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Nadal and Djokovic are the two top all time best tennis players in the World tied for most grand slams . More than that they are world ambassador and men of principles.

Happy for them standing up against Australia and covid insanity

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 7

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Djokovic lawyer says he will probably win his court case tomorrow. With not so good living condition, and has been treated awful since he arrived. He is likely not going to play this tournament, yet may play other ones.
He calls Australia his second , Australia Government is not his mate and will get a black eye for this one.
Djokovic donation a million dollars to the Australian youth tennis players.

Kyrie Irving an unvaccined NBA players star is back on the court. Why? too many fully vaxxed players got the Covid.


"......the TWO top tennis player(s)...."
He has schizophrenia?
Some factual site ya got there......


He does not want end up like the hundreds of professional athletes that are suffering severe adverse reactions. []

BDair Level 8 Jan 7, 2022

I sure Djokavic is more influencent by European athletes dying off much greater than North America pro athletes are. America got a much lower lethal doses.


. . . in the 'wth' department, BDair (the persistently anti-vax poster on this website) 'like'd my (earlier) comment.
. . . no clear to me if that is because I would favor Djokovic being allowed to play in AU or my wishing the US having CV19 restrictions like AU, but I find in somewhat embarrassing. 😛 😮 🙂

Could be a game changer, Nadal changed his mind to go along with vaccines for hunger to have most Grand slam in history overriding his integrity. Nadal has no position on mandates of vaccines, yet that is actually what they doing to the sport.

If Djokavic follows through with his commitment not to be vaccinated. I'm changing my fan support to him over Nadal. I know I wouldn't sacrifice my integrity over any sculpture world championship.
It's Very interesting come Monday.
Either way Djokovic is the more dominant player.


Isn't Australia considered a continent ? (Antarctica is also surrounded by water)

I have been a tennis player/fan for 55+ years (huge fan of Federer).

I find Ms Iversens' reporting very informative, agree with all of it.
This is the first time I have heard some of the details in this case.
Djokovic has "natural immunity" from prevous invection.
AU has "harsh" CV19 restrictions (wish the US would).

If it was up to me Djokovic would be allowed to compete.


Unfortunately, even the post is wrong and misleading. There are not two but one player. More disinformation to promote a wrong and dangerous point of view.


There is no good reason for not taking the Covid Vacs.


@PBuck0145 Prove your absurd comment.

@Alienbeing No you have to disprove the science IN YOUR PARTICULAR CASE - with the help of other scientists of course. Science itself has proved itself a many times over. Now you have to prove your exemption using the same open methods as scientists. This is not an impossible task but it may prove expensive to you. Your choice though.


I got 8 good reasons of not taking the Vaccines in 8 questions he failed to answer. Even when I offer him just to give me just two reasonable answers back. Then I will take 8 jabs at once and will join the darkside of Billionaires owning me.

No vaxxer can do it , May I closed my case?
The question facts are from the corupted mainstream stats anyway. Should be a stacked deck or a kangaroo court room. If I was a vaxxers whole heartedly, it would be like taking a candy from a vaccinated baby.


Of all new covid cases Only 26% are unvaccinated.

Can we start giving out fines and prisonments to vaxxers. Let's take away their jobs, take away their children. All the most horrible things DR. Evil could make up and do the same to vaxxers for a change..The federal Government dictatorship has always been a theif and murderous anyways.

@Castlepaloma I didn't fail to answer anything. I ignored your absurd response. I plan to basically ignore you 1/7 response also although I will make a comment on it.

@Castlepaloma Another absurd response. The stats you provided proved nothing. The POINT was & remains there is no good reason not to take the Covid shots. You have yet to offer a good reason, or for that matter any reason at all.

Apparently you live in Canada so I guess your "The federal Government dictatorship has always been a theif and murderous anyways." remark is directed at the Canadian Government. In the US we have no dictatorship.

In closing, there is no such word as "anyways". The word "anyway" is both singuals and plural.

@Mcflewster Not at all, he is the person saying I am wrong, it is his burden to prove his statement.

@Castlepaloma I fail to see a list of 8 reasons. good or otherwise.

P.S. It is "I have" not "I got".


