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This clip is how I view Bezos and his "rocket" ship. Both the rocket and the bomb are phallic symbols. Even the cowboy hat is the same:

Gwendolyn2018 8 July 22

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Cowboy hats may have been the same but the end result was not.

Branson , Bezos and Musk are all innovators and egomaniacs.. They all do both good and bad with their money just as I do. Fortunately I don't get as much press or scrutiny.

Yes I wish they paid their fair share of taxes but even the rich ones that publicly decry the inequities of our tax system don't seem to be donating any extra money to the IRS.



Don't be a dick...

Well, I tend not to be. (Grin.)


Do you think Bezos anticipated so much negative PR over this?
Space is cool when Elon Musk builds rockets.
It doesn't work for Bezos.

BD66 Level 8 July 22, 2021

Bezos and his people come across as commercial shills. I wouldn't buy a used car from him/them, despite my Amazon buying, LOL.

Personally, I didn't think that Musk's trip was any cooler that Bezos' trip. If extremely rich people paid taxes, I wouldn't care what they do with their money. And no, I don't think that Bezos anticipated any negative press.

I find it interesting that he took a young person and a woman who was cheated of a chance to go into space. He as appealing to young people and to women. If he wants to help women, there are better ways. Oh, and because the woman was old, she served two purposes: appeal to feminists and senior citizens. While I have respect for Wally and am glad she was able to realize her dream, she appears to be another cog.

@Theresa_N spot on. Space exploration from both Musk and Bezos is not about using the programs to benefit humankind, but for making a buck from rich tourists.

Do you really think he cared about negative press? He pretty much gets negative press for any/every thing he does. This is a man that dumped half his fortune to his ex-wife to be with his mistress. He is doing whatever he wants with his fortune, whatever makes him happy while he can. If the Republicans hadn’t gutted tax laws and the IRS’ ability to investigate the complicated taxes of the wealthy, he would have paid more, just like all the other bazillionaires. Not to cheer him on, but there are a whole lot of people involved in his space program making a good living, so his hobby is providing support for a whole range of other companies and people. It’s how capitalism is supposed to work.

@Barnie2years I dunno if he cares about negative press or not--it depends on his ego.

I am aware that the Rethuglicans are responsible, but he still took advantage of the laws. I remember a couple of rich people protesting the laws, but not Bezos.

I can hold any opinion of him that I wish--my opinion is that he is rich opportunist. And how much is he paying his drudges?



Capitalism at its best, eh?

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