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Kidnapped Catholic clergy, including French citizens, held for $1 million ransom in Haiti


xenoview 8 Apr 12

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I say let them keep them


Let the church pay the ransom. It's their problem.


If they pray long enough maybe god will help them.


Keep the Priest, return the Citizens.
Then organise a Voodoo party and practice on the Priest.


The Ransom of Red Chief


While this probably makes me a terrible person, I honestly don't care.

I was thinking of paying the takers to keep them. The clergy

@Beowulfsfriend It's hard for me to muster the sympathy for those who get themselves into trouble by going places they really don't need to be.

@OldMetalHead Precisely.

@KKGator I consider myself to be too sane a person to deliberately visit or move to a place where I know there is great hostility towards people like me. Probably why I never visit the southern US unless it's Atlanta or a part of Florida that has lots of transplants from the Northeast. Everywhere else is, to me, just hostile cracker territory. Hell, I even pretty much stay out of rural Iowa, for the same reasons.

While I have no time for those who have been kidnapped, I reckon the kidnappers should be subject to prolonged and extreme torture, and the process recorded and broadcast to the rest of the country.

Wow that's cold. Carry on 😉

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