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How do Christians explain the significance of Jesus and his death such that he became the savior? I went to Catholic school and I still don’t understand this. Was there some sacrifice on god’s or Jesus’s part?

bragadm 5 Sep 21

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If it does not make sense, then you are not supposed to understand it.


Hang on a minute here please.
Now is it not va sacrifice when someone knowingly gives up their life to save another, ergo the Giver MUST die, be buried, interred, cremated and STAY DEAD, correct?
Then according to the Chrustians ( Christians) this Jesus character, who these Chrustians CLAIM to have been both the Son of God and the God incarnate as well, gave up his life to ABSOLVE US ALL of the sins we were yet to commit BEFORE we were even eggs in our mother's Ovaries or Sperm in the testes of our Father, so how exactly does that work?
If we were never born, then would not the supposed 'sacrifice' made on our behalf by this Jesus then be completely null and void plus a wasted effort as well?
Now, This Jesus, SUPPOSEDLY, knew before hand that he would die, BUT be resurrected 3 WHOLE days later, (not 2 and a bit days as the Chrustians believe btw), NOW knowing that this SUPREME Sacrifice he is going to make is NOT really a sacrifice as such because he is going to be brought back and then live on forever, then is NOT that merely BIGGEST Con-job of ALMOST ALL time, kind of like saying under his breath, " Gottya, Suckers, gottya thinking I'm dying just for you when I'm not going to dead a a door nail after all, I'll just look dead, won't rot and decay away, just be resurrected a bit later and wander off to live elsewhere where you can't go UNLESS you are 100% Dead and Buried first, sucked in big time you Mugs."


As a former Christian let me explain. We are taught that we are born sinners and since we are sinners then we should die and go to hell as punishment for being sinners. There is no way for us to get forgiveness of our own sin. God the god sent a part of god who is the God the son to be a sacrificial lamb as a sacrifice for all of us. Through the shedding of his blood we are forgiven when we believe in him. Basically you are shamed and convinced how bad you are and accept Jesus so he won’t send you to hell


It makes no sense

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 21, 2021

It seems to me the only time most Christians talk about Jesus is at Easter and Christmas. The rest of the time they go to the Old Testament, which is an old Jewish book and has nothing to do with Christianity, but in that book they can find scriptures that justify their misogyny, homophobia, racism, and anything else that supports their bias and hatred. What did Jesus sacrifice. He died for three days. Hell give me that deal, and what changed from his sacrifice, not one damn thing.


Not much of a sacrifice. Now if an atheist gives his life for you then they really mean it but if an immortal god gives up their "life" knowing they'll come back three days later then they've really only sacrificed their weekend. To be fair it is a bank holiday weekend but still surely not that big a deal


“How do Christian’s [sic] explain the significance of Jesus and his death such that he became the savior? I went to Catholic school and I still don’t understand this. Was there some sacrifice on god’s or Jesus’s part?”
Are you sure you went to Catholic school? If so, were you paying attention? Excuse me for being suspicious but your question sounds like an attempt to troll.

Pedantic and ridiculous.

But thanks for pointing out my typo.

“Pendantic and ridiculous” is an absurd admission!


The bible vaguely meantions the angel of death who follows God's orders. They never explain it's status as good or evil.

Azriel ?

It is almost as if each book of the bible is it's own seperate story that should not be taken as some universal gospel to mix and match.


Ya know...there are some 44,000 sects of Christianity. You'll really never figure out what the significance of ANY of the two Bibles, the Torah, or the Qu'ran is out of not, unless you delve into each and every sect of each of those theistic religions.

Some think God and Jesus are one and the same. Some don't believe in God but believe in the life and teachings of Jesus, some believe in God but don't believe one word of any of the traditional theist "texts," etc.

If you want to get finicky about all things Biblical, I found the best place to start was the Old Testament. The murder, rape, pillage, demons and abortions alone make for some pretty good stories. If that's not your thing, begin with Adam and Eve BEFORE Eve when Lilith was with Adam and found him to be a true dud in the sex department. She went to spawn demon babies and he whined to God cause he was lonely and had poor self-esteem (cause he sucked in the sack)...hence, submissive Eve.

Jesus really is just a fragment of the actual fables. And one of the least interesting, in my opinion. 😉


You are not missing anything. The entire story makes no sense.


He had to die or people couldn’t eat those delicious wafers made from his corpse

I actually kind of liked those wafers as a kid. I put our a bowl of them one Thanksgiving. It didn’t go over well. Worth it though.


A more relevant question to me would be, why are you wasting your precious only life thinking about stuff like this?
Is it not like debating "how many angels can fit on the end of a pin"?

My family never shuts up about it. I’d happily not give any of it a second thought.

My dad was on about his planned visit to the ark encounter (genocide and incest park) in Kentucky. He’s going as a follower of Answers in Genesis and a credulous believer in the literal “truth” of the bible.

@bragadm I get your perplexed thought patterns. I was surrounded by the run of the mill Christians, a slew of Holy Rollers and some 500K (literally) Mormons. So my state of "Just WTH????" was compounded by the varying degree of batshit crazies I walked amongst.

