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LOL!!! She's in the back of the police cruiser, cuffed, and tells the cops she wants her cell phone. Stupid battle-ax.

Karen Goes Full Karen Not Wearing A Mask In Store

Dyl1983 8 Sep 17

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Amazing how some people can be so stupidly, hard headed, self-righteous.


Full blown Karen Nutball

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 17, 2021

They should have shoved her cell phone up her annoying ass.


I would love to see that trial unless it's by a Trump appointed judge.


What an insufferable waste of oxygen.


Good to see her arrested.


The problem is, the cops never told her she was under arrest and never Mirandized her. The store manager simply needed to ask her to leave in front of the cop. I saw a similar situation. The officer gave this maga guy the option to leave. When he refused the cop told him he was under arrest for criminal trespass and he read the guy his rights


I am trying to figure out which one she is: asshole, or cunt.

She's being an asshole and a moron.

Oh, Both!


These people are coming out of the woodwork! On planes, in stores, at the post office, they’re an incredible waste of our time and energy. Was she drunk or wasted, or is she naturally an attention seeking narcissist?

Looking at the video, I would go for "narcissist". I would add opinionated, Dunning-Kruger effect, bully, arrogant, selfish, and insufferable.

@anglophone Nicely put … cheers!

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