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How much are you going out in the COVID environment?

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UrsiMajor 8 May 1

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Fully vaccinated go out with mask to grocery store


I am fully vaccinated, and I go out some, but not often. I was out today at Garden centers to buy plants for my garden. I also got my hair cut for the first time in over a year. I went to an open air Farmer's Market just before closing time, no crowds. I also occasionally visit fabric stores, grocery stores, and hardware stores. I have not been in a restaurant, but will drive through or pick up. I'm not ready to trust other people yet, I see too many people not wearing masks, or not wearing masks correctly. I have been with family without masks. I'm willing to wait til things get better to go into crowds.


I'm a "fully masked at all times when out" person. We're still under "suggested" mandate here and oddly, most businesses require masks. This is God's country ... it's a bit surprising how diligent most businesses are being. 😷😷😷 I prefer to protect myself AND others than to not. It just seems ridiculous to me to fuss over something as simple as wearing a mask. I have real life problems, wearing a mask isn't one of them. 😷😷😷

(While in the pharmacy yesterday a priest in full garb cut in front of me 😠 and he wasn't wearing a mask. I guess he figures that cloak and collar is good enough. It was a bit unnerving they let him in the store. CVS mandates masks for all. His prescription wasn't there though ... I guess meds weren't in God's plans for him yesterday. Or he was being punished for cutting in front of me. LOL) 😈😈😈 (His birth year was 1991. I didn't know they were still making priests post 1968...😛

You are too funny! Not making priests post 1968 LMAO! If it had been me I'd of at least let out a Philly YO! I like YO!, depending on the situation the meaning changes.
Here in Ellensburg WA we are in phase 3 and the businesses are demanding the county be fully open inspite of the fact therre are still too many new infections occuring. :angry:

Here in this part of Texas most businesses ask you to wear a mask, some enforce it some don't. Most people still seem to wear them anyway. What impresses me is how many young people wear them.


full vax, always masked


Fully vaccinated a month ago. I wear a mask when I go to a store of any kind, but not when playing music. I wear a mask as more of an example than out of fear.


Vaccinated, I now will drop into the grocery, or a sparsely populated antique store, masked. I won't likely go to crowded places. I WILL travel by personal car, and am looking forward to having people over in small controlled groups.

Zster Level 8 May 1, 2021

I'm a few days away from being fully vaccinated, but our new covid cases has increased dramatically in the last 2 weeks, so I've been declining invitations to go out to gatherings this week. Prefer to stay in and not contribute to the community spread.

If I am indentified as a close contact, I'll have to self isolate meaning I won't be able to work. So, I'd rather be safe than sorry. After I'm deemed fully vaccinated, I won't have to self isolate even if deemed a close contact of a positive case. Nevertheless, I just want to keep myself and others safe, so I can hug my grandchildren when the visit me in 6 weeks.

I still wear my mask when in close contact with others - but mostly keep my distance and just don't go out too much right now - mostly out of courtesy for others more than fear for myself - but also now for my own protection with community spread clusters being identified in various gathering places where my friends do gather. I'm glad my island identifies the places where the spread occurred - other islands keep it secret. We want to nip this in the bud.


I got my second shot in Feb. I wear a mask when I am out around people or in stores.


I've been fully vaccinated since February but it's only been the past 4-6 weeks that most other people in my inner circle have received both of their doses so we've been socializing and hugging A LOT, and it feels marvelous! I still mask in any common areas, and if I'm around large groups or someone who hasn't been vaccinated. Got my hair cut and that felt good, too. It hadn't been that far down my back since my 20s.


Fully vaccinated as of about 2 weeks ago and I wear a mask most everywhere except of course if I'm eating/drinking.


I go to only a few locations with frequency: work, grocery/store, and volunteer office. I'm always masked when moving around any of these places, but take my mask off when seated at my desk, when nobody else is near. I take a small risk during volunteer sessions removing my mask for discussion, but only when everyone is seated and situated at least six feet apart. I get my second Moderna dose next Wednesday and, after the two-week period following, I'll be going to a few places I've been putting off (e.g., getting my airbag recall taken care of finally) but will continue to wear a mask everywhere.


I’m getting my second shot today and I’m not going out without the mask. And I’ll keep it that way for awhile. I’m familiar with the Covid issues and not taking chances!!😎

Congratulations! I hope your side effects are few (to none).


Fully vacced and I wear a mask to go shopping. I don't wear one when I'm sitting out side with 1 or 2 friends. I don't wear one when I ride my bike or go to the community vegie garden plots but I have a mask with me in case I need it.


I am glad to see that most people are conscientious, and not self-absorbed


Fully vaccinated weeks ago, but still masking in public and making careful choices. I could use a hug about now!

Sending a virtual hug your way.


I go out unmasked but I have a mask. When I am in public indoors, I wear a mask. When I'm in close contact with strangers, even outdoors, I wear a mask.


I am fully vaccinated but often go out masked not because of covid but because it is pollen season.

I have found it helps with the pollen!

