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Hmmmm... I had the impression I was joining a discussion forum, but this looks like a dating site. Disappointing.

NeilHorner 5 Apr 23

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Yes, the rule here is that you can join a discussion for a while, but then you must take out a woman not of your choosing for an expensive date involving fine dining, sky diving, and a night of wild sex. So the site is getting more and more popular!

Damn @Silverwhisper, have you been spying on me??? How do you know????? ?????

@IamNobody Your red face was the giveaway. Too much fine wine, wind burn from the skydiving, and a few slaps when you told your date it was time for them to go home.

@Silverwhisper I stand correct !! You have been spying on me !!!!!! .... Gee this is creepy ??????????

is the sex while skydiving?

Ha ha ha this is getting out of control and that's the way we like it !!! ?

@btroje Generally the sex is later in the day, but if people are short of time they are free to drink, eat, and have sex all on the way down from the plane if they don't mind a quickie.

@IamNobody its all i am good for

@btroje .... You know it works for me ?


It is both, dating is not compulsory, but encouraged provided the person you want to date is also open to dating.


Oddly enough, I had the impression I was joining a dating site but this looks like a discussion forum. Hmmmm.


It was advertised to me as a dating site and I was disappointed to discover a forum actually.

I second that.

@Bostonian It's both LOL

@Bostonian Well I've never been on a dating site so don't know if they normally have forums or not, but it's why I signed up...can't know if a quirky atheist doberman lady has any appeal without putting self out there eh.

@Qualia normally dating sites do not. Ex: Okcupid, tinder, plenty of fish, match, bumble, hater, etc.

@cvccosplay Ah ok. WTH is "hater"?!!!

@Qualia it's a cute ap in which you connect with others who hate the same shit you do. It's just pure love really.


Some of us don't date at all.
I only come for the discussions.


It looks like a dating site? You haven’t looked too hard, apparently.

did you have a complicated experience at the manicurist?

@btroje His manicurist is Edward Scissorhands.

@btroje @donotbelieve I see a manicurist about as much as a barber hahahaha

@btroje LMAO!!!!


It's both a community group and also a free dating site .


Everyone have his own story based on how things work out for them I guess..... Level 6 on my way to level 7 and I haven't had any date yet ...... Oh wait, keep forgetting that I am in the middle of nowhere ????

and you ARE nobody

Indeed I am, the one and only ?


A dating site? Yes, beautiful women from here are rushing to my place and wanting to marry me. Nope. Not here.


There are a lot of us who aren't here for dating exclusively. There are also a lot of people who are here for dating who participate in the discussions.

Give it a try.

JimG Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

Only here for discussion


I joined this site to find god.

You found him ! Here I am to absolve you from all your sins ! ??

Gee talking about barking at the wrong tree ????

......oh wait, I get it... The_Antichrist.... but of course, can't believe I took the bait....


We have some seeking a date who complain that this site is too conversational.

Then, we have those only seeking intelligent discussions who dislike flirtatious private messages.

I like it here. I think you will, as well. Just focus on posting talking points that you wish to discuss and only comment where you feel interested.

@Lukian You can have mine. I'll forward them to you. Respond to them as you see fit.

@Lukian Technically, yes.

On a flirtatious one gets messages from me.


I'm only here for the community.
It's very freeing to not even think about dating. At first, I thought - cool -about the dating, that is.
But the likelihood of someone living within 20 miles of me, being on this site, and being of like mind is like needle in a haystack.
Left the site alone for a week, then came back and am enjoying it.
Consider staying around!!


I find the opposite to be true


It's both. However, the membership will have to grow a bit more before the datign aspects become practical.


Its both -whatever you want out of it.


I saw what you did there. 😀


Geez Louise,it is about 10% dating, if that. Yoi are easily ldiscouraged, aincha?!


Hi Neil Horner, Looks to me like you are looking for a dating site. I read your profile. My profile says Here for Commuunity- pretty clear. I truly enjoy the discussions here.


You're not looking very hard.



It's both. Poke around a while and you'll find what you're looking for.


It is ! We discus dating !


very good lol


I see it as more of a discussion site than dating site.

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