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Living here in the Bible belt is kinda difficult ,I can so be unintentionally offensive to some of the people I know and claim to love . I don't want to cause harm to individuals but several friends take my atheist remarks and anti religious beliefs very personally . Mind you im doing my best to balance my true distain for religion and respect for the believer but when I fail the guilt weighs on me . I feel like if I don't speak up against the blindess of most who have a one book doctrinal existence then I condone the ignorant harm they end up causing those around them . Anyone have any suggestions about what I can practice to keep my comments non judgenental sounding ,but also clearly conveys my position ? Thanks ,I just want to treat all with love and respect ,not just those who morally agree with me πŸ˜‰

Fastredcat 4 Apr 26

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I recommend Peter Boghossian's "A Manual for Creating Atheists". Even if that is not what you are trying to do, it gives a great basis for interactions that aren't negative. This book is the basis for "Street Epistemology" & is non-confrontational & can be very rewarding. I've been an atheist for years, & I still learn from this as I tend to the direct approach otherwise. Just a suggestion, it may help.


I assume they are free to talk about their beliefs. You should be free to talk of yours. If that offends them it is their problem.


Just try to refrain from attacking or putting down the people with whom you disagree,and try not to feel guilty or blame yourself if someone gets upset with your opinions. Sometimes it's unavoidable that some believers will be offended by criticism of their beliefs, no matter how respectfully the criticisms are expressed. Just keep on trying to be respectful and to stay true to your own beliefs or views. Also, sometimes it's preferable to try to avoid arguments over religion. Don't feel like you have an obligation to change people's minds.


No need to say anything unless you are asked directly, then you can just remark casually that it's not what you believe, then change the subject before they can argue.
If people continue to argue anyway, just murmur, "Um, hum," vaguely, as though humoring a child, and wander out of the room.

That will soon train them not to bring it up.


Don't talk about it unless talked too about it


This is difficult, no doubt about it! Your guilt, says that you are not meeting up to your own ideal! I believe the most important part of being a being your authentic self with the religious community! I doubt that pointing out their foolish ideas or attempting to knock some logic into their heads, will get very far! At least that is what I have found! Just 'live' the person that you are and if that becomes an example to help others leave or see the 'light' have done more than I have been able to do! At any rate, you want to care for yourself, in whatever way preserves your self respect. And, you will need to get some practice, before you get really good at it! You have a place in this world, just as you are, no need to defend, what is your right!


Just have to be a lil flexible. At times is better to listen and let the topic go. But yes there’s those times when you have to say no fucking way that’s not right. By the way my mom is a pastor and we got to a point to where we care more bout our relationship that the beliefs or lack of.


Thank you all for your input ,much love


Tact is not my strong suit. Sorry.


Be honest but civill.

That's what I'm learning to do


I don't jump in to share my annoyances but I tell what I think is true if it comes up. Don't feel guilty, just be yourself. If it displeases some too bad, you have a right to feel as you do.


I try to make it a rule on my main Facebook profile to criticize the belief and not the believers. I will also criticize the actions of the believers but do it in a way that isn’t making it a personal attack on them. Sort of how they claim to hate the sin not the sinners. But on my alternative account sort of my alter ego I don’t hold back. I call them out on all their bullshit and will not apologize for hurt feelings. My more sensitive friends aren’t friends with me on that account.

I can relate ,many of my christain friends are a bit sensitive


Don't ever be ashamed of your own truth or opinions...its on them if they are offended and vice versa...don't censor yourself or let other people stifle you...



It's tough, especially if the people you are around are vocal about their beliefs. One option is to make the agreement with people that atheism and religion are simply off-topic. I do this with my dad who is an Alabama Trump conservative. When we aren't butting heads on social issues or religion, we actually have a great time together.

elaw Level 4 Apr 26, 2018

why is it your calling to save them from their savior? heal thyself. I'm from the belt also and grew up steeped deeply. take a break perhaps. just thoughts.

I am taking a break for a while πŸ˜‰


Having dealt with people over the years, I realized something: No matter how inoffensive I tried to be, sooner or later someone was going to object. That was kind of liberating: I realized that since people were going to be offended anyway, I might as well take control of the situation and be a a provocateur.

It's all a case by case thing. Sometimes the ignorance is so powerful that it has to be addressed.

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