To be honest with you, the day I turned in my "I'm a believer" card and said, "Fuck that." was the day I was reborn. And I've not bothered to attempt figuring any of them or their delusions out since.

It really is true, things only bother us if we allow those things/people/ideologies space in our head to do so.

I'm short: you'll never get it if you haven't gotten it yet and you'll never change those who think they do get it.


This pretty much sums it up.


It wasn't a sacrifice, just some rough sex play that got out of hand.


When Jesus died unexpectedly the Apostles needed an excuse to explain his death. So they said he was a sacrifice for sins. This allowed the Apostles to continue preaching and passing around the basket to collect money. Fishing is hard work...preaching is easier, cleaner, and more lucrative.


Jesus is god and god is Jesus--as is the holy spirit (never mind that the triad was a pagan "invention" ); they are perfect and without sin.

Humans, however, blew it and sinned; whether humans are cursed with original sin or not is really a moot point; we were and are going to sin regardless. Because of our sins, we cannot enter heaven because only sinless people (and maybe dogs--definitely not cats) can enter heaven.

Because god loved us sooooooooooooo much, though, he gave us a way to get into heaven. We have to be purified and cleansed of our sins by a blood sacrifice (another pagan idea). The catch was that the only sacrifice that would/could work had to be perfect; hence, Jesus is chosen to be the scapegoat.

Therefore, Jesus was sacrificed and took the sins of the world upon him. According to the pastor of the church I attended, Yahweh cannot look at sin; it is why Jesus asked why he had been "forsaken" while on the cross. He had lost his "communion" with his "father" because he was riddled with every sin since Adam and Eve. This is also why a mediator was needed between humans and Yahweh; he couldn't "see" humans to even forgive them.

The sacrifice was more than the torture and the death; it was separation from the perfect "father." In addition, Jesus had to go to hell during the three days he was dead. He "harrowed" hell and while he was there, released all of the righteous people who died prior to his coming; according to Catholic theology, these people included Adam, Eve, Noah, and everybody else who had sinned. Heaven must have been empty except for Elijah who was taken up by a whirlwind.

Jesus could have continued hanging with Yahweh in heaven indefinitely while humans burned in hell with no chance of redemption. The sacrifice was his willingness to come to Earth, live among the hoi-polloi, being unseen by Yahweh when he was on the cross, and going to hell.

I learned about harrowing hell in a Medieval lit class--the Baptist church does NOT teach this. The concept of hell in the Christian Scriptures is based on Greek myth, not Hebrew myth. The concept of the afterlife is different in the Hebrew Scriptures and ranges from no afterlife to Sheol (where the dead still appeared to have no consciousness), to some concept of resurrection--the latter most likely coming from exposure to Zoroastrianism during the 40 years of captivity in Babylon.

Of course, these explanations do not explain how the triad could be one and yet, Jesus' experience was, apparently, not experienced by Yahweh. And how could god be omnipotent if can't see sinful people?

Personally, I think Jesus just had a bad weekend. The payoff of going to rule in heaven more than made up his suffering.

This is excellent thanks. I made an argument recently that there couldn’t have been a sacrifice other than the really bad weekend which didn’t create any lasting deficits so therefore it’s not worthy of our admiration. It felt like a good point but I admittedly never really understood in any depth how or why Christians hold this story to be as central and crucial to their beliefs.

@bragadm It goes deeper that Christianity--they "borrowed" the dying/resurrected god from earlier pagan religions. These gods most often died and were resurrected, but all made a trip into the underworld. Osiris died and was resurrected; he wasn't sacrificed, but his death/resurrection meant that humans could go to Tuat instead of being consigned to oblivion. Inanna went to Kur, was killed by Ereshkigal, but was resurrected. However, she had to find someone to take her place in the underworld before she could return to the land of the living. Her experience was the opposite of Jesus' as she had to find someone to take her place while Jesus took the place of those who would go to hell.

Dionysus died and resurrected, so did Attis. Persephone didn't die, but she is still in the category because she was abducted by Hades and in the end, had to spent half the year in the underworld. The Mayan Divine Twins didn't die, but went to Xibalba to save their father--saving a loved one is sometimes a component of the myths.

The ascent/descent of these deities is overwhelmingly tied to the growing seasons, and Jesus' resurrection is no different. In fact, "Easter" takes its name from a Teutonic goddess of spring.

There is nothing new about Xtianity from the virgin birth to the death--perhaps the only difference, or at least the biggest, is that Xtianity claims that Jesus is the only path to heaven.

By the way, Judaism does not have a dying/resurrected deity myth because Yahweh can't die. Xitans had to invent Jesus to fit the myth. Jonah is a symbolic dying/resurrecting myth, but he was not a god.


He died for your sins. Or something.

He came back to life, so technically he gave up his weekend for your sins... 😉

@JonnaBononna Well...that ain't nothin.

@JonnaBononna I don't remember a few weekends in College...maybe I am a Savior😂


None of it makes any sense. Religion is nonsense as a whole.


Maybe this will help😁


Since it's all fiction, does it even matter?

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