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The response of the NRA to the Texas school shooting is nothing short of irrationality moral insanity, and an outright lie. “You can’t stop evil.”

Oh. Really? First, let’s take the fact that the only reason he got into the school was because he was using an assault rifle. He was engaged when the was outside the school, but his rate of fire from the rifle kept defenders at bay. Without it, He would never have gotten into the school.

Second, without the assault rifles, there was only one other way that he could have killed so many people. That is with high explosives. It is hugely unlikely that an 18-year-old could have gotten his hands on such explosives – much less the amount needed. When, he would have had to construct a portable IED with a complex triggering device. He did not have the knowledge or skill to do that. Then he would have had to get into the school with the IED – almost impossible.

The NRA refuses to acknowledge important related facts. More people are killed with guns than by any other method. Of those, many are suicides, and others are deaths. of children due to careless in storing and using suns. Most of the remaining deaths by gunfire, are due to people snapping to emotional immaturity, marital discord, inability to manage anger, Without the immediate availability of guns most of those deaths would not have been perpetrated. Finally, deaths in the commission of a crime, other than intentional murder, would never have occurred.

And, the NRA wants to say that guns do not cause deaths? What lying, greedy, filthy, uncaring bastards they are!!!!! That any decent human being would choose to believe them is incomprehensible!!

wordywalt 9 May 27

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Heard today the NRA has some 5 million members (same as it had several years ago). Once you reach that number you have lost control of your philosophy. One step in any direction people will leave. This tells me we often create our own monsters.

We MUST not give up!!!! Wemust hammer at them with the truth in every way.


Well, you can't stop evil. Your argument is as futile towards stopping evil as your comments to stop shootings. Under the current structure we are being forced to live under, it simply isn't going to be genuinely addressed. Quite frankly, you're seemingly just another person operating under the influence of the managed indoctrination that keeps most people arguing within the facade of parameters drawn for our MSMs, who serve our representation, developed by public relation firms for the ruling class. In which the NRA is one of many tools for all of the above as a strategic point within the purposeful managed chaos our society faces in regards to this aspect. Which deceptively manages, in coordination with other certain aspects of social issues, to manipulate certain members of our society into this managed chaos. We're fighting a system that doesn't represent us, and doesn't have any genuine concern for us. It's really that simple. Your misunderstanding of the events deters you from this discovery.

I like to know what your ideology on engaged is?

“He walked in unobstructed initially,”

“He was not confronted by anybody,”

The gunman got out of his truck and shot at two people across the street, before shooting multiple times at the school building.

It's highly likely no one in the school heard the initial shooting across the street, and time frame would probably give him the advantage of making it in the school even if the shooting towards the school was recognized. The element of surprise was clearly beneficial to him.

Then you want to complicate the narrative by introducing phantom scenarios that create distractions from the issue that needs pertinent address. Classic maneuvers used to avoid genuine address while adding to the already existing fears.

Such as you then go on to attack the NRA but completely leave out representation. In which should be the primary target because by all means the entire problem has a path leading straight towards this aspect of our society. !Local, state, and national! In which both establishment parties have held power over the decades to address this issue but have purposely chosen to neglect it.

Let me add some clarity to your mention of gun deaths as a foundation to my comments, if I may. Suicides are reported as the most deaths by guns in which also is reported to gain the most funding, lame as it is, but isn't genuinely confronted. Hold that thought. As all the others go, legislation, again, lame as it is, is never fully funded or funded at all to genuinely address. Thought over as it leads directly back to representation! Who donates a substantial amount of money to our representation? NRA. Within virtually every aspect of our neglected society the answers to why they aren't genuinely address aways has a path made of money leading from the ruling class to representation to media to the manipulated at the bottom. The most common issue with gun deaths is mental stability which is constantly voiced after each incident. It is also the most ignored by our representation. That isn't a coincidence.

I seen a post on my homepage feed today that stated Texan representatives are now angered because law enforcement is wrongly being attacked. I'll just leave that there for people to step over or on.


McCraw did confirm that the school cop did arrive at the school at 11:31 a.m., two minutes before Ramos entered through a side door that was apparently propped open.

