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Such a sad and sorry sight to see yesterday around noon.
Due to a 2 vehicle pile-up blocking the normal Bus route from the C.B.D, it was diverted via a secondary route that took it past the L.D.S. Church. About 2-3 city blocks from the L.D.S. church the driver mentioned that there was a great deal of water flowing down the street.
It had NOT rained all that heavily either earlier or on the previous day or so, so we were all wondering where this water was coming from.
Yep, we soon found out, the Water Service Arterial Supply from the actual Water Main had burst, but NOT merely BURST BUT erupted INSIDE the L.D.S. Church itself, literally tearing a hole through the roof after, according to a later news story yesterday, ripping up the floor of the main Meeting area, inundating the entire building and causing quite a bit of structural subsidence to occur as well.
The GOOD news is that NO other buildings, homes, etc, in the area were damaged, just short of running water until the valve that allows the water to go through the Arterial Supply to the L.D.S. Edifice was located and shut off.

Triphid 8 June 9

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Tuesday, 15th. June.
Just learned that during the "Great Flood" of the Mormon Temple in Broken Hill, N.S.W. the destruction internally to both the building and contents was quite significant, so to speak.
A hole, approx. 3.5 metres in diameter and approx. 4.2 - 4.3 metres in depth was made by the pressure of the escaping water,
All floors bar one were severely damaged, 80% of walls and ceilings were either severely damaged by water or so weakened that they collapsed completely,
The foundations upon which the red brick external walls stand have been badly under-mined and in numerous places are so weakened and eroded that the walls are developing large and visible cracks,
All the Church papers, records, etc, etc, were saturated and most were badly damaged,
The $22,000 Australia Dollars fence that surrounded the Temple and grounds was pulled down by the Water Authority when they arrived BECAUSE there was No-one available to unlock and open the gates,
Their nice green, manicured lawns are now looking very stressed and turning a brown shade, their car-park area is a muddy, boggy area where the Water Authority crews had to dig down to locate, repair ( if possible) the Arterial Water Main, no luck there, the pipe burst was directly UNDER the building, so they, instead, dug a NEW trench AROUND the building and replaced the whole Water main ( the L.D.S. must now make application to have the water re-connected to the Temple as it is NOT listed as a Residential/Business or Community Structure required by the Community at large).
And, to cap it all off, since the Covid Pandemic, Missionaries are NOT permitted to ENTER Australia, so their bicycles were stored at the Temple AND now, as it was discovered last weekend, some enterprising person/s has 'borrowed' them, including safety helmets, security chains and locks as well.


Maybe Moses tapped the ground and brought forth a deluge of water.


It was god's will what can you say. 🙄


Gawd must have been taking a nap, or fixing other stuff, or s/he would have prevented such a thing.....


I hope they blamed their god! 🤣🤣🤣

It was his plan. Now they'll build a new, likely totally obnoxious Temple where once stood a mere church.

(They REALLY are obnoxious. When I was in Portland, Oregon decades ago, the city made the Mormons build a wall, on top of a berm, surrounded by trees/foliage so commuters wouldn't have to look at it.). 😂😂😂


God starting one of his flood events again? See anyone in the front lawn building a boat? 🤣


Too much bull sh!t will back up the sewers and this is the result. (I know, just making light of it.)

Sadly it wasn't a Sewer Main unfortunately, just the Fresh water supply Arterial service Main.
Though, thinking about, it WOULD have wonderful to see the L.D.S. Church buried under shit, wouldn't it?
A kind of Poetic and Natural Justice all rolled in to one.


Maybe it's a sign from their god to change their ways.


It's a miracle!


Maybe they should pray about it.

A bit like that only the arterial main erupt UNDER the flooring of the LDS Church itself.


As an "EX", I find this funny.

Me too. I intend to search this out on the net to find an article to post on Facebook.


As Mormons are fond of saying about fortunate events, 'It must have been meant to be!' I assume no one was harmed from this occurrence. That's a good thing.

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