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Apart from being here what are you doing or thinking of doing right now and, what time is it for you ?

jacpod 8 Apr 22

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It's 2:39 PM PDT in California, and I'm debating to myself about going to the bookstore for coffee and pastry; and possibly purchasing Jim Comey's book.

I have the book. Haven't read it yet, but I'm pretty sure The President did it with a hooker in the hotel room. Spoiler!


Not feeling great today-lazy day on couch watching MTV this pm. Watched 2 hours of Eric Clapton, 2 hours of Freddie Mercury & Queen and now at 5:00 PM David Bowie.6:00PM Electric Light Orchestra w Jeff Lynne.


Its 22:54, just jumped in bed after bringing my lad home from hospital with DKA. Very scary stuff. 6 hours in A&E but I bloody love the NHS

That's a scary diagnosis. Hope he's doing OK.

@HippieChick58 me too.

me too !

@jacpod Thank you


It's almost noon here in Honolulu, I am about to go out on my lanai (patio) and read my Sunday New York Times and get back into a novel by Steve Berry and smoke my pipe!

I need to get to Hawaii. It sounds like an outstanding way to spend a life.

@ArthurPhillips, I'll be there next month. A friend invited me to the Floating Lantern Memorial ceremony.

@Condor5 Oh, that's sounds beautiful.

@Condor5 If you've never experienced the Lantern Floating Ceremony, it will be quite the experience for you!


It is 2135 GMT. 1735 DST Pretending to work.

jeffy Level 7 Apr 22, 2018

7 am Monday, doen my domestics, preparing for work, think I will take an early mark and come home at lunch time

That's an awesome picture, Ruggles.

@ArthurPhillips yep, sadly I didn't get out until 3, and have some paperwork to finish at home,
but, public holiday this week, so I have the next 6 days off, yay

@Rugglesby Nice! Any plans for the six days?

@ArthurPhillips Me and the missus, aka Brandine.

@ArthurPhillips Our weather is a bit less than perfect, yet I think I will be at the beach at least twice a day, lots of work in the garden, some reno work on the house, last 2 weeks I got nothing done for myself. work ate into my weeks even though in theory I only work 2 days a week.

@Rugglesby Well enjoy it well you can.


It's 1pm here on Kauai. I performed an early morning wedding at Secret Beach, and have already caught up on all my work emails, cleaned and vacuumed out my car, took a phone call from my grandson in Seattle requesting Li Hing Sourpatch Kid candies when I come to visit him later this week, ate my lunch, and now am thinking I deserve to take quick dip in my pool and a nap on a lounge chair on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Then this evening I will start packing for my trip to Seattle!

Based on what you described, I would choose to stay in Kauai.

@ArthurPhillips Those grandbaby hugs are hard to resist! I'll be kept warm by the bright giggles of my grandsons, while my daughter and her husband take a vacation. It's always nice to come back home!

@Julie808 Oh, great. You gave me a case of the feels.

wow busy! well done you - I was probably still asleep!


And. Oh yeah! I’m having another beer!!!

MBur Level 2 Apr 22, 2018

I'd like to join whatever cult you may or may not be starting, MBur.


its 21.34pm and I'm thinking about fibreglassing my new fish tank filter tomorrow or doing more to my sculpture depending on the weather.


I’ve just completed watching this one dude’s chest and triceps videos on YouTube. I’m about to do 100 squats, go to the gym for an hour or more. I’m thinking about food, as.
It is 17:33

Xpre, That is a bad ass picture.

@ArthurPhillips lol thank you


About to take a shower and make dinner it’s 6:15 pm


333 and I am getting a sunhat so I can go back out and shovel manure


Just got home from Ubering about 20 minutes ago.
First load of laundry in.
Cat box - just cleaned.
Cat fountain - just cleaned.
Weekly prescription case refilled - just now.
Played a round of Jeopardy with Alexa (Echo).
Mustering up the energy to color my hair.
Wishing I could take the new bike for a ride.
Lamenting how fast time flies on the weekend.
4:23 PM Central on Sunday, the 22nd.

wow I'm impressed!


5 o'clock in the afternoon, and almost time for a drink. My ex-wife and kids are coming over for dinner in a little while.

Good idea to start drinking before the ex-wife gets there.

@ArthurPhillips No, we get along fine. I always have a drink about this time of day.

@tnorman1236 If my ex showed up, I'd down a bottle of whiskey and throw the nearest available animal into a full-speed ceiling fan.

that sounds like a great plan plus all the other comments!


It's almost 10pm and I'm thinking about going to bed - up early for work in the morning.


Its 9.25 here in Ballycastle Northern Ireland and I'm thinking of making a hottie and going to bed to read a crime novel (after I have seen if anyone has answered)

i did lol


It is 7:22 pm. I just worked 12 hours, and I'm trying to decide where I want to eat.

What about you?

JimG Level 8 Apr 22, 2018

I did my one about going to bed with a crim enovel last night now I wish I were more mathematical then I could probably calculate times etc.


It's 7:10 p.m. here. I am sitting in front of a picture window, watching birds eat from the numerous birdfeeders which hang from the white pine and crabapple trees. The squirrels scamper about on the ground and then climb the trees also, going to the hanging feeders with their partial ears of corn. Occasionally they chase each other, jumping from branch to branch with daring and skill which would put the greatest human acrobat to shame.

beautiful image to go to bed with thank you!


I’m thinking about whether or not to have another beer.

MBur Level 2 Apr 22, 2018

9: 40 Kentucky I thinking about where I'm at and what time it is.


It is currently 7:44 pm in Omaha, NE. I got to visit my new grandson and his parents today. He was born yesterday.I think I've got everything set up to make getting ready for work tomorrow simple and smooth, and oh wait, I don't. I will fix that on the way to bed. Or not.

wow! that is a beautiful event!

@jacpod Grandchildren are your reward for not drowning your teenagers. Yeah, it's way cool. Also daughter is having some of the same issues I had with her, she wouldn't wake up to nurse. She has always been a good sleeper.


Time for a shag

laughing out loud here!


It's 5:59 PM. Just finished dinner and bathing the cat. The weird thing is that I don't even own a cat.

youre bathing an imaginary cat?or someone else's cat?

@jacpod The less I say the better.

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