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When you start believing your own bullshit about yourself, then you are Warren Beatty deep in the shit.

Surfpirate 9 Apr 1

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I do not understand why anyone would tell others things that are not true, if the intention is to meet at some time. I could tell you I am 45 and hung like a horse, but one look and you would die laughing. I am a 70 year old hippie that does not smoke dope, is married and has not interest in putting forth stuff I have to remember to tell people. My memory is also going so any meeting that would be based on anything false would just have a good look at a comedy show.


As an Outsider looking in, so to speak, I am of the opinion here that this song could quite easily relate to the ideology/ideologies that ever so many Americans perceive about the United States of Absurdity ( the U.S. of A.) as well.


Does this mean that when people tell my that I look 45 when I am 68, I shouldn't believe them?

You don't look 68 yrs old in my opinion but if someone is telling you that you look 45 then you should clutch your purse a little tighter in my estimation. BUT what do I know? I'm known to be a horrendous flatterer and charmer. πŸ˜‰

@Surfpirate Saying "45" is sheer flattery. I have 60+ year old women, though, who tell me that I don't look 68. However, these women look older than their ages (and look older than I do) due to smoking, obesity, or ill health in general. They want me to look younger because it means they don't look older. Also, young people often base their concept of age on women such as these. I am what 68 looks like.

@Gwendolyn2018 Well if that's what 68 is supposed to look like then you wear it well.

@Surfpirate It is what it is supposed to look like for me. And thanks. πŸ™‚


According to her autobiography, that song wasn't actually inspired by Warren Beatty or any man in particular.

I was surprised to learn, in Carly Simon's biography that her father was the publishing firm of Sinon of Simon and Shuster. Although his partners cheated him out of the business.

I think Warren Beatty is a good actor.


She looks really hot in that photo.
Great voice too.

BD66 Level 8 Apr 2, 2021

A definite hottie imo.


Taking yourself too seriously doesn’t make you superior, it merely makes you a jerk.


As opposed to what? What about self confidence? Sorry, don't buy the generic mantle. Vanity is derived from narcissistic behavior, while truly believing in yourself, your pros and cons and knowing your own limitations is not a bad thing.


Mick Jagger does background vocals on this amazing song. Met her like 40 years ago. She was a cutie.

How many have dreamed about her sensual mouth....

@Canndue She was tall, like 6', she was in her 30s. Her eyes were amazing. Better looking in person.

@K9Kohle789 She is a good person, she was married to James Taylor. I think she's good. You think other artists are better. Oh well. Different genres. My favorite artist of Carly's genre is Carol King.

@K9Kohle789 they are all good, all had good and bad points. Her nips are great, but her smile is amazing

@K9Kohle789 Moanie? You're moanie. Do you have anything to say about music? Carole King wrote about 20 rock classics. Here's 75 year old Carly singing a huge hit by her ex, written by Carole King. Socially distant. Carly Simon is still a would you? Yes.

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