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With all of the disgusting actions of believers in our government and elsewhere, I think it is time to increase our opposition to religion and all unsubstantiated nonsense pushed by believers.

"Mockery of religion is one of the most essential things…one of the beginnings of the human emancipation is the ability to laugh at authority, its indispensable." - Christopher Hitchens

“Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them...” - Thomas Jefferson

"Dear pious fellow! Our greatest hope for you is that one day you will understand that you have no enemy other than death, no port other than existence, no protector other than your own mind!" - Mehmet Murat ildan

“Mock them.
Ridicule them.
In public.”
Religion “needs to be ridiculed.
With contempt.” - Richard Dawkins

"The purpose of a democratic government is to protect the poor from the rich. The purpose of religion is to protect the rich from the poor." - Oliver Markus Malloy

nogod4me 8 May 8

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To be a mocker of faith, a laugher at religious 'certainly', a challenger of church assumed privilege, and a blasphemer is a badge to be worn with honour and pride.


Thank you for the encouragement 👍


I mock religion at every opportunity.


Yes indeed it is time to ridicule religion relentlessly, unmercifully, for they've now shown their distaste for our democratic Republic and all it stands more patty cakes..

Right, I foolishly enabled the freaks my entire life, and this is my reward….🤷🏻♂️


Include all the progressive woke imbeciles: clearly domestic terrorists.

Go watch your Qanon and FOX, and leave us woke fucks alone you bigoted ass! 🤠

FYI, nearly everyone on this site falls into the “woke” category. You’re either to ignorant or arrogant to realize that!? I’m guessing a fairly equitable amount of each is the culprit, or your a troll?!
Trolls at level 8 are rare indeed, so I’m just gonna say you’re one of those willfully ignorant fucks that likes to quote science, but hasn’t ever read a science book….🤠


Keep reminding them that they're worshiping the Creator and Keeper of Hell, aka the Devil.


Oliver Markus Malloy summed it up very nicely.


Careful most of those famous old white guy atheists came out of the eugenics movement.

I've actually gotten out of most atheist areas because people use this language to be bigoty. Wish it wasn't so.

I'm an autistic adult raised very atheist in godnguns rural Michigan.

When I see people ridiculing others for their beliefs I wish someone would punch them. Cocky racist antithesis incuded.

Doesn't necessarily include you but that'd the language they use to excuse it.

MsAl Level 8 May 8, 2022

When they force their ridiculous beliefs to the point that it affects your life, you may change your mind.

I am a progressive antitheist and antiracist. I don't buy into that liberal view that everyone should get airtime. Religion has zero factual support and should be afforded that same amount of credibility. I am vocal and hated by religionists. All cultures with a judicial system have accepted evidence as how facts are established. Religion does not meet that standard and stands to damage it, in addition to being the primary cause of war. Beliefs and opinions that are not supported by fact should be ridiculed at every opportunity.

"...most of those famous old white guy atheists came out of the eugenics movement." And you can provide links validating that accusation?

As you say "When I see people ridiculing others for their beliefs I wish someone would punch them."

@SeaGreenEyez Yes, we should always consider and know our environment.

Yet, sometimes it's the slightest things, the little digs while questioning them, that start them questioning themselves.

Their ideologies are bringing an end to humanity, yet we have no right to ridicule?! You’re a fool…..😉

@nogod4me I'm a 43 year old opinionated atheist in rural Michigan. Like I said I've experienced it. But not nearly as much as people seem to say.

Bigots are bigots. Regardless of their beliefs. It's easy to slip into that and it's seems to be a theme in atheist areas these days.

Ive also got a kid who seems to be rebelling against the local godnguns bigots, (as well as myself and her Guatemalan catholic dad) by converting to Islam and wearing full coverings. So I've contemplated hatefulness toward other people who don't know things about more deeply the last few years. Shit puts real people in real danger.

@nogod4me, @LovinLarge bigots are bigots. You have every right to express your opinions but this particular line of action makes me look bad as an atheist.
It's also simplistic and classist AF.

@MsAl I disagree with everything you've said and you haven't supported any of it with evidence. I oppose religion because it has no basis in fact. That is not bigotry, it's rationalism. You trying to undermine the antitheist position is religious apologetics and bigotry. Perhaps a little work on your own backyard is in order.

@MsAl Pandering and Cowering to religion makes you look bad, ridiculing religion may save lives, even your daughter's life.


Absolutely! Ridicule all religion, publicly, loudly, and continually..


I wholeheartedly agree! I was just saying that we should elect a young, dynamic, lefty comedian to the presidency.

I think Zelenskyy is rather busy beating the crap out of Russia at the moment.

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