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Which of these do you believe the Earth to be?

The Earth is...........

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puff 7 Feb 8

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The Earth will be alright. It's ourselves we have to worry about.


Fucked as long as there are billions of us around.


round and fucked we need changes to food roduction both meat and veggies


Sadly only the first two are mutually exclusive.


It was a toss up between round and fucked.

Should have been a multi-select poll.


An oblate spheroid.

I didn’t choose “Fucked” because the media, to grab attention, report the most sensational stuff.

That is most obvious in the media’s reporting on SCOTUS; explaining the legal reasoning.would take too long.

(I was waiting for it)

@puff Thanks for the opportunity.


Fuck me, is there really a flat Earther on this site?

I noticed it got one vote. Bit of a worry

But they keep telling me, I am a flat earther for being unvaxxed. Among endless, senseless .and heartless ton of other negative things, without a shred of evidence.

Flat earthers on this site has to be joking..

Sad to see, most people think the earth is fucked.
I think earth can recover, when we enprison the evil centralist.

@Castlepaloma You are incorrect. A positive feedback loop has begun with the thawing permafrost, and one recently concluded study shows that it contains 4x the amount of carbon that humans produce. Even if humans became carbon neutral (which is impossible) it still wouldn't matter. "The Earth is fucked" (or more accurately, humans are fucked) isn't an opinion, it's a statement of fact. I BARELY started to scratch the surface reading about it, and everything I've read spells doom.


Since the science is not behind Covid and their passport as it is dropping like the Berlin Wall. The next fear mongering tactic by the Dr Evil centralist is a green passport next. This tag team of megalomaniac will not stop at anything. Until we own nothing , they they own everything.
And ass-u-me the rest of us will be happy.

They think the mass is very stupid. They will wake up , and those centralist overlords will be accountable

@Castlepaloma I have no idea what you're talking about, but the exact opposite of fear mongering seems to be taking place with regards to climate change. It's SO MUCH worse than it's being portrayed. They are downplaying the shit of of it. Hell, it's being downplayed so much half the fuckin' country doesn't even believe it exists.


The 1% that cause half of the world's population in pollution, wail is down playing in action, Yet pretending to be the noble champion of the solution of the natural environment. Always beware of Government and centralist most noble aim, which is really translation means totalitarianism.


You neglected to add the option where we could vote that we believe you to be a waste of skin, racist antivaxxer.

I suggest you ring the authorities straight away and inform them you know someone who is spreading misinformation online about covid vaccines. Make sure you emphasise he claims that the covid-19 vaccines are not stopping transmission, whereas you know the truth, that vaccination stops transmission..
Hurry up, don't waste a moment. After all, people are dying.
PS Can you please record the phone call and share? I feel like a giggle

@puff I know science is challenging for you but the evidence proves that the vaccine prevents transmission of COVID consistent with other vaccines not 100%.

The only part worthy of a giggle is that COVID is hitting you idiot antivaxxers the hardest.

Like in Israel?
You don't know shit but like to assume much.

@puff Pretty sure the 1 flat earth vote is yours!

@LovinLarge You wanna get married? We F'n argue enough.

@puff You're not worthy. I'm sure you hear that a lot.

@LovinLarge Damn. I was looking forward to bitter nothings being shouted in my face.


Let the Flat fucks try to eat me. l'll be in the other serious fun world.

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