If you have lost the thread that both of us were on. Where I posted 8 questions and a golden opportunity to get rid of me. If you can reasonably answer just two of them.
A challenge from artist/investigator to a lawyer. Given you a big head start. The many Questions clearly point out that vaxxers carry far most covid death's per capita than the larger half of not fully vaccinated worldwide. Also right now 71% of the hospitalized patients for covid are fully vaccinated.

If anything was clear on the vaxxers side, I would attempt to confront every problem because love solving problems and to make it simplified.

I can repost the 8 Questions on here again, if you cannot find it.

@Castlepaloma First, you write so poorly I truly don't understand what you said. Second if you are referring to a separate thread, OF COURSE I'd need to know what it is. Do you think I am a mind reader?


Don't claim to be a good writer, although a master in sculpture expression deeper and better than words.

Have had three other attempts on these questions.

1.If age is a big difference than why are many health organization aim to have everyone vaccinated on the planet or 90% of the world population from babies to the nearly dead.?

2.Why is the most vaccinated people in the world that being North America and Europe are highest in covid death toll ?

3 .Why has covid deaths nearly triple in covid deaths this year since the roll out of vaccines?

  1. Many tell me Africa has a low death rate is because of it being a hot country. Brazil and India outdoory are really hot places also and 2nd and 3rd in the world list for covid cases and have greater in Population than Africa. Any other outrageous idea why Africa is most successful?

  2. Are Africans Human or not?
    African collectively refuse taking vaccines because of other Vaccines like Aids, typhoid, malaria all grand failure and Africans have wised up to covid vaccines yet North America and Europe is the next guinea pigs and have lower in economics growth than Africa.
    Why do highest vaccinated countries refused to take note?

6.Yes, most people die of covid over age 80. Although CDC says only 6% are pure covid registered on their covid deaths certificate. Meanwhile 94% is far likely the person dead of two or more other health condition.
Explain how a skydiver accident get registered as a covid death?

  1. Many here tell me I'm menace to society or a social outcast just for being an unvaxxer. Wail not harming anyone in my lifetime. How then could I achieved, 194 international awards in the arts and 60 international awards in sports. Did I pay the judges off and government off like many of the billionaires do? Really am I the worst terrorist disease criminal ever to live on earth? And not the greedy overlords?

&. Or do I have serious barriers
to beurocrates and technocrats and Pharma the greatest evil and 3 three top scammers in the world. Or do I just live in another world? With far less health problems, live with a team of strong independent individual's who dearly love each other more than most As we demand our harmless choices in life.
Should we all be killed, or put on an island like leopards next variants for our lack of Tyranny compliance?

I will take 8 vaccines at once as suicide is skyrocketing anyways. Plus wear a mask all times and beg my knees for slavery for I am a vaccine outlaw. Just get 3 questions answered reasonable. And you got me on the darkside, no sense confronting it.
I always hold my word and keep all promises like this offering myself and being no menace to the narrative. Unlike promises of Presidents that can't reach 25% of their promises and their phychopath road record just keeps getting worst.

@Alienbeing Right backacha.

@PBuck0145 In your mind.

@PBuck0145, @Castlepaloma While I could take issue with many of the 8 items you post, there is no need to do so, because my sole point is there is no good reason not to be vaccinated. Nothing you listed is even presented a a good reason, rather all merely list problems associated with Covid.


The countries with the highest vaccination general have the highest covid cases and covid deaths. Why not be fair and lock up vaccinated people with mandates the same as less dangerous unvaxxers?

@Castlepaloma Because that is totally irrelevent to the issue, it is a meaningless statistic. You have much to learn about statistics.


Yeh, I haven't been very deeply indoctrinated and programed like you. You must have a PHD, thats piled, higher and deeper, yet your own shit doesn't stink.

@Castlepaloma Your last post makes no sense at all, so I can't reply to same.

What I will note is you obviously have a jealous outlook at education. Don't feel gulty about your lack of education, do something about it...... get educated.


You fail these questions like this lawyer got to change me.

