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Marjorie Taylor Greene argues global warming is actually good for us


Dyl1983 8 June 15

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Yes, rising tides, more frequent and violent thunderstorms and hurricanes, more droughts and more floods are good for improving our health.

I am okay with mental defectives. However, I am not okay with dangerous mental defectives.


She is such an incredible waste of space but I guess her mother loves her.




She's a fucking idiot.


I'm not going to watch that moron but the pain isn't going to spread evenly. Russia and Canada may well gain some cropland and northern sea passages. Obviously no one has the answers but it looks really bad for American agriculture, California's inland valleys are already gravely endangered. It's an ill wind...


Why WOULDN'T she argue this?

Aren't we already over-jaded by her self-exploiting attempts to provoke us with her diarrheal vomits that usually broadcast the OPPOSITE of truth, logic, and reason?


I would be careful on how one advocates harm to a Representative of our government & that includes the wacky opposition. Do not become them.

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