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Finally a win for me at last.
Yesterday, Friday here btw, started off well and got better and better, firstly the guys from the Aged, etc, Care and Garden Maintenance arrived and they got stuck in BIG time, gave my over-grown jungle of a lawn a HUGE hair cut, then cleared away the rest of the overgrowth, worked from 9.30 am until approx. 2.00 pm ( but had to verbally twist their arms to get them to stop twice for a Coffee Break ( supplied by me of course) and a lunch ( commonly known to Aussie workers as Crib) break, again made and supplied by me and whilst they were working in the rear and side areas of the property I got stuck in, re-measure, trimmed and re-shaped my front entranceway gate so that it now fits neatly into the gateway, opens and closes like a dream, and to cap it off, I have even re-painted its road facing exterior a glossy enamel black and today or tomorrow I' ll do something daring and paint the house facing side a different colour just for fun.
Then, around 3.30 pm, Evangelidiot drives past, stops his vehicle and ACTUALLY asks PERMISSION to enter on to my property as he " has something very pressing and important to get off of his chest."
I know I shouldn't have BUT my sense of humour broke free and I inquired, jokingly of course,if he'd been doing something stupid like taking Female Hormones that he may found discarded at the local Rubbish , an all too common practice of his btw, i.e. finding discarded packets of vitamins, etc, etc, and then using them on himself.
He replied by simply stating, and I reckon I darned near had multiple heart attacks upon hearing it btw, " I am extremely sorry for being such an annoying, trouble-making. pig-headed pest of a person and neighbour and for making a report to the police yesterday and stating under oath that you have been throwing eggs and other disgusting things like used female sanitary napkins, etc, in to my front yard, into my vehicle and on to my front veranda, please accept my apology and I shall do anything I possibly can and am able to make up for any and all troubles I may have caused you, I intend to go and do the same thing with all the neighbours in this block as well."
Well, you could have knocked me arse over tit with a canary feather for both hearing that and actually seeing the TEARS running freely down his face as he was KNEELING before me and making this apology.
I'm still wondering even this morning IF there was a meteor shower than occurred in and around the "Hill yesterday and he got hit on the head by of the meteors.

Triphid 9 Apr 1

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Dang there was I hoping that his recent trauma's have reset him to be a better human but then I saw that you would have posted this on the 1/4. Fooled me


He did have that fall last week off the roof?

That was my thoughts that he got some brain injury and in repairing itself the brain skipped past his idiot side and the new pathway works better.

A friend's grandson was clipped by the mirror of a bus, (his fault he was riding towards the bus and swerved towards it like he was playing chicken the driver had no place to go. ) and had a brain injury when he recovered he was able to read better as prior he was struggling.

Yes he did and is still complaining from time to time re- having headaches, difficulty when reading, especially his beloved compendium of crap and utter twaddle ( the bible) but refuses to seek further medical help etc .


Could someone please read that and summarize it for me? I have to work on my taxes.

Oh my most humble and abject apologies, Oh Great Lord, Master and Most High One of the Highest for causing you any distress and to make recompense I SHALL sacrifice 6 white mice, or failing that 1 dozen cockroaches to your honour and Greatness as penance.


He just found & ingested some excellent drugs is all....

A DOPE on dope, quite a possibility.


Does a leopard change spots?

Never as far as I know.

@Triphid Certainly wouldn't trust him.

@Lilac-JadeCanada Have ABSOLUTELY NO fear of that EVER happening, learned my lesson about 5 years ago when I, through being the person I am, got permission from some very old and respected friends to harvest dead wood from their property, approx.95,000 acres in size btw, for usage as firewood in both his house and in my own.
Things SEEMED to be going well UNTIL by sheer accident I answered my home phone one day to hear a caller wanting to place an order for 1 and a 1/2 tons of firewood and expecting the load to be delivered asap.
The asking price, $ 285.00 per ton plus $15.00 delivery and I knew absolutely NOTHING at all about his USING me and my decades old friendship with these people to make HIM some extra cash on the side.
When I confronted him he proudly informed me that he was making quite a nice income by keeping half of each load we collected for himself, supplementing it with scrap timber, etc, he'd gained from the local Rubbish , etc, etc, and selling the rest.
Needless to say, my friendship with the Property Owners still remains strong but he has a WRITTEN Document from the local Magistrates Court that states clearly. " Should He ever set foot upon their Property EVER again they will have him arrested and Charged with Trespassing and Intent to Steal."
As for me, the "welcome mat" is always still out and all I need do is ring first and let them know I am considering dropping in for a visit.

@Triphid Total prick!