I once had a lawyer ask me, if I made money for building these 6 story amazing sandsculptures. cp- Yes, I have to pay my bills. lawyer - I don't think you should be paid, these beautiful sculptures should be built on the beaches for free. He went off in and a huff of anger. He knew I drew 18 million paid attendence in one year. He just show me he was really jealous and a bit of envy. He had to do all those years in indoctrination camps, to find he is negative about my profession. Because he keeps saying how beautiful these sculptures were and he notice all the beautiful women that surrounds me. I learn very little at the University of Southern California 3D animation. I did learn how to live with Joy throughout my travels, romantic relationship and loved most of my waking hours of my life, working. From part-time investigation service, who can dare, to beat that?

Not interested in downing anyone, do what ever works.

@Castlepaloma Your reply is so disjointed that I have no idea what point you were trying to make.


He is an arrogant asshole who smeared Simone Biles for bowing out of events that could have caused her severe injury.
And anti-vaxers are starting to revolt against ALL vaccines which is very dangerous to public health.
We would have never eradicated small pox and polio if the Internet was around then to give numb brains a platform.

I certainly agree with that and I lived through that time and have been vaccinated my entire life. I knew people with polio and visible effects from it. We simply do not see this today.

Being on six continents force me be vaccinated more than probably anyone here. Out dozens of vaccines had reaction 3 times. Malaria vaccine was a nightmare trip. I seen plenty of people die from flu shots, wail none from personal experience covid yet. Only had a flu shot one time as a kid and got sick. Every year everyone gets the flu shot and often caught the flu and me none. People make serious mistake , I rather study and learn from their life mistakes.

@Castlepaloma That is just about the level of coherent thought we have come to expect from anti-vax folk.

Makes no sense, if someone is anti vaxxer then they won't take any vaccines
I'm not anti anything, I look at the facts and evidence only covid I refused because of the collective evil people and dead lab animals behind it. A half bake shit into your vains 20 years too soon.


Nadal says Djokovic knew the risks in Australia: ‘If you are vaccinated, you can play’ []

From the link

Nadal said that he believes “in what the people who know about medicine say, and if the people say we need to get vaccinated, we need to get the vaccine,” before pointedly adding, “If you do this, you don’t have any problem to play here.”

“If you are vaccinated, you can play in the Australian Open and everywhere,” he added

Still Nadal and many other people oppose the Vaccines, are vaccinated. Authorities say we are not mandated, that is a lie and many are forced against their will to play along. How can anyone exist in westernized countries without vaccinated, it's, do it or esle or you will be the most outrageous social outcast and disease criminal group as forced Unvaxxers are on this planet. Unless your a person like me who is living in a community like the Amish with 20 other above adverage heathy self govern happy people.

Your grammar and spelling betray your ignorance.
We all live in this society together. If a person chooses to selfishly disregard the welfare(health) of others around them that person should suffer the consequences.


It keeps cutting out, having a serious problem with my edit and WiFi living off grid. It's a nightmare. Since I'm not allowed to travel and draw millions of crowds,, I'm at a much greater lost. Think Spanish is better than my English and miss my larger half of my family.

I think we are all born anarchists.Then were put into indoctrination camps for a dozen years then programed for the rest of their lives. The higher they are in mainstream medical and education, the more likely they are a totalitarian slave.

I just don't carry the slaves gene from thousands of kings and world champion liar like Presidents.
I know the letter I is not into this mass corupted team, yet I also stands for independent, individual and integrity.

@Castlepaloma No one is mandated. They do not tie you down and vaccinate you against your will. You are given a choice... but if you choose not to, then you suffer the consequences. You are lucky that the illness hasn't reached your community. When it does, and wipes out half of your friends you might feel differently

@TheoryNumber3 Precisely…put in a nut shell very succinctly.

@Castlepaloma Indoctrination runs both ways. And when people listen to the clearly ignorant and those with something personal to gain they have gone from being just indoctrinated to being enablers.


You won't know when it's a mandate until , one adds up all these restrictions and Vaccines passport making life impossible. Unless your like the 10% like me , in addition who has prepared for this from 10 years ago.

those in hospital:

about 10 per cent have had a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine
about 61 per cent are fully vaccinated (two doses)
about 3 per cent are partially vaccinated
about 26 per cent are unvaccinated

If the 74% vaxxers covid carrier got mandated to take no more vaccines, would you comply,,?

