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What is with the Internet. Khloe Kardashian's Baby, Harry and Meghan's Wedding, Fox News is Lying, 45's Twitter Attacks, WW 3 is coming next week and Congress will be on Vacation. FB is no better with every Party and Fake News Media asking for Polls and $3 to support everybody who is asking and every page is just chock full of them. It is beyond embarrassing that this is all the can conjure up as newsworthy.

Nevermind345 7 Apr 16

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Anything that appeals to peoples baser instincts makes money. Professional wrestling, Hannity, the Housewives of Anywhere in America are a few examples. If they broadcast executions the ratings would go thru the roof from sea to shining sea.


Think the editors of those news outlets have been spending too much in the supermarket checkout reading the national enquirer for free.

The National Enquirer has been around for 50 years and people love that Garbage. Probably because they have pictures so it becomes show and tell. But no one saw all the skin shots of Melanie that was a cause of concern and they made the NY Post and the Daily New.

@Nevermind345 Did a forensic photography expert sign a certificate authenticating the photos? I have not seen them I am almost certain impersonators are out there.


I don't follow the Kardashians, the Royals, FOX, or any of the other hoo-ha. The last time I showed any interest in the royal family was when Princess Diana was killed. She was a heckuva great person.


Too each their own.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 17, 2018

Turn that shit off.

I turned off the TV 25 years ago and have never felt better. As for Facebook, get the browser add-on called Social Fixer. It's free and gives you some control over what shows up in your newsfeed. I've been using it for years and I see very little about the POSOTUS and other "news". Take control of your life and what you focus on.


Its part truths and it sells.

How much of Lie is needed to make a truth a part truth. There is another analogy to this but I will not go there and leave it for another time.

more importantly how much truth does there have to be?


I think part of the problem is people think they are watching the news when they watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the Blaze, etc. These are not News sources but news platforms, basically talk radio on TV. They confuse News Commentary for actual News. It has its place but it is not a reliable, unbiased source of News. It is biased editorialized commentary and analysis. That is why people think news is fake...And if Facebook is your source for news you have a real problem!


What do you think the internet was going to be once opened to civilians?


Well, if they want money they will need to send me some first and they can have half back. heheheh I dunno, I guess I get better quality posts than you do and I don't twit... Also don't follow celebrity news or watch Fox "News" ever, ever, ever. I found about this on FB today and it is real news.


Only what's profitable.

Very Ferengi of you 🙂 heheheh


Facebook should never be taken as a news source.

I don't take news sources as reliable news sources. I don't Twitter and was put on FB by someone else. The old rule is to belive nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.


You can get BBC and AP news online. I agree that it's a mess out there otherwise.


Welcome to American...I would not advise you to stay...

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