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Does any one have a secret love , or date a type of person but wish or a different kind , like only date thin people because of image ,or vice /versa and or any wished for age group
me personal I have only loved and lusted one kind of woman and and that thick and fluffy
what do you prefer ?

gordon1965 5 Apr 15

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I like big brains and I cannot lie...

The impossible for me to find is the triple threat: smart, silly, sexy ... Aaaand ~not~ religious or my political polar opposite.
It is apparently just too much to ask.


There's a guy I want to roll in the hay with but because of strong ties and the fact he's mightily striaght, it will never happen. One can fantasize though.


I like men close to 6' and within a year of my age, lean and fit, vegan, has a masters, rides horses, ballroom dances, likes mild S&M.
I'm talking about my ex.
Still, it's true.

Short, fat, out of shape men who gorge on junk food and lie in front of the TV don't do anything for me except that I might want to be friends.


I like a man who is strong, can maybe build things, fix things, chop wood, build a fire, but enjoys reading, learning, and thinking. A man of honor and integrity, with a warrior's heart. I want to be able to do things together, and have our own lives also. I don't have a particular type, likewise, but I don't want a man who is obsessed about his looks, or who is always trying to impress everyone. I'm old, round and certainly don't have the looks I had when I was young, so I'm not picky about looks. That being said, I do prefer that whatever their body type, they are able to move around, have some stamina, since underneath my fat, I still have muscle and able to do things. I like a guy who is secure and fun, but who does not need to be the center of attention.

You don't ask for much, do you ?

@VAL3941 I ask for a lot, but, in a way, not so much. If a man can't have honor, integrity, be willing to stand up for what's right, then I don't need him. Men ask for a lot from a woman, so what is wrong with a woman knowing what she wants and waiting for It? I didn't ask for much with my marriage and that is what I got. I won't settle again. I am asking for a good guy, who is my equal. If I can be all those things, I want a man who can too. If there isn't a man who can do that, then I will do without.

Good for you girl ! You will battle but don't give up, and best of luck.


Have to love the face, don't care for women without humor or intelligence.


The one thing that bugs me is a squeaky voice.


I'm attracted to taller, older, smarter men. The older part usually gets me looks, but I'm so far beyond caring.


I've dated a tall, thin, and older man before. As well as a short round man. Or, um, 2 boys, not men. Lol.


I llike a man my height 5'10" or talller. Great eyes that hint oof daring and exploration and a good sense oof humor and a nasty smile. I date men younger at times and around my age if they are in touch with their body and eroticism. Bad kissing a deal breaker


I'm sorry, my mind was off thinking about some redhead. What was the question?

Dud she have big boobs too ?

@VAL3941 Not sure I was watching her from behind

Did she at least have a nice ass ?


For me, the outer package is somewhat trivial. It's about who they are as a person...

I am sure the appediges can be good though ?


um, sort of... i have always dated men who have issues, and i know we all have issues, but i mean men who have issues who don't want to work on them. i have always wondered what it would be like to be in a healthy relationship. but i honestly don't know anybody who is ready to settle down. im not saying theres anything wrong with casual dating or one night stands or any of that, but im at a point where thats just not what im looking for anymore. all the people i know are still partying and cheating and playing mental games of you hurt me so i will hurt you. i just don't want that anymore. if we have a problem, and we are in a relationship, i want to discuss it, decide if we can work thru it, or decide to move on. i have no time left for cheating, lying, hiding things, or any of that, i just want someone whos willing to either make an effort to fix the problem, or be man enough to say im done.

Byrd Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

In the past I was attracted to younger tall, slim, long dark haired, men. That has changed considerably. Intelligence, liberal politics, emotionally, socially and sexually available are more important now. Physical characteristics are secondary.


When I read your post I had to giggle. No body shaming but there are a lot of thick and fluffy women for you to feast on.

I prefer not to date thick women. I prefer them to be intelligent.

@ITguy64 Can't they be both?

As long as I can remember the word "thick" has meant stupid. You might have a new meaning for the word but I don't acknowledge it.

@ITguy Ahhh I see. In your case they can’t be both. Slang terms are different here. Thick is politically correct for fat. I don’t know who came up with it but most women refer to themselves as fat and sassy, not thick and fluffy.

I disagree with you, a sausage can be thick and no necessary fat. Thick is good, fat is bad or don't you agree ?

@VAL3941 it’s the same difference. It’s bigger than the average. We’re talking thick or fat not obese. Maybe the OP can clarify since it’s his preference.

OK ! I will concede.


I dated and married a big girl because I was a big guy. 23 years later both of us are now much healthier and have lost a lot of weight. If I had to go back into the dating game -- which I hope never happens -- I don't think I would want another unhealthy partner.


I'm still not so secretly in love with a particular woman but it is not to be and I'm trying to move on and build a new future. But I'm finding it difficult to get her off my mind.


One that treats me right so that I can recipricate.

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