@Triphid I think you are wise to be suspicious of this new found behavior. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I wouldn't accept any favors from him either as there are bound to be strings attached. 🙂

@Betty My sentiments EXACTLY.

@Betty, @Lilac-JadeCanada No, not really since, as the saying goes here in Australia " Pricks are useful at times," if you get the drift that is, just as are Arse-, hence we would and do label him as being something lower than a worm and a whole lot lower than a fresh turd.

@Lilac-JadeCanada No, can't call him that because even "Pricks" ( because we males need them to pee and help procreate of course) are useful and he is NOT.

@Triphid Even worms and turds have their uses. No...he's about as useful as a radiation spill. Dangerous to get close to without protection, best to stay at a safe distance. Only good for a laugh on occasion.

@Triphid You're right of course, but I'm at a loss for words to thing of something vile enough.


Wow. Did you have to pinch yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming? I wonder what caused this sudden change? I wonder if he didn't make someone angry enough to strike him and knock some sense into him.
I hope this change in his attitude isn't temporary. Enjoy it while you can. lol

Betty Level 8 Apr 1, 2022

Do you have April fools in Australia?
You got me.

I didn't even think of April Fools. If it is then I have been fooled. lol

FYI, Australia does run off EXACTLY the same calendar system as the rest of the Westernised World btw. the ONLY true differences being that when it is Sunrise here it is still either late afternoon or night-time over where you live in the U.S.
Sorry to burst your little bubble of "national supremacy" but when it comes to time as in day and night you lot are truly "dragging the chain, " lagging behind us" so to speak.
Well since April 1st, occurred here in Australia on the Friday just gone and it REALLY did happen, and, btw, he is still REALLY asking me, of all people, IF there are any tasks/chores, etc, that he can do around my gardens, etc, for ME for FREE rather than his previous quote of $50.00 per hour, paid in ADVANCE as well, and these offers have been coming in all day yesterday, I beginning to think that he has an secondary motive which is probably based on raising spare money so he can now take his annual, Autumn-Winter Excursion to the wilder coasts of South Australia to spend a few weeks at the Surfing spots down that way.
I doubt if he has read up on the fact that those "Surfing spots" at this time of year are also the favourite haunts of Great White Sharks as well.

@Betty With HIM around it is April Fools Day almost 365 days per year.
Oh how I so wish that his mother had said an emphatic NO and kept her legs crossed at the knees the night he was conceived.

@Triphid Out or curiosity...Have you ever played an April Fools joke/prank on someone? Have you ever been fooled? Evangeloon doesn't count.

@Betty Yep, pulled quite a few April Fools Jokes on quite a number of fellow workers from time to time in the past.
And, though I did NOT realise it was April 1st. at the time, copped it a ripper when my year old 14 daughter told me over Breakfast that she thought she was about 3 months pregnant and was not sure as who the father was.
I darned near choked on my coffee at hearing that UNTIL she literally fell off of the chair laughing like a hyena.

@Triphid I believe you forgot to put the number before the year.

@Triphid Maybe gift him a red bathing suit? lol

@Betty And a big Yes to me pranking someone else as well because back in 1997 I rang our local Radio Station and informed that a railway wagon carrying a container filled with destined for the Banks in Adelaide and Perth had fallen off a train about kilometres east of town in a very isolated and hard to see from the Highway section of the countryside.
I rang the radio station at about 8.30 am and by 8.45 am when I was taking Lorrae to school there was still heavy traffic heading east-wards out of town, when we got to the school, Lorrae was told that most of the Teachers had left in a real hurry about minutes ago and all were heading in the same direction.

@Triphid Oh my! You are a rascal. lol What a great memory to have, I can only imagine you laughing while writing this as you remember the commotion of the day. You were very good at pranks. 🙂

@Betty of my favourites was when I was at High School I spent a few hours at home painting a very official looking notice that I later put on the door of the toilets designated for the Female Teaching Staff .
The sign read,
"Users please , STANDING permitted for the next 48 hours as seat have been re-painted and replaced."
And then, so as NOT seem Sexist, we did the same to the toilets for the MaleTeachers as well EXCEPT the request was that they must SQUAT and NOT sit or stand.

@Triphid What an imagination you have. You must have been a favorite among your classmates. Would have been fun to watch you in action. 🙂

@Betty Sort of, though it got me 2 weeks of Playground Duties like picking papers, etc, etc, because the School Nark and Teachers Pet dobbed me in for doing it.
But the female class-mates saw to him getting his comeupence a few days later.
They cornered him in the Physical Education Changerooms, stripped him naked, coated him with black boot polish and then hid all of his clothes.

@Triphid Sounds like you were a hit with the girls. 🙂

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