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Channeling my inner 12 year old brain today. Anyone else like cussing? What's your favorite cuss word? I still throw in religious stuff because it just rolls off of the tongue. Like "jesus fucking christ" or "goddamned fucking shit."

TrailRider 7 Apr 24

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I say "fuck me gently with a chain saw" quite often, as well as "jesus fucking christ".

"Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw" is one of my favorite lines from the movie Heathers!

@Kat Exactly!! I've been saying that since "Heathers"!! Yes, I stole it!


I can’t wait until the first option on auto complete when I press “f” is fuck. It really should just always be an option.

Lilie Level 6 Apr 24, 2018

I know! How many times have I sent "ducking" in a text? Duck you, Samsung.


"Jesus shit fucking christ" is my go-to as a more severe form of "dammit" but I hope to god (lol) that I don't ever let it slip off my evil tongue around my religious family.

Kat Level 5 Apr 28, 2018

This thread has been de fucking lightful.

Lilie Level 6 Apr 24, 2018

"Fuck you, you fucking fuck!" has always had a nice fucking ring to it.


According to some studies there is a direct correlation between profanity and intelligence, the more profane you are the more likely you are to have a higher level of intelligence. Now with that fucking load of shite out of the way I would just like to say that language is all about communication and it needs to be adapted to the audience if ones point is going to be conveyed properly. I'm a commercial builder and that means I deal with tradespeople as well as architects and engineers and other professionals, so I have to adapt my speech to the audience. I don't use words like motherfucker, cocksucker, son of a bitch, fuckwit, or the C bomb in my meetings with professionals unless I truly want to shock them to the point their socks fall off but if I don't use all of the above words in various and creative combinations then most of my production people can't seem to understand me. The C bomb is the really tricky one, especially if I am talking to some of my Irish mates where it doesn't have the same connotation at all as it does with my North America associates but then I switch gears and start talking with people who take that completely the other way. So you use what works for you in the current situation.

@mudhen about the same as calling someone an arsehole or a twat, maybe a bit worse.
ie 'He was a right cunt about it' = 'He was a complete jerk about it'


i don't give a flying fuck is one of my faves lol

...and the extension to it, " a rolling doughnut." Usually used when telling someone what you think of them or their ideas.


One of my favorites my grandpa used to say, "Well shit fire and save the matches."
My language level = Sailor

I use that one too!

Part 2: Fuck a duck and see what hatches.


Yep, "Jesus fucking Christ" is my favoured curse of choice too! Cursing needs to feel visceral to be satiating, and JFC gets the job done for me! ?


Fuuuuuck is my personal fav..then add whatever else happens to fall into place..btw Jesus Fucking Christ is one of my go to cusses as sometime I'll add an H, between Jesus and Fucking..


I prefer the classics. Jesus fucking christ!.... What the actual fuck????.... Mother fucker! Nothing like the oldies but goodies.


I rarely swear or cuss these days, but many years ago whilst working as a mechanic I was having great difficulty undoing a locknut on a track rod end. Despite significant application of heat and a large extension bar over my wrench I was becoming somewhat frustrated and when the spanner slipped I shouted at the car "You miserable, mis-beggoten, cock-sucking son of a syphilitic camel. If you don't start to behave I will remove your delicate parts with a rusty spoon"
At that point I turned around to see a rather well to do, elegantly dressed middle-aged woman standing behind me. I apologised profusely for my outburst, to which she replied, "No problem. I must remember that for the next time my husband pisses me off - it's the best thing I have heard in ages.

My best cuss work has been during the application (I should say mis-application) of tools.


I swear so much that I wrote about it in my bio! Didn't want to catch anyone off guard, but I'm so glad I'm not alone and I'll look back to this thread if I need any new words in my repertoire!! Lol

Kat Level 5 May 13, 2018

Holy Bejesusmotherfuck


Yup, love to swear. Fuck, shit, dammit. Jesus Fucking Christ is a favorite. Goddamn it. I've also taken to saying re-cock-ulous this days, because re-dick-ulous just doesn't cut it.

@SACatWalker You are most welcome!

How can i get that pic. Message it to me or text it at 281-904-5977

@Gj84087 If you are on a Windows computer, just right click and save image as. If you are you are on an iPhone, tap and hold the image for a second and select Save to Photos.

@ejbman android. Doesnt work.

@Gj84087 Should still work: []

  1. Feckin hell
  2. fuck me runnin'
  3. motherfucker
  4. kiss my entire ass...& pack a lunch, its an all day job.
  5. 2 bit, jumped up cock slobber

Not necessarily in that order but definitely with a southern US accent


I tell people that I speak two languages. When they ask what languages,I day Southern and Profanity.


Jesus Christ bananas, Jesus Fucking Christ, son of a bitch.

Apparently I said goddamnit a lot, when my daughter was 2 she dropped something and calmly looked up at me and said it. Oops.


Christ on a bike

Christ on a crutch

Christ on a cracker.

@MollyBell Christ on a carousel


For me, not so much a 'cuss' word, but phrase.?

"What in the blueberry fck muffins is this?!"
"What kind of Mickey Mouse sh
t is this?!"
"Hold my Kool-Aid while I unf*ck this mess."

Of course, I have to censor myself at work, but I do say this in thought or on social media replies just like this.


I lean on the ol' Jesus fucking Mary in the ass quite a lot and sometimes the variation Jesus fucking mary on a bicycle.


I'm partial to: dadgummit, shit biscuits, and sometimes its just a grrrrrrr....


JFC, is the commonest one I use; usually mumbled to myself when frustrated.


Fuck yea.


Yep goddammit is still among my favorite words. Jesus fucking Christ on a crutch, holy fucking Moses. Fuck and goddamn are both just gorgeously cathartic and versatile.

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