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Am I missing something here? I know they are

TheoryNumber3 8 May 30

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Always great to make fun of the way people look. I’m a middle aged overweight woman..want to make fun of me too? I’ll even include a picture. Have at it.

I think you’re kinda cute! 😉

It's nice to know there's a guardian of good taste on duty. Now try developing a sense of humor.

I think you look fine, Marcie. If I lived in your area and you weren't young enough to be my daughter, I would be interested in dating you.

Seriously you look fabulous. IMHO

@Barnie2years @silverotter11 and @tommcgiverin you’re missing the point. I’m trying to say that it’s shitty to make fun of the way people look, as OP did in his post

@Marcie1974 First of all, I'm not a HE, I'm a SHE, and I'm a 78 year old woman who's been fighting weight issues my whole life. I fail to see what this has to do with YOUR age and weight or why you would take it as a personal affront. Lighten up. It's only a meme.


Just goes to prove that there's a match out there for everybody, lol!.

I was thinking they look like twins

@TheoryNumber3 For all we know, they are...


Thank-you for this. I had a really good laugh!

Me too. When I saw it I burst out laughing. I rarely do that. I'm a low key laugher


trump supporters for sure.

True that, but I was also thinking of a couple characters in the movie Deliverance..... Cue the banjo music, which always gives me the creeps after seeing that film..

@TomMcGiverin Which is EXactly why I will never see that movie. There have been 2 times my inner self said don't watch this but NOOOOOOOOOOO - and I still have creepy moments with them. Not gonna add another one. 🙂

@silverotter11 You are right on the money about that movie and I don't blame you a bit. Banjo music now makes me run for the hills.

@silverotter11 I feel that way about "Last House on the Left". It gave me nightmares for years.

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