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Here's a random thought: If demonic possession is a thing, why isn't angelic possession?

Think about it, if religious hysterics are real -- and they are -- then why don't these same hyper religious people ever convince themselves that they've been possessed by an angel? Why is it always a demon that possesses them? Is it because they enjoy putting on the show of spitting, swearing, vomiting, urinating and defecating on themselves so they can revel in the shock and attention it brings them? How would an angelic possession even work? Would they become extremely polite, helpful, caring and calm? That wouldn't make for much of a horror movie.

Has anyone ever claimed an angelic possession? I 'm not aware of it so it's probably an idea that's long past due.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Apr 1

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Demons are the bad angels.Your post makes perfect sense. In my church daze it was said that the demons who possess people are doing it because thy have no bodies and if they take over your body they can express themselves. OK, do angels have a body? Some say they do. Now we are at the point of why does the good side have bodies here and the bad side does not. It might be like you say. It's all for show.


Seeing this is a trip to fantasy land - I'll . Demons are angels. Lucifer was God's most beloved angel and I believe he was a musician and somehow that's why certain music is "bad". He was said to be the most beautiful or handsome angel. But it all got to his head and he thought he could usurp God from his throne. So God, I think because he's a jealous god (bible says so), banished Lucifer to eternal hell fire and turned him into an ugly goat. Yet, God still allows Lucifer to recruit for his army stealing souls with worldly temptations and occasionally lets him get hold of a (God's most precious, according to Jesus Christ) and take over their body, mind, and soul.

It's because god is loving and there is free will - that's why we still have pedophiles and god refuses to send lightening bolts up their perverted asses. Did I get off subject?

So yes, angels do possess. Demons are fallen angels. When a person is possessed a fallen angel then the demon must be expelled and preferably casted into a harmless wild non-human for which it can then throw itself off a cliff or something.

Can a non-fallen angel possess a human? Well that would be contradictory because a non-fallen angel has no reason to take over a human as property and they can't because humans are actually above angel's in the spiritual plane according to one myth or another. They are good so they don't want to destroy a human but they will come to their rescue every so often - when it's god's will.

Any other questions?

I think you must be here to show us all the evil of our ways so that we can bask in God's blessings.

Nope, that'll do it. Thanks for all...that.

@fishline79 Just having fun and if I can add to it a little blasphemy it warms my soul. I'm agnostic so I'm allowed to have one. (Please read in jest).


I've been possessed by several angels, sometimes two at a time. A menage a wings if you will. You leave the money on the dresser and they eventually leave. 😜

(I kid.)


Demonic anything is not a thing, all bullcrap, same as the speaking in tongues nonsense or any other religious related unreal bullshit they come up with. All crap not real. There are psychotic and psychological disorders but the religious aura is bogus.


Demonic possession is not a thing....

Sure, it is. There's been hundreds, if not thousands, of cases worldwide. There's just no literal demons involved. But since all these religious cranks have talked themselves into being possessed by demons, why do they never convince themselves they've been possessed by angels?

@Sgt_Spanky bullshit at a major level.

@Sgt_Spanky I get that they think it is a thing, merely stating it is not


Very astute comment. Why, indeed?


Demonic procession is used exclusively (in my experience) to explain away their perceived bad behavior. So that’s why they need the demons. Since they want to take credit for their own perceived good behaviors they don’t need to blame an angel for it. angelic processions on record.

Cinco Level 5 Apr 2, 2021

Well non believers never become possessed by demons.

Or torture their children to death because they imagine them to be possessed by demons.


It’s the Sunday Mass Brainwashing. I’ll keep saying it breaking away from faith after many years of indoctrination is the same as breaking away from Drugs/Alcohol or cigarette after many years, or even just a few, years of abuse.


First of all in Christian mythology demonic possession does not mean that a demon takes you over, (except in Hollywood and in Peter Blatty novels) the term actually means you become so corrupt in yourself that you voluntarily take possession of (invite in) a demon and allow it to work through you, the same goes for Angelic possession.
Yes there are Christian myths of Angelic possession, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa is one such story, though Angel's apparently bless you with moments of pure joy and sometimes special powers.
Angelic possession was the basis of the action horror film "Legion" (2010)

Weren't the angels presented as being kind of psychotic in that film or am I thinking of something else.

@Sgt_Spanky Yes it was set at a point where god had decided to destroy the world again, Only the arch angel Michael was willing to stand up against god and protect humanity Paul Betony is terrific in the film


Christianity is all about sin and punishment. Possessed individuals are sinners who opened themselves to evil. Ridiculous


Imo, this so-called 'possession' by demons is kind of Chrustian ( Christian) Alibi card in that it allows the holder to use it to escape the responsibility/responsibilities for their own actions and so as they can gain greater sympathy, etc, from their fellow sheeple as well.
Plus, in their tiny, little, often unused brains they actually DO see themselves as being possessed (???) by not Angels BUT by Jeebus and God simply, imo, because those 2 have ALL the magical, imaginary power and Angels are mere minions at best.
And yet, conversely, we NEVER hear about an Atheist/Agnostic becoming possessed by either demons or Jeebus/Gawd do we UNLESS it is when a Chrustian decides to accuse one of us that is or thinks ( a misnomer when it comes to the Sheeple) that they have converted one of us that is?

Yeah, people who become "possessed" are always religious hysterics who obsess over religion until they've talked themselves into it.


Would you know anything about the illogical atheist Richard Dawkins meme mind virus organism? It's like that organism is not parasitic but rather more of symbiosis (interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.)

Think in your thoughts to self analyze,you might have the illogical atheist Richard Dawkins meme mind virus organism in your brain.

Here is some information about the mind organism: []

Here is some purported Angelic posessed info:


Word Level 8 Apr 1, 2021

Having to obtain the vessel's permission is something Xians have told me along with having to have been selected as worthy by God. I haven't heard anything about the vessel having to belong to any specific bloodline but I can see that being a thing too.

Bullshit over bullshit equals bullshit.

@Mofo1953 you don't know shit. it's the white stuff on top of bird shit is just more bird shit. That's no bullshit.

@Word i know you are full of it.


I'm actually discussing this with some Xians on another site and I'll post some of the ideas they're offering on this topic after I've gotten them all.

@altschmerz I'm behaving myself.

@Sgt_Spanky spare us your and the religious bullshit from these friends of yours. Not interested in hearing bullshit.

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