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Avert your eyes, children.

By ArthurPhillips6
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The ugly side of politics!

Sticks48 Level 9 Apr 23, 2018

pmsl very good


Melania is holding up a whole lot better.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 22, 2018

Or a very good starting point.

@Akfishlady Or the magic of her Daddy's daddy juice. What? We all know this is a thing.

My bad. I thought you typed his daughter's name. Yeah, Melania ain't getting any from him.


Yeah, but I always thought Conjob was on heroin or meth.

DenoPenno Level 8 Apr 22, 2018



Cannot stand Kelly Conway.


Woa Daaamn! Bleach anyone?...for your eyes?!?

Emme Level 7 Apr 22, 2018

She is a horrid person. It's not that Trump brainwashed her, either. She really believes bullshit.

Please pass it here next...

Sure thing❣??

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