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My fundie brother sent to me a book entitled "The End of Reason".

The title itself made me laugh. The book by Ravi Zacharias was intended as a response to "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris. But it is obvious neither the author nor my brother took a second to actually think about the title.

The content is basically a regurgitation of the feeble apologist arguments we've all heard before, so I won't go into that. I'm just chuckling over the title the chuckle head gave it.

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I recommend the essay, "The Age of Reason" by my avatar. Written in 1794, it holds up incredibly well!


My Uncle Todd gave me that same book. It was just recycling old Christian apologetics


So many Christians put Ravi on a pedestal. He was treated like a rock star wherever he spoke.


People continually act as though some nonsense is going to drag us into belief in the invisible, or drag us back into such belief if you have ever been there in the first place. Keep in mind that their god is now in another universe so that you cannot touch or destroy him, but if this were true how would they even know?


I have not read The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias, however, the title makes me smile and think that the author has his head up his ass. I don't have to drink a glassful of Potassium Cyanide to know that it will be a terminal experience. I wonder if he were bitten by a Black Mamba and someone nearby offered him a choice between a prayer said on his behalf or an antidote, what would he choose?

Belief did not give him a platform on Youtube nor did it publish his book. I have often heard people say that I should never judge a book by it's cover title, I'll gladly make an exception in this instance because it is a no-brainer!


It sounded more like an analysis of Trump's followers.


My take upon reading Zacharias's drivel.
Though I can say that I have not read the other one thus far but would be tempted, sorely, to offer up the same response to it as well


A whole book of trolling. What an accomplishment.

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