@silverotter11 It's especially helpful when doing yard work. Two more helps are nettle pills and quercetin. I subscribe to the People's Pharmacy and it gives a lot of great tips on health matters.
"Another natural option is the flavonoid quercetin. This compound is found in many fruits and vegetables. As a dietary supplement, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant and immunomodulatory activity (Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology, May 14, 2020). "

@JackPedigo OH! Thanks for the tip on quercetin, I am for sure going to order some and give it a try!!

@silverotter11 People's Pharmacy is online and free.


I used masks and gloves around any one I have never had any contact with!!!

Always wear my mask and gloves at any place I enter outside of my own residence!!!

I use Ivermectin with great success.

Do some real research Ivermectin is the most effect help with Covin19 before, during, an d after!!!

With all the vaccines you will now need a booster shot every year, in some cases every six months!!!

As usual big Pharma wins big profits getting us by any means possible as we are paying for the whole vaccine shit show as taxpayers!!!

Coronavirus pandemic will not end till it mutates into a non lethal variant!!!

That is what had to transpire in 1917-1919 flu that kills millions worldwide.

If you do not agree with my post!

I really do not care, I am healthy and doing very well at 69 years old!

I hear there will soon be tests that can determine if people still have immunity after getting their COVID shots. I read that immunocompromised people (stage 4 lymphoma) will have a hard time producing the antibodies to covid after vaccination and need to be tested.


There are too too many unanswered questions!!!

Most will never be known!!!

Longhaulers are a subject of mass confusion and many more medical problems to come from this!!!

Research Ivermectin as a source of help and possible relief!!!

You will be surprised how big Pharma has trued to stop all information about Ivermectin which has been available for over forty years now!!!


I go out a lot masked and I go out alot unmasked. Shopping masked, dog walking unmasked.


I've been fully vaccinated for a long time. I go out alone and I follow all the social distancing rules.


I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask inside, but not outside.


It’s the flu with media buzz.

CNN won’t tell you that, but if you have comorbidities, you’ll die; just like what????? The FLU!!!!

I had one friend in intensive care and intubated and one friend on a ventilator who is now in rehab. I have friends that have friends who have died. How the hell are you still alive?

@UrsiMajor It’s amazing that I’ve seen the exact same thing in hospital rooms because of the flu over the past years. What’s more amazing is that the past few years have been the lowest numbers of of flu cases in history. In history.

The regular flu is not as virulent as COVID-19. The COVID precautions have shut it down. Sorry, but both of my friends have had the regular flu before. It did not put them on ventilators and intubations.

@UrsiMajor it’s a little stronger than the flu for sure, but we have had stronger flu viruses in the past. This one just has the media behind it. If you have no underlying medical conditions, you’ll be fine. If you do.... a mask or shot won’t help.
We’ve had a lot of folks that received the vaccine die from Covid. It’s a virus. It’s not going to be stopped.

@CourtJester Can you provide links to people who had the second dose of the vaccination and died from COVID after 2 weeks, please? Actually, never mind. I';; do the research myself.

Chicago, IL
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'Breakthrough' COVID death: Fully-vaccinated Flossmoor man, 75, dies from virus a month after 2nd vaccine dose
Illinois begins releasing data on 'breakthrough' COVID cases, deaths
By Eric Horng
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 11:40PM

A 75-year-old grandfather of four died from COVID-19 a month after receiving his second vaccine shot in what's being called a "breakthrough" case.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Illinois public health officials began releasing data Wednesday on what it calls "breakthrough" COVID-19 cases, which involve fully-vaccinated people who still get the virus - and sometimes die.

A 75-year-old south suburban Flossmoor man is one such case. More than two weeks after his second vaccine dose, Alan Sporn, felt free.
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"It was a Saturday, and he said instead of getting together for dinner tonight, kids, I'm going to meet you guys for lunch because I'm going out with my friends tonight to celebrate that we made it through this year," said Bonnie Sporn, his daughter.

But days later, one of his dinner mates tested positive for COVID-19, and so did Sporn. The 75-year-old grandfather of four died from the virus a month after receiving his second shot.

"I got my vaccine, and a lot of people should and did get it. But vaccines aren't a hundred percent," his daughter said.

RELATED | Illinois reports 2,728 new COVID cases, 33 deaths

It's called a "breakthrough" infection when someone tests positive for COVID-19 at least 14 days after completing their vaccine series. While most cases are mild or asymptomatic, officials say at least 97 fully-vaccinated people have been hospitalized and 32 have died in Illinois. That's out of nearly 4 million people fully vaccinated, or less than 1/100th of 1%.

"When people hear these numbers, they have to recognize that no vaccine is perfect, but this vaccine is still very, very, very good," said Dr. Stephen Schrantz, Infectious Disease Specialist, Univ. Of Chicago Medicine.

But scientists say the vaccine may be less effective for those with compromised immune systems. Relatives said Sporn had chronic lymphocytic leukemia and before his death, a test showed he had little or no COVID antibodies.

"I wish more people knew about the antibody test," Sporn said. "It's just one more test, and it's a safety procedure that would have definitely saved my father's life."

"There is some movement in that regard to push people to potentially get a test to make sure the vaccine took," Schrantz said.

The potential for breakthrough infections is, in part, why indoor mask wearing and distancing is still recommended for those who are fully vaccinated."

@UrsiMajor they’ve been in the hospital. We don’t post deaths and causes.



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