During this time, the officer apparently did not see Ramos shooting at the school and drove right past him in the parking lot to engage a teacher he apparently thought had something to do with the shooting. The school police officer, unlike what was claimed by police during the first 48 hours following the massacre, never shot at Ramos.

Of course, this presupposes that the police exist to serve the interests of all of society, which under capitalism is not the case. The police are an instrument of class rule, charged with the power to shoot and kill workers and youth whenever they “feel threatened.”

President Joe Biden, and Donald Trump before him, praise police as “heroes” and flood departments around the country with billions of dollars in additional funding, while money for social services evaporates. Police are provided military-grade weaponry, advanced computers, social media tracking software, body armor, advanced optics, “less-lethal” ammunition, and “urban assault vehicles,” not to risk their lives to save the children of working class families, but to protect the rich, intimidate workers, and ensure profits keep flowing to Wall Street.

Attempting to explain the thinking of Arredondo, McCraw argued that the police were convinced that Ramos, who fired over 100 rounds once he entered the building, had already massacred all the children in the classrooms and that there was “no rush” to attempt to give aid to any of the injured that might still be alive.

McCraw said, without actually naming him, that Arredondo was “convinced at the time that there was no more threat to the children and that the subject was barricaded and that they had time to organize.” [emphasis added]

That there was “no more threat” to the children was immediately contradicted by McCraw when he revealed that multiple children locked inside the classroom with Ramos for over an hour continued to call 911 pleading for police assistance, to no avail.

Your reasoning is fallacious and absurd. And, I did not express a commitment to any ideologyt in my post. Primarily, I stated facts and drew sound consclyusions.

@wordywalt I'm absurd? Unreasonable would be you further applying both disinformation and misinformation just as the leadership did in Texas as their story changed a number of times. You, ignoring information as was given to you and not providing a substantial concurring or opposing view. Instead you attacked me with insults outside of the respect I gave to you in regards to all of the above, while even making specific adjustments to the only correct thought I seen in your comments, taking my time to genuinely address a civil debate, if you even read any of it. If not it would further indicate a sense of indoctrination to disregard a genuine sense of addressing the issue civilly.

I didn't bring conformation of ideology up, why would I in those regards when I know what the construct of forums are meant for. Especially when politics are being addressed. Maybe your problem is a lack of coherently conforming ideology? Obviously your lack to recognize that your comments on forums as such here is the basis of expressing your ideology. You're dangerously indicating what my initial reply was attempting to discover about you and pouring cement down for finalization of the foundation. Unwilling to observe other views and opinions to benefit society, you seemingly react with the tactics of attack that social medias have manipulated so many into from their indoctrination. In which we learn nothing, which benefits those who wish us to remain ignorant so they can continue to deceive us. If you don't commit to any ideology, then what is the purpose of speaking blissfully? That's like admitting you have no developed opinion to work from. To share with others to redevelop when appropriate.

Seriously, that's a contradictory statement as you posted on an issue using your views which would have to be conformed from ideology in which you expressed what seems to be developed opinions, how ever wrong or right they are.

If you're going to address someone with such terms in the future, I suggest, as I did for you, give them the respect of providing a response based on a genuine "free thinker" intellectuality a "educator" should posses. If this represents the manor in which you educated your subjects....well I'll just leave that right there.


The shooter got into the school through an unlocked door.
Let's ban all doors.

Makes as much sense as the rest of the garbage they're spewing.
Stupid fuckers.


Evil personified

bobwjr Level 10 May 28, 2022

I agree with most if what you say but the last word I heard was that the Uvalde shooter was not confronted outside the school, and that he entered completely unchallenged through an unlocked door.


Guns are banned from the NRA Conference this weekend. If more guns save lives... why are the pro gun people banning them from their own event (rhetorical).


Before Bush Sr. died he gave up his NRA membership because of a shooting like this. It made no difference to the NRA hierarchy at all.

When i was a teen-ager back in the 1950s I joined the NRA. At that time, it stood for responsible hunting, wildlife conservation, and gun safety, and I was into hunting. From that respectable and useful organization, ithe BNRA has morphed into a vicious monster. Today, I would not ouch the NRA with a 10 foot pole.