@Castlepaloma So you're saying that 74% of those who are hospitalized with covid-19 have been vaccinated? Exactly whose ass did you pull those numbers out of? Are those national figures? Statewide? How about citing your source for the "data" you presented, or are we supposed to take your word for it? Data from Washington State Dept of Health (1/5/22) shows that even if vaccinated people ARE hospitalized, their cases are milder and less fatal.

COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths by Vaccination Status January 05, 2022 Summary

Unvaccinated 12-34 year-olds in Washington are • 2 times more likely to get COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 12-34 year-olds. • 10 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 12-34 year-olds.

Unvaccinated 35-64 year-olds are • 3 times more likely to get COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 35-64 year-olds. • 14 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 35-64 year-olds.

Unvaccinated 65+ year-olds are • 6 times more likely to get COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds. • 13 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds. • 15 times more likely to die of COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds.

Source: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?

Sorry for the long link, but it's a PDF

And my answer to your convoluted question, if I can begin to unravel it, is: I choose to do what the scientists say will best protect me.


The only thing I send something to Washington is flushing my toilet twice because it a long ways to Washington, the only time a give a shit.

CDC very weak on revealed studies they say they are holding full research for 75 years. because they are all over map in deep trouble. CDC only expose Omicron hospital patients , 35 vaccinated patients out of 45 hospitalized.

In Canada

In Denmark 90% hospitalized covid patients are fully vaccinated. Then there is Israel or isrealhell don't get me started. The countries with the highest vaccination general have the highest covid cases and covid deaths
Even just compare North America and Europe covid deaths to Asian and Africa add in six times the population and percentage vaccinated rate.


I really hope Djokovic wins his appeal, have his natural immunity recognised so he can play, then turn around and give Australia the finger.
If we must have 1984 and covid passports to be social creatures, ffs can't there be some consistency in recognising immunity (science based preferably)? Many having the "wrong" vax is another very muddy area if each country makes there own rules. Think backpacking in your gap year a thing of the past if this continues.
Whatever your view may be, very badly handled by Australia.

puff Level 8 Jan 7, 2022

In Australia in many parts they stopped walks on the beaches. It's beyond insanity.

@Castlepaloma my friend has a 12 yr old banned from swimming lessons because unvaxxed (above 12's need vax policy apparently). Lunatics running the asylum.

Absolute rot. ALL foreign visitors have the same rules to obey if they wish to visit. Nadal complied. Only "no vaxx Jock" is arrogant enough to think he is above everybody else. He is an idiot, plain and simple. He is free to leave any time he wants. If he wishes to enter then he must obey the rules.
Would you stand up for your rights and brazenly carry a bottle of alcoholic beverage into Saudi Arabia?


Said Arabia is the only country I know banned alcoholic. They took away my alcohol chocolates.
Tobacco is allowed in every country in the world and kills more than covid, why don't we go ape shit on that one thing.

I get called an idiot for winning more metals in sculpture world championship than anyone too. If one wants to be arrogant and has the road record to back it up, it's a free world to do so. He is not harming anyone and not trying to own the world and everything in it. Nothing like our tag team of magalomainic leaders and billionaires/trillionaire who want to steal our souls or well being.


I'm more curious about who are tops in their profession like Nadal and Djokovic. I learn more for studying the best from any profession. The millions of paid attendence who do care about my work, it's called sharing and caring.

I won't poo poo on you loving being the king of mediacracy your welcome to it , no bones to pick there.

I was practicing to break a Canadian record for my age group. Women were noticing how fine I was looking. They cancelled my pool time. Then even cancel places I could take women out. Ultimately worst they cancel me on two online dating sites. I've now turned 2% gay, my hand is the only one getting a good work out.


At my age only the rare part-timers moments like most.

So I enjoy very top levels of health, sports and the arts.
Is there any jealousy or envy of me being of a high level energy and optimist person.
Turkeys won't bring me down and don't allow enemies.


