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"None of these things are happening in any other developed nation." Pretty much sums it up. Sadly the Dems are passively a party to this as well: The corruption that overwhelmed the GOP has reached a crisis point — and it's killing people []

Druvius 8 June 22

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They are happening in other developed nations because humans sense an existential peril taking us out. Just as it did at the end of The Bronze Age. If all of this is going away then it's also not worth caring about.


ERCOT is rotten to the core and the main reason that Texas went through the big freeze last winter without being prepared for it. This got so bad that they cried about a strain "on the grid" and said other states might have to also have their power cycled on and off to correct the problem. The simple correction was for the industry to be prepared without existing just for profits. As long as ERCOT is pulling the strings this situation will never get better and others will be blamed.

Exactly, there's a reason things like roads and infrastructure are publicly owned and/or highly regulated. An unregulated for profit power grid is going to prioritize one thing, profit, at the expense of all others.


I wish more of you would quit posting links that require either a subscription or some kind of registration. I want to just either be able to simply read it or not without any work. If it requires any work on my part, I will pass it by, since I already can find a lot of the same news and commentary on, even with its faults and apologist slant for the Dem Party.

Got me, Alternet has always been pay wall free for me, I'm not registered or anything. I don't know why people are apparently hitting one.


As far as I am concerned, they are complicit,and are responsible as well

I agree. On the things that affect centers of power, as Chris Hedges puts it, like war, taxes, corporate power, etc., the Dems and Repubs are two wings of the same duopoly party, the party of the rich, corporations, and the war machine.

@TomMcGiverin They don't allow a Theocracy to steal their party. That's enough for me right now.

@rainmanjr That's a piss poor low bar to settle for. I refuse to do so.


Your point isn't clear, and the link does nothing to clear it up, it's just bitching about the "algorithm."
So why don't you just get to your point, we all know the GOP is anti-democratic and that corporate Democrats are just moderate Republicans.
Alternet is rated as 100% left, which is way better than being 75% right wing, but that does nothing to change the fact that there's no possibility of getting your point with the information you provided.

Unfortunately we the people elected both of them.

Wrong link, fixed I hope.

@Druvius Yes that fixed it. however the pay to see still blocks me, that's not your fault.

@Willow_Wisp Alternet isn't paywalled? I generally don't share paywalled links.

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I just selected all the text, and blindly posted it, without attempting to get graphics or formatting.

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