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Your thoughts on a religion that has fathers hate their gay children?

I am a poor father, but I have to wonder about religions that say we are all born in the image of god, then must reduce the value and love we give to our gay or female children, who are born in the image of god.

It is like the religious who believe in a supernatural god, have no faith in the creative ability of their god.

Believers have to think God goofed, and that must be why they discriminate negatively against the results, --- without a just cause.



Greatest 5 Jan 5

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All I know is I have only one son. Whether he’s gay or not I’m still going to love him. Whether he obeys me or not I’m still gonna wish him the best. No way would I ever want to see him tortured and punished for the rest of his life. I’ve sat through church sermons where they scared the hell out of you with made up bullshit stories about hell and god that they have no way of proving. My son won’t go through that


This is my opinion.
Religions are a business. The sole purpose of religions is to control large groups of people. The less educated and knowledgeable they are the easier the task. They understand that anger is fueled by fear, anxiety, and/or frustration and they, like magicians are able to redirect that anger away from their real purpose, that being greed. Greed for power, wealth, and control for which they barter with government and big business for status and endorsement of their legitimacy. That is why hate crimes in the name of their god/s are so prevalent in our society.
I think anyone with some common sense and a little logic can see the contradictions in their messaging. It's too bad that common sense has little value these days.

Betty Level 8 Jan 9, 2022

I see religions as more of a con game, but no argument against your view.



Any religion that does that is one based on hate


A father, or mother, who hates a gay child is deplorable and despicable. Even my ex in-laws, who were not good parents, did not hate their son who was gay.

Believers think that god cannot goof--that is why they cannot accept that gays are born gay and not made into gays. Of course, this clouds the issue of physical birth defects--why does god punish innocent babies who suffer and die from birth defects?

Good point. If nurture, then believers are blaming the gay person when they should be blaming the people who nurture the gay trait in the ---- victim.

Seems they blame the victim instead of those who made them to be what they are.


@Greatest the issue is that some Christian parents cannot accept that people are born gay. This is a blameless situation and yet, the "victim" is blamed.


I doubt if I have to tell you what I think of parents who put sex or gender above love.

They were never fit parents.

Neither was their homophobic and misogynous religions.


@Greatest agreed.


Remember they always state that their god(s) can not make mistakes or produce junk!!!

That it is always god(s) Will!!!

Hence they do not even follow their own demented delusional beliefs, yet make it all up to suit their personal agendas!!!

Just like dick Cheney (gay hater) and his daughter, what a full blown overt hypocrite!,!


That's what I'm going through with my family. My nephew came out as gay and married a nice young man while my brother and his wife were out of town. They denied my nephew because of their religion and stopped talking to my mom, dad, son, daughter, cousin and myself, who supported him and congratulated him and his new husband. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and they never reached out to her. No visits, calls or texts, my son texted my brother and asked him why he never reached out to his mother during her battle with cancer, no answer at all. Yeah so christian of them!


One thing not touched on by others, yet, is that too many, especially evangelicals, think sexual orientation is a choice. That thought gives their god and them an out. They blame their child.


Those Christians are moral cowards and know, if they are real believers, that their god is screwing up.

They punish the wrong party, which is their Jesus as messiah way.


@Greatest I was going to say the same thing that they excuse gawd by claiming that being gay is a life style choice and a sin. My daughter is gay. I fear for her safety because she is open about it. A guy told me one time that he was on his way to a wedding, walking down the street, wearing a purple shirt and carrying flowers. A bunch of hoodlums beat the crap out of him, kicked him in the head and caused permanent brain damage all because they thought he was gay, which he wasn't. I lose sleep over stuff like that.


That does deserve some thought. We all know that god cannot goof and a great many of us have seen goofs in nature. Maybe a person with an extra finger or toe, etc. This is why it is hard for others to grasp and they say that gay people simply "want to be gay." What is that supposed to mean? Churches and bibles know little about genes and chromosomes.

They know. They ignore by putting their religious tribe ahead of their moral sense.



Religion works by setting up impossibly high standards, so that people are bound to fail, and will then have to turn to it for forgiveness, comfort, help etc. then put money in the tin and lick the priests boots. It therefore makes every normal human thing a sin.

But then to add to that, having made everyone see themselves as failing, for some it is not enough that they are forgiven. Some have fragile egos, need to feel superior to others and to blame others for their failings, therefore they have a need to find someone to hate, and it is often hard to justify hate, especially when your religion demands total charity, (along with total everything else). Therefore find reasons within your religion to justify declaring some people outside of your religions normal scope of forgiveness, and you can justify hate. Because using religion you can justify anything without having to offer evidence or argument, you just say. "Its my religion."

It all goes full circle and ends as the prefect con.


You can lead a theist to reason, but you can't make him/her think.


It's all make-believe. Don't fall for it.


I have a gay daughter and my extended family doesn't know she's gay. They are all casually Christian. It'll be interesting how they react when they find out. Hopefully no one will reject her.

The ones who reject her aren’t worth her time anyway.😉


Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

What type or definition of religion are you referring to that seems to have nothing to do with helping widows and orphans while avoiding worldly corruption?

For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.” Matthew 19:12

Word Level 8 Jan 5, 2022

What is the kingdom of heaven like?

If it is where the genocidal Yahweh and his homophobes and misogynous go, I would rather end elsewhere.

The Christian heaven is more like hell.

Ask any gay or woman.



I certainly would have to say it's all God's fault. They in turn would blame Satan. They are serious, I'm not

twill Level 7 Jan 5, 2022

I have never seen any evidence for the existence of ANY god and reject the claim that a god exists and religions are nothing more than cults.

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