Thanks, good because I've not ever blocked anyone, always open and free. Do whatever you want, as long is there is no harm done.

I base my life on good sense, if there is something you don't understand, just ask a better question.

Rules are rules and, in this case, there are there for a very important reason. Giving the finger to a country is folly and shows the emotional over reason based approach many of these anti-vaxxers take.

@Castlepaloma Bruni also bans alcohol and Australia has banned duty free cigarettes

@Castlepaloma, @JackPedigo Rules are rules and they were changed midflight. You must admit could have been handled better


“Novak and Djokovic” are not two players…or two men of any kind! What utter nonsense you write if you don’t actually know that Novak Djokovic is one person not two!

He may be the world’s number one tennis player but he’s also an outspoken anti-vaccer who is trying to circumvent and manipulate the rules to enter Australia without the covid certification needed - in order to defend his title in the forthcoming Australian Open Tennis Tournament. He and his legal team say he’s got a valid exemption certificate, the Australian immigration authorities in Melbourne say he hasn’t, so he’s being detained until Monday when a court will decide whether he can stay and play or whether he’ll be deported. I can’t see what all the fuss is about, as that is the same as would happen to anyone else trying to enter the country illegally, Tennis star or not!

Australian authorities don't recognise recovered/ naturally acquired immunity, that is the problem. Many, many other countries do.
From what I have seen of Djokovic, he is very pro-consent/ anti-coercion which automatically put him in the anti-vaxxer camp.
It's political.

@Castlepaloma The pandemic is worldwide and there is no world conspiracy of tyranny or greed related to the issue of getting vaccinated. Anyone who is really concerned about their health over their over-inflated egos would be following the scientific and medical advice and would’ve got vaccinated by now. Nadal and the other top tennis players have already done so!


What scientific and medical advice? What from Politicains, pharma science And lost investigation reporter replace by loopsided news from leftover actors like broken parrots.
There no proof vaxxers are any safer than unvaxxers. My mountain of facts and evidence show the opposite that vaxxers are the super spreader. Any opposing world known scientists or doctor are in constant fear of any damages to their profession and a few death threats. Like Dr, Robert Malone who was on of the original founders of the Vaccines , came out and said on Joe Rogan show. The whole vaccines is a scram of mass psychosis and explain all the condition for mass psychosis, that more dangerous then any virus or natural disaster.

@Castlepaloma oh go and change the broken record …please, and do us all a favour! The seriously ill and dying are now almost exclusively the unvaccinated, and it’s clear that you haven’t got the first idea of how vaccines work, so there is absolutely no point in any further discussion. How you can single out lone voices from the medical or scientific profession, who probably have an axe to grind or some other personal agenda, and ignore the vast and overwhelming body of opinion of the profession as a whole worldwide, is beyond my comprehension!


It's called perfect mass psychosis and like the witch hunters. If you honestly want to get rid of me like unvaxxers. Answer 3 out of my 8 questions asked . You can't do it because the most evil people on earth banks, state and pharma are behind all world wars, exspeically the this covid world order. Nice try with Africa , butt no cigar. I mean no Nobel peace prize, tobacco is far worst than covid. No! I don't mean Noble prize, Obama killed millions of poor women and children with it. See how many get distracted and programed.

Totalitarianism is everywhere, I'm safe anyways.

@Castlepaloma I don’t want to be unkind…but I really don’t want to get into a covid obsessed mindset like you seem to have. I’m trying to not let this pandemic control my life as much as I possibly can, and by getting vaccinated and following what I regard as eminently sensible precautions and guidelines, I believe I am doing the best thing I possibly can to navigate my way through with the least risk of dying or getting seriously ill. I am not trying to convince you that you should do anything you don’t want to do, that is entirely your choice, but I do believe you are wrong and as only time will prove which one of us is right, let’s just leave it at that for now.


I'm not into the ultimate of wrongs or rights.. Just adjustment of mistakes along the way and guildlines of human and contitustioal rights help. And base my life on good sense. I'm not forcing anyone to take or not take the vaccines by form of unvaxxer passport or madated.

I'm partly for depopulation like the desires of the WEF, the UN, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, WHO, Bill Gates, Rockhouse and trillionaire. It's just the world is my family and have ethics, . Or have no desire to join or support the ultimate psychopaths, just not my style at all. At all.

