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Man who looks like he died 20 years ago, Pat Robertson, came back into the evangelical news cycle by claiming the Russian invasion of Ukraine is being compelled by god. Putin, according to Robertson, isn't really going after just Ukraine; Ukraine is simply a staging ground for an attack on Israel. Of course Pat, depending on when he talks, has Russia going through Turkey or teaming with Turkey. Whoever Pat still has listening to him is probably even less well versed on that area's geopolitics as an average Fox news viewer.

Open SmartNews and read "Pat Robertson: Putin’s invasion of Ukraine ‘is being compelled by God’ to fulfill Biblical prophecy" here: []
To read it on the web, tap here: []

Beowulfsfriend 9 Feb 28

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Worst embalming job E.V.E.R....his family should sue!


Me thinks Pat has caught dementia badly


I think the United States should immediately attack Canada, God told me to relate this information on this site as it is the only one that dog thinks is intelligent enough to relate the information. I realize I do not have the status of Pat, but then I am still sane. Oh, Canada is on a direct route to Guatemala, which should be immediately attacked so the price of a latte can be made smaller. Dog likes latte's

Perhaps I should write a Bible first.

We did once in 1812. It did not go well for us.


He's one of the walking dead--he doesn't care what happens.


Delusional moron


His brain (as little as it was) has left him.


My sister is probably hanging on to his every word

twill Level 7 Mar 1, 2022

Has he seen a map even one time in his life?


I've witnessed many years of Robinson and can say he was a grifter from the beginning.


He needs to go back to eating his checkers...imbecile.


Jeez Louise, I've worked quite a few Morgues in my working life, seen many a corpse from fresh to the odd 2 or 3 that were not found for week of two.
But have never seen one who did NOT deserve to buried more than this walking, talking cadaver named Pat Robertson.


He really needs to meet his maker.

Courtesy, imo, of what ever piece of construction equipment available at the time .


The asshole should drop dead of a stroke.


Pat Robertson, what an astounding genius...opps I mean fool.

Hmm, not REALLY such a fool when you stop and think about since he has conned countless millions from equally countless thousands, if not millions, of blind and deluded fools for decades.
Does a FOOL live in luxury brought from the sweat and strain, etc, of others as he has done for decades?

@Triphid He still a fool in my book.

@creative51 '

ah but who be the fool, he who fools the fools or the fools who allow themselves to be fooled by the fool in the first place?

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