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I'm certain this is not the first time a human has noticed this, especially during the era before TV or Internet, but this IS the first time I have noticed the "resonance" in these coming future dates. Do you see the patterns?

Dates with Resonance:
(by US convention mm-dd-yy)

They are all multiples, but some are also squares and cubes, which makes them kind of fun. Be sure to mark those calendars!

EarnestEccentric 7 Apr 11

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Would not work in the U K since we write the dates differently, day, month, year, from the small unit to the largest. It always seemed strange that America jumps around.

@EarnestEccentric Yes I usually use US, but I put America this time, because I did not know if the habit of printing dates like that was continent wide or not. But of course Canada probably follows Europe at least.

@EarnestEccentric - I have been dating my work files by year followed by the numerical month. Since I create multiple files each month, this method puts them in order by date even with multiple years. The most recent files are always at the end of the list.

Dating systems are abitrary. It is helpful for us if the system follows an astronomical system so seasons are consistent. Anyone who gardens knows the value of this correlation.


Numerology. Means nothing. The human brain seeks patterns. There's a word for this phenomenon though it escapes me right now.


The problem is that 12-12-12 comes around once every century. The same is true for all these dates.

I recall reading a book written by Stephen J Gould about the hubbub about the coming millennium. All sorts of crazy predictions were being made because of 01-01-2000. The whole point of the book was to demonstrate how arbitrary our dating calendar is. What I recall from having read this book over 20 years ago is that our calendar has gone through some rather large adjustments over the centuries. Our current calendar wasn't created until centuries after it was supposed to have started, and the first year CE isn't certain. The Bible's dating of Jesus' birth is contradictary and the time frame is impossible since the time frame of one Gospel doesn't overlap with that of another.


Numerical patterns or resonances occur almost everywhere in Mathematics and Science, etc.
E.G. EVERY Leap MUST have the last 2 numbers depicting it divisible by 4 and the resultant number MUST a Whole number..
Prime Numbers can ONLY divided equally by themselves and the number 1,
2 Hydrogen atoms can combine with 1 Oxygen atom to make the chemical compound of Water, but add a third Hydrogen Atom and you get Deuterium, Heavy Water.
There are 3 feet to one yard, 12 inches to 1 foot, 36 inches to 1 yard, etc, etc.


Hey I will settle for any kind of date.

Ba- dum... rim shot...

You most definitely would NOT want mine at the moment....LOL.
I had a very strong and hot curry last night, so you can guess how my 'date' feels right now.


Have you been reading Nostradamus again? Just STOP!


I offer the following prime retorts:


@EarnestEccentric Yes BUT this so-called U.S. Convention ONLY applies in the U.S. not elsewhere like here in Australia where we much prefer to the 'Horse BEFORE the Cart' and NOT vice versa since it makes it much, much easier to get the horse to go forward while it has clear line of sight.

What about 01-10-10 ( in Aussie Methodology of course, since, imo, ONLY dopes seek to put the cart before the horse...LOL).
Then there's 4-4-44, if you want to go Prime numbers then there's my day and month of birth, 21-12, which is also a numerical palindrome as well I think.

@EarnestEccentric @Triphid 4/04 Day not found. 4:04 Minute not found. This goes to show that there are only 364 days in every normal year (and 365 days every leap year), and that the length of a day is only 23:59. This is also known how to twist mathematics into a pretzel.

@anglophone There IS a 4th. day of the 4th. month in every year just as there is both a 4th. AND a 4th. minute in every 12 hour period.
That combination ALSO exist using the 24 hours clock but ONLY once every 24 hours.
Also, there are approx. 365,25 days in EVERY year except in a Leap Year when there are 366 days.

@Triphid Using those numbers, I get a spare day every fourth year. Do we have a "stitch in time"? 😉

@anglophone Hey that IS why it is called a Leap Year, because an extra day gets added to make up for the quarter of a day in each of the other 3 years.

@EarnestEccentric Can I throw the occasional leap second at you? 😉

@Triphid Try this: 4x365.25 = 3x365 + 1x366. (But then once every hundred years and once again every four hundred years messes slightly with the fractional part.)

@EarnestEccentric You express it most excellent well! 🙂


I might live to 6/12/24. If I don't I won't know.

Good point!

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