These are your choices to be associated with. My words have no power over you, any more than Djokovic words saying Simone Biles should play over her injury. Nobody is perfect.

You are ultimately your own best boss, king, doctor , person and so on and on. It's ultimately your choice in life and nobody else. And I mean nobody power over your mind and body.

The Vaccines are controlling your life, not mine, I'm a pure blooded. I know what goes into my body by self growing all organic food and medicines

@Castlepaloma Where do you find all these amazing facts you so blatantly state? Have you actually looked at deaths and serious illness due to Covid and then split them into vaccinated and unvaccinated columns?
As you would see, the vaccine is not a guarantee against catching Covid, but it certainly makes the majority of them far less susceptible to suffering seriously.
Have you been vaccinated, by the way?

@castlepaloma ...... Your "rights"????.... What about your responsibilities to those around you?....


From hiring thousands of people in my industry over 45 years. Not one ever had a serious injury and everyone got paid even when I got scammed by Trump for $10,000 and by another mafia thugs for $120,000. Everyone in my family tree are healthy. I work locally and it spreads globally.

@Redneckliberal, @Petter

Unless your into sand and snow sculpture worldwide and been a veteran sculptor for decades, you probably not heard of me.
My sculpture industry is shut down since covid started. Was already prepared for this democide 10 years ago because banks were floating on printed money back then. Building more and more whole tiny houses communities and building them like sculptures.
Look at the sandsculpture on my profile photo. That was done in two days by two sculptors, life size. That was one in 20 displays of the history of Oklahoma done a month. Come up with a better sandsculpture to beat it?

@puff If Australia doesn’t recognise it, then it’s the same for anyone entering the country. Djokovic can’t expect special treatment….but of course that is exactly what he expects though, doesn’t he? It’s his choice not to be vaccinated and nobody is using coercion to make him do so, but he can’t then expect to be treated like those who have followed the rules and been vaccinated. As for his mother hysterically asserting that he’s being held prisoner…in a luxury hotel if you please….then the Australian government spokesperson who is quoted as saying…”he’s at liberty to get on a plane and leave Australia at any time”….is correct!


The more demanding and coercion they push , the more many Liberty rebels people pushback.. History is full of wars and freedoms taken away because people did nothing which is the worst towards totalitarianism by evil overlords.

Welcome to, your in for a wild ride.

@Marionville you should come here, and you can easily if you are in mining, military, student or fruit picker (brown people we pay fuck all). Danni Minogue opted for her own quarantine and allowed. Tom Hanks (prior to vaccine). Old PM Abbott allowed to go Taiwan to shit stir the Chinese.
Understand we need laws that we must accept and abide by, but this is not what has been happening so far.

@puff We all have gripes about what’s happening due to the pandemic…every country has its own rules…Australia has and so has the U.K…whichever country we live in we just have to accept that life as we knew it is not currently possible and accept that as a fact. It won’t last forever, nothing ever does, and when the next election comes along we can let the politicians know what we thought of their handling of the crisis by voting them out of office…that is called democracy and how it works!

@Marionville "every country has its own rules'. I have lost faith in this assumption when it comes to my country as the rules are changing constantly, goal posts moved when the game is being lost with certain players receive preferential treatment.
I hope you are correct and it does change back, then we can bring on the roaring '20's once more (got a horrible feeling will also cop the "great depression". Who says history never repeats.

@Castlepaloma What on earth does sculpting sand or snow have to do with an arrogant man attempting the thwart a nation's legitimate laws?
All your latest remark does is to expose you to ridicule for attempting to give yourself some form of celebrity status.

@castlepaloma predictable.... You either missed my point entirely or you just ignored it... Its nice you do sand sculptures, .... Im an internationally exhibited/published artist,photographer and writer.....


Sounds alot more impressive than your downing my artist diverse lifestyle. Most impressive for me is lucky to be loving my art works for 45 years. And have a love of my life daughter who is an international renowned artist,/animation for 11 years. Her work with her boyfriend online are so rich, like I was. We are all working together now.

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