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Pleased to report no side effects from my second Pfizer Covid vaccine dose. A surprise, since the first made me sick for a day. Looking forward to socializing with vaccinated friends, but otherwise will continue to take precautions. Why? If someone told you a bulletproof vest offered 95% protection against bullets, would you nonchalantly walk onto a firing range? No. Same deal with a vaccine, still best to avoid getting exposed just in case. And Covid is a bullet, looking now like a third of people who don't even get symptoms will have long term or permanent neurological impairments. It's the cold from hell, protect yourselves people. Oh, and hope all are having a good weekend. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula #dearMoonCrew

Druvius 8 Apr 10

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What is that, a photo of Darth Mumma taking Darth Vader Jnr. for a walk....LOL.

LOL, 1938, London, gas proof baby pram.

@Druvius Yeah In knew that, I was having a bit of a joke btw,


There was a study published in February suggesting that having strong side effects to the first dose means you may already have had the virus.

Doesn't change anything. You are still supposed to follow the rules.

MsAl Level 8 Apr 11, 2021

Hope not, but will ask my doctor about it.

@Druvius The reasoning is that the reaction is stronger with the second one is because your body has started building immunity from the first exposure. People who were already exposed have a strong reaction to the first one.

@MsAl I was in China from November 2019 until March 2020 and I'm sure I contracted the contracted the coronavirus (Sars -Cov-2) For the first week I was feeling completely exhausted and each morning when I got out of bed I just made it to a sofa in the living room where I flopped down and slept for most of the day. About half way through the second week I awoke on the sofa one afternoon and could hardly breathe. I have had the first dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccine and suffered no side effects not even flu like symptoms or a temperature.


I just had the one and done Johnson and Johnson vaccination in my small town county seat. I was surprised to see people as far away as Texas show up to get vaccinated. We are in Southern Iowa. I was sick with a fever for about 24 hours after.

Got the j&j yesterday and am feeling kinda sick no fever though. Glad I don't have to think about it.

@Fletch My neighbor is a truck driver and he was vaccinated the same time I was, he has the same symptoms. His wife had one of the two does vaccines along with is step daughter, they had no symptoms.


No vacs yet but i will get it. Gotta set it up Online, they say. My biggest precaution is the 6 foot apart rule. I try to hold that distance as much as possible.


Congrats just had a sore arm, could have been technique

bobwjr Level 10 Apr 11, 2021

Got my second shot yesterday and so far, my arm is sore--just like the first one. I plan to make no changes in my life as I didn't socialize before! I will keep wearing my masks, too.


I'm keeping the mask to cover my ugly mug! My wife got the moderna, some minor aches and general feeling of being tired for a couple of days.


I have another week to go for my second shot I had the Pfizer also the first one my shoulder was tender the next day aside from that I felt fine. Now on another note I am kind of interested in the t-shirt that says "when this covid thing is over I'd still like some of you people to stay away from me" not necessarily referring to this crowd but in general. 😁

I want the one with that meme and either the dragon or the grumpy cat.


I had the same shot. Only had a reaction to the 1st one and it felt like someone punched me in the shoulder. The 2nd one everyone thought I had a reaction but ragweed was ridiculous that week lol

Congrats. I still wear my gaiter everywhere except the gym. We all observe 6 foot separation and clean everything when done so it's a nice safe environment.

Gaiters are for the most part useless, the exception are the ones with extra filters. It might help with pollen but viruses are so small many cannot be seen with a regular light microscope. I wish the media hadn't glommed onto that 6' rule as it is applicable for sedentary people only, while you are breathing hard during cardio exercise or coughing or sneezing particles can travel double that distance or more. And yes, it is annoying that the public receives conflicting messages.

@MizJ No, most of the Covid-19 particles are riding on droplets of moisture. Those are what are stopped by the masks. Therefore, masks are not "useless" in helping stop the spread of Covid-19. []

@dahermit I didn't say MASKS were useless, I said GAITERS were useless.

@dahermit I wear a KN95 for good reasons, I ran out of N95s

@MizJ Show a link to where some scientist/virologist, states that "gaiters" provide zero benefit from spreading Covid-19. I think you have assumed that cloth face coverings stop zero of the large-particle droplets when in fact all cloth nose, mouth coverings DO catch some of the large droplets.

@MizJ hmm Gaiters are useless. Yet here I sit, with no immune system, in qturd trumplican territory, working in hospitals, nursing homes and a university and have tested negative every two weeks since the pandemic started. WOW they are doing absolutely nothing huh.

@redhog Lucky you

@MizJ whatever lady


In the UK you would be though of as impolite if you did not wear one anyway.

As it should be, unless one had VAXXED with a batch number tattooed on one's forehead.


I had some muscle ache from my first Pfizer & slightly swollen glands from my 2nd. Doing fine now. & yes, I will continue to take precautions.


Glad to hear you had no ill effects this time. I had a similar experience. The first shot gave me body aches, a head ache, and a temperature up to 104 overnight and 100 to 101 all the next day until sundown. The second shot, nothing. I too continue to wear a mask in public and social distance. I typically come down with a cold or flu sometime during the winter even with the fllu shot. This year, I've been well all winter. I just might keep up this mask thing next year - COVID or not.

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