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In the UK there is a lot of talk using the phrase ‘ Road-Map ‘, even though using it will not mean that a foot is put on any particular surface. I am not sure about the US. Religions tend to use the word ‘pilgrimage'

This is a poll about The POSSIBLITY of a road map to eliminate religion.
Even though the concepts, devices and motivational words have not yet been thrashed out, Do you FEEL that a road map would be helpful . One test to answer the question would be “ Do I feel I am on a journey away from religion or towards an as yet unknown replacement?"

As in real Life a Road map is a guide to thinking BUT voting [your conclusion ]tells us a lot more. In this post, which is REAL, Comment all you want, be as negative as you want but VOTING tells us a lot more.

Would attempts at a ' road map ' to eliminate religion' be helpful to Humanity

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Mcflewster 7 May 19

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If one does not enter a lottery or some other game of chance, one will never win it . Be sure you enter the non religious site and we have a chance


Logically speaking here, imo, Religions are just like any other Empire that Man has built/created.
And as we all know from history, the Greater the Empire the faster it falls under its own weight, etc, etc.
And the 'Empires' of Religion are just as vulnerable as were those of the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians, etc, etc.
Sooner or later, the cracks begin to appear, just as we have seen them appear in the last few decades or so, then those same cracks begin to widen, steadily and slowly, creeping towards each other UNTIL they meet and the whole thing begins to crumble and fall.
It is more than possible that BEFORE Organised Beliefs systems were invented there was NO actual Religion/s as we see them now, it is also, imo, a possibility that sometime somewhere in the future such things as Organized Religions will be allocated to the Myths and Legends of the long gone by past history of Human kind.


It has already been attempted. It was called "The way". Before it was called a "religion ", the old testiment people of Israel were under the government laws of there nation often referred to as "law of Moses ".

The theme of biblical text is that the "Jesus " character fulfilled the need for such laws and those that understood in the early days of the book of Acts had an understanding of a way, road map as you call it, or as called then before christianity got Romanized, "The way".

As you see historically, "The way" was not all that well successful and "christianity " got Romanized and reinstatutionalized as a form of government.

Word Level 8 May 19, 2021

ty, Constantine
“the way” is surely a nod to eastern mythology? It is after all about “yielding,” and i think there are some similar allusions NT

and, ppl do it every day? Come to maturity, age out of religion, unclench, whatever you might call it? Stop trying to control?
Find the middle path


fwiw the bible is a great roadmap to eliminate religion, but i guess ppl just prefer the alternative; a manipulated dollar, politicians, etc

“The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible” SClemens


It will be hard to get rid of religion. A good place to begin with is taking away their tax free status.

That should happen, whether it is effective or not.

“those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means” gandhi

Thanks for the suggestion . A touchy subject but did you vote 'Yes'?


I agree with @CuddyCruiser: religion will never be eliminated. The reason is simple: the charlatans standing in pulpits will always exploit the stupidity sitting in the pews, and both will be forever with us. Three centuries of reason have failed to overthrow religion.

hence leave the world maybe


I would go for "observing a drift" rather than "on a journey." It's slow, inconsistent and any attempts to impose direction seem to produce local eddies that may contribute to but hardly sway to the overall pattern. Rather like fleas on a dog asking each other who's steering.


All I know is my legs look like road maps.


Know exactly what you mean. Put an arrow pointing to the buried treasure.


Moving towards a more secular society, separation of church and state, exposing the abuses of religion are all positives in my view. We will never eliminate religion, but we could lessen religious privilege. I know it's a big reach, but in a couple generations churches could be taxed like any other business.


No form of indoctrination is acceptable, even anti-religion indoctrination. Promotion of evidence based reason is the path forward.

Wow, a statement made by you that I can actually agree with. Maybe there is hope in this world after all.


You can not purposefully eliminate it. It will decline upon the weight of its own inconsistent actions. It will never disappear. But more and more people seeking better approaches to life will leave as its hypocrisy's are exposed.


Religion will never be eliminated. It’ll always exist.

it’s hold seems to have diminished considerably in my lifetime, you think there’s no hope?
The Bible predicts that (basically) the last politician will eventually get strangled with the entrails of the last priest then the end will come...after he has destroyed all rulers, powers, and authority seems to me we would eventually figure out cooperation? might take another mass extinction or two tho yeh lol

@bbyrd009 IMO hope is for the naive. But I agree about religion being diminished. It’s nonsensical claims and absurdity totally turn off the younger generation my nieces, ages 24 and 26, and nephew, 21, and all their friends are totally put off by all of it.

@CuddyCruiser unfortunately i think that’s about when some cataclysm or other occurs and we get a resurgence

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