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Obstructionist Texas republican fascists Governor Abbott justifies his sexual intellectualism on incest, rape, and gestation period of human women!!!

of-the-mountain 8 Sep 17

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That miserable bastard


Abbott pussy posse!!


Hope this motherfucker gets struck by lightning……or has a slow painful death from illness.

He has already had a tree fall on him while jogging years back!!!

He was able to get millions for his spinal cord injuries, he lives as a handicapped individual in a wheelchair who thinks his shit does not stink!!!

He thinks god saved him to push Fascism and dominion over the rest of us!!!

He acts and looks like some sort of Fascist Android Zombie!!!

@of-the-mountain And this motherfucker is from El Paso, TX. The city I live in, he's a piece of shit!


Even the Taliban knows-if you control the women, you control the population.


Does this law apply to non-residents who happen to find out they are pregnant while visiting a family member or spending the summer holiday in the “great” state of Texas?

As vague as the law is, probably.

It was a great republic until the obstructionist republican fascists stole control!!!


Honestly, this is pretty much what this swollen hemorrhoid of a human being actually said to defend this disgusting and absolutely unconstitutional ruse. JFC, what a waste of skin this moronic douche canoe is.


The usual blah, blah, blah from the usual blah, ignoramus governor (in name only). Some states may try to follow this POSS (state) lead but some may go another route in making abortion more open. A group in my area that I support has actually been getting more money to help women fund abortions. Just another red blue division which may only increase in the near future.

All of this BS has been planned by these impotent obstructionist republican fascist country wide since Nixon by their demented delusional death cult followers!!!


How much of the anti-abortion agenda is really about controlling who has sex? I think It's a major part of it.

As far as I can tell, it's ALL of it, and always has been.


Miserable fucking piece of shit.

Far beyond any know disgusting sewage shit, an overt excrement of humanity!!!


I wish someone would shoot this SOB!

If they do, they damned well better make it a head shot.

Do not forget the Lt Governor, Attorney General, and the rest of the obstructionist republican fascist and their death cult followers!!!


caputured his bullshit perfectly

It is so much more than BS it is pure genocide!!!

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