and incompetently. Instead of a worldwide revelation (which an all-powerful god could presumably accomplish), you have a message that slowly spreads from a small "dot" in the desert, is only believed by a third of the planet more than a thousand years later, and still hasn't reached some isolated populations.


I did not know this so thank you for posting. I only have limited knowledge of the Maasai in Kenya and knew none of this.

Me either, and it's fascinating.

What about the Maasai of Tanganyika? 🀣


@Petter Tanzania

@Mooolah No. Tanganyika, which is the mainland part.
Zanzibar is the island part. After Tanganyika invaded Zanzibar and annexed it, the combined country was called Tanzania.


This has little to do with the information in the OP! However, my grad class in Brit Lit reads Doyle's novella Sign of the Four. In the work, Tonga is from the Andaman Islands. According to the imperialistic British and Christian ideology, the natives of the islands were savage brutes and needed to be civilized by the Brits. However, Doyle would have used science to to "prove" that the islanders were inferior to whites.

That's all.


Tribes would have started before our ancestors were verbal. It makes sense that we left Africa in groups. Verbal histories often have creation stories and many of these were very similar.

Here’s some information about the first people to leave Africa.


I'm amongst the most recent ! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


Since complex language evolved, at the very most, 150,000 years ago, (estimates vary from 50,000 to 150,000 years) then Hinduism cannot be "millions of years old".

But, but, but........that's common sense. Silly man!


It's good when beliefs of Hinduism are countered by evidence, as it is for all religions.

I find it sad that all God Mobsters are quite incapable of understanding the nature of evidence.

They are unable to understand the nature of evidence until they do. People de-convert all the time, just not as many as continue to believe.

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