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A schoolteacher shows an image of Mohammad during a lecture on religion and he is now in hiding in fear of his life.
I'm not a great fan of Gavin Williamson, the education secretary but I am with him in his criticism of the protesters.
This is the UK in the 21st century not the middle east in the 8th century.

Moravian 8 Mar 26

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Slight tone of moral blackmail... the idea of “offending a billion muslims” is intended as a threat. Christopher Hitchens 2006, on issues post 9/11

Mvtt Level 7 Mar 27, 2021

In hiding and in fear for your life over an image of Moehoward? Maybe we should use an image of Jebus. IDK.


No religion should be able to force it's beliefs or customs on others. Accordingly I totally agree with you.


This is why I think the whole world should flood the news, internet and every public space with blasphemy... don't coddle to these people. SHow them the more they threaten the more images will be put up.

Leelu Level 7 Mar 26, 2021

Well since I have no fear of those hairy-arsed, Towel-headed Goat-Herders, please, with your most kind permission allow me to start the ball rolling.

@Triphid I've been making mocking religious cartoons for years.


For me, it helps to remember that ALL religious believer are to some degree mentally ill. Some a LOT more than others. In the special case of Islamists, some of them are homicidal psychotics.


Religious fanaticism is dangerous no matter which century


In fact, we have people living on this earth living in nearly every time period. In the Amazon and New Guinea, we find people living in the stone age. Some have never had contact with modern people. Several decades ago, a group of people were discovered somewhere in the Philippines archipelago who didn't even have stone tools. It is problematic when a culture harboring 8th century values and sensibilities is able to acquire 20th or 21st century technologies, especially weaponry. They see the advantages through 8th century eyes but not the disadvantages from a 21st century perspective.


The lead says "an image," does not refer to cartoons, and one would think the teacher would know what to expect, unjustified as it is, from showing cartoons.

Apparently he showed the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. It was a lecture about blasphemy. I agree that he was a bit naive but the protesters in my mind are way over the top.
A reprimand and apology to the Muslim community should have been sufficient.

@Moravian Neither a reprimand nor an apology are needed or appropriate. However, maybe a heads-up could have been sent home notifying there would be a class on blasphemy prior.


This is dedicated to all the Mudslums.

That's really over the top!

@BirdMan1 I like it.

@barjoe I would think so.


You are a brave man. Hope none of the Jihadists have your address.

@Moravian That's what the 2nd Amendment is for.


The fact that reasonable people are afraid of religious people, speaks volumes.

Mvtt Level 7 Mar 26, 2021

In Europe, they're afraid of Moslems specifically.

@barjoe In the United States they are afraid of fundamentalist chirstians.

@creative51 Yeah but Christians never shot up a newspaper over pictures like this. As bad as Xians are, there's no equivalency. Muzzies are worse.

@barjoe Well, I live just outside of Kalamazoo Michigan. Fundamental christians burned down the planned parenthood building. NO ONE was arrested or charged. So I personally am a lot more concerned about fundamental christians. That is not to say I give violent muslims a pass. I find the violence they do unacceptable as well. It just fundamental christians live in my front yard, so to speak, so they grab my attention much more.

@creative51 Good thing you don't live in Dearborn

@barjoe if I did, I’d be wearing these everyday!! Bring it on if you don’t like it!!

@barjoe Funny how the people who think there is a problem with Dearborn tend to live a long, long way from it. Dearborn is a melting pot of different ethnics and religions. They are slowly but surely working out a way to live with each other. Bumps in the road, yes of course. But there is an effort to have a workable town with many different people. Perfect now, no. But they are working on it. You can not say that about a lot of other places. And no they do not run the town by sharia.

@creative51 They might not have Sharia Law, but Dearborn has the largest concentration of Moslems any city in the United States. While we're dealing with the Xtian Right, let's not forget about Islamist Jihadists. They haven't gone anywhere. Look at Boulder Colorado. You think that's just a random mentality ill kid? I don't. I still remember 9/11. This will be 20th anniversary of the Arabs flying planes into the Towers.

@barjoe Dearborn has the highest concentration of Arab Americans. The largest group of them are Lebanese Christians, many of those families have been in the US for close to 100 years.From Wikipedia - New York City had the largest number of Muslims with 69,985. In 2000, Dearborn, Michigan, ranked second with 29,181, and Los Angeles ranked third with 25,673; although Paterson, New Jersey, in the New York City Metropolitan Area, was estimated to have become home to 25,000 to 30,000 Muslims as of 2011. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was estimated to have 30,000 to 50,000 Muslims as of 2012.[130] Paterson, New Jersey, has been nicknamed Little Ramallah and contains a neighborhood with the same name, with an Arab American population estimated as high as 20,000 in 2015.[

Hey, do not get me wrong, fundamentalist muslims are potentially dangerous. But so are fundamentalist christians. I have seen first hand the violence of fundamental christians. It is not nice at all.

@creative51 NY has 100x more people than Dearborn. LA has 40x population of Dearborn, Philly 20x. I agree that Xian Right is a major threat, but Muslims are still a threat. The reason Boulder waited 24 hours to release the shooter's name was because he's a Muzz. If he'd been Xian they'd have announced his name right away. Everybody is afraid of a backlash from them. They did blow up the Towers. Everybody forgets that.

@barjoe []

Denmark as usual are ahead of the game. Probably why it is one of the best countries to live in..
France has a serious problem with concentrations of immigrants in poor areas and to a lesser extent the UK.
Integration is the answer but I think it will take several generations to sort out.


Theists are so irrational and while they're in the minority in GB they still cause a lot of grief. I say this as an outsider who may be speaking out of my rear.

Speaking as a Brit, you are not speaking out of your rear. There is a group of terrorists in the UK who have embedded themselves in the UK Muslim community with the principle purpose of overthrowing secularism.

I think all theists cause grief, and by grief I mean personal and communal grief. Xtians and Moslems in GB are working together with TERFs to make transgender people unaccepted by society. There are many other areas where they are equally deplorable.

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