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@alienbeing claims that...

"Is English a second language for you?"


"Is English is a second language for you?"

... are both proper English.

I claimed the first one is correct but the second one isn't.

But as @alienbeing correctly points out, English is my second language. 😏

So poor little old loquacious me needs to reach out to native speakers in order to validate the efficacy of my english education.

What say you, agnostic hivemind?

Which is proper english?

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TheMiddleWay 8 Apr 28

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Is the word grace in your vocabulary? If you understand what was meant by the question and its intent, then just let it go. Why nitpick?

I don't think any of us are here on this site for language or grammar lessons. I like to think that understanding people and their intentions is more important than if the language is perfectly written.

For example, I know how to speak and type proper English, but it doesn't always come out my mouth and fingertips totally perfect, and sometimes what I think I type isn't what presents itself on the screen. I like to think caring folks will give me a bit of grace on that.

I can't speak to what ever quibbles you might have with other posters and commenters. When a quibble is over the use of the word "is" then I'm guessing the quibble goes deeper than grammar.


The correct answer is: "Is English is a second is language is for you is?"

Nailed it.


Maybe just a type-o.

Betty Level 8 Apr 28, 2022

@TheMiddleWay Don't know. Does it really merit an argument?

@TheMiddleWay Good luck in your quest, wish I could help.


i like it if it provokes the grammar nazi types. i is in favor of it. which language is your first?


I think you are both being insufferable for arguing about a misplaced "is". I think it's inappropriate to call someone out by name publicly, especially over something so petty.

@TheMiddleWay So you had to start a separate thread to shame him?

@TheMiddleWay Not on this thread he didn't.

@barjoe Eh, sometimes you gotta give it back to assholes like @Alienbeing...

@ChestRockfield I don't like to pile on to people. I had it done to me when I first came on the agnostic dot com website so I try not to do that.


When you can't win an argument and attack any little thing you can to make yourself feel better. That's this post

Tejas Level 8 Apr 28, 2022

@Garban to be fair I would defend a typo mistake on this website. For some reason words and or letters dissappear due to poor coding or lack of updates. It's happened to me many times. Especially so in my bio, I'll fix an error and two to three more will pop up in parts I didn't change.

@Garban yeah it seems to mostly be numbers. I use my phone 100% of the time too, so spellchecker can make or break some words


@Alienbeing blocked me, so I'm reasonably confident he's a fuckin' idiot.

Alien being takes himself very seriously and does not need any encouragement in that regard as he is doing exceedingly well on his own, so I blocked him. πŸ™‚


A typo is not an indication of language, it is an indication of typing skills.


Anyway, Being multilingual is Awesome, doesn't matter what's your mother tongue, it's just a tool! honestly, my English skill Sucks indeed πŸ˜€ however, I think, Typo and Poor Skill are 2 different things

Diaco Level 7 Apr 28, 2022

There will always be those who if they cannot find fault with your argument will look for something to find fault with it is as though their very life depended upon it.


The best thing to do to a lawyer is to take advantage of his mistakes. After all, its common practice for them and if it’s good enough for them why should they be excluded.


Someone claiming to be both an alien and a native? πŸ˜€

skado Level 9 Apr 28, 2022

@skado A native what? Why do you ask?


He's high again.

@Garban I wish.

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