@wordywalt I agree with you. In the 60s I took the NRA safe hunter course, it was nothing like the NRA of today. I also think people need to understand what the second ammendment really means.


"The response of the NRA to the Texas school shooting is nothing short of irrationality moral insanity, and an outright lie. “You can’t stop evil.”" and "What lying, greedy, filthy, uncaring bastards they are!!!!! That any decent human being would choose to believe them is incomprehensible!!"

You amazingly sum up my feelings about your comments regarding the fomenting of anti Russian conflict, funding & arming fascists in Ukraine to commit genocide in Donbass to provoke Russia into action to prevent the genocide:

"The response of WordyWalt et al to the Russian response to fascist Ukrainians & their mercenaries to the genocide of Russian speaking ukrainians is nothing short of irrationality moral insanity, and an outright lie. “You can’t stop evil.”" and "What lying, greedy, filthy, uncaring bastards Walt & his mates are!!!!! That any decent human being would choose to believe them is incomprehensible!!"

Who agrees with me?

Must you try to twist everything to try to make it fit with your pro-Russian stance??????????I would have prefered it if you had simply accepted a point of agreement and tried to find others. You do not seem so inclined.

@wordywalt you cling like a desperate conscious drowning man to a lifesaver thus preventing him from rescuing you Walt.

You have cogently explained your response to the NRA loonies but because you believe your countriy's mad hatred of Russia continue to promote that until they be exterminated. When they are will it be the Chinese? The Europeans? The Canadians? The Eskimos?

You are no different to the madman who killed the teachers and schoolchildren in Texas or anywhere else.

@FrayedBear You know where you can stick it, you lying and insulting SOB. You simply canot stay away from falsely disparaging anyone who disagrees with oy. YOu are a moral cretin. Period, end of story.

@wordywalt you just don't like reading the truth Walt.


Many licensing laws need to be modified, however, the shooter got into the school because a teacher left a door unlocked after she used it.

The shooter had already been engaged after he crashed his truck. But his assault weapon outclassed the response at that time, and made it possible for him to reach that door. Without that assault weapon, it is quite possible he would never had reached that door.

@wordywalt Your reply has little to do with what actually happened. The shooter made it to and through the door before he was ever challanged.

@Alienbeing That is not what I heard on the news. I heard that he exchanged fire with a few officers from the cover of his truck before he went for the door. He had a semiautomatic weapon and they did not.

@wordywalt & Alienbeing - Why did the shooter have to be armed?

Why did America have to foment insurrection in many places & supply the weaponry to enable the deaths of many more than a few American civilians & schoolchildren?

There is no difference.

Alien, as for you trying to blame a schoolteacher - that is simply more of your words of distraction & deceipt.

@wordywalt The news shows video of the shooter entering the school unopposed. In fact there is no one else anywhere in the same area. Certainly that footage was shown where you live. I've seen it over and over and over.

Last the news reports the shooter fired several shots outside the school and no response.

What "news" are you watching?

@FrayedBear "Why was the shooter armed?" is the dumbest question I ever read. OBVIOUSLY becuse he was a disturbed person who wanted to shoot.

Last, I didn't blame a school teacher. I said (as did all news sources) a school teacher left a door unlocked. That fact did not cause th moronic kid to want to kill. You really don't comprehend what you read.

Last, your attempt to tie a mental defect to insurrections around the world only shows what a disorganized mind you have.


How many guns are enough in our country? We already are averaging more than one per adult citizen... That should make the NRA happy. But nope, not yet! I don't see how they say more guns is the answer... we already have more guns!

How about not selling assault rifles outside the military, and buying back what's already out there? An 18 year old doesn't need an assault rifle, except for one reason.

How about teaching kids how to solve conflicts in non-violent ways? I know, wishful thinking. Parents, teach your children well -- and get them help if they show any signs of not being able to handle being in a pluralistic environment. Chances are they are learning their anger from somewhere.


It seems you can't stop evil when it is named the NRA.

And if I understand right, its not the membership, its the ones running it...

@HankSherman the ones running it have certainly contaminated the minds of many of the members.

@Lorajay the most sensible comment on this thread yet. Our entire society is built on the ability to manipulate it towards a developed delusional reality. And chaos is a tool to help accomplish that goal.

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