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Do Muslims Jews and other religions hate and despise Christians as much as Christians hate them? Have you spent time in other places and heard the same hate we often hear from Christians in our culture.

Andyg17 5 Apr 26

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I think if you examine the world historically and the world as it is today, then the answer is a resounding yes. The basis of most of the predominate religions teaches/preaches that anyone who doesn't believe in "insert your god here" the way that "you" do is reason enough to consider them inferior and unworthy of their gods worth and protection. Now, saying that, I have met many people of varying religions who say (to your face anyhow) that their beliefs are their own and that they do not judge or persecute because of another's perspective. Mostly though.... I call BS because I've read their books. If they are devout in their beliefs, then anyone outside of their sects are potentially their enemy.


I honestly think it depends on the individual sects within each religion and just how fanatical they are. Some are more radical and others more open. It seems the really loud ones, though they seem to be smaller groups, are the more radical types that make it seem the rest seem just as bad.

AmyLF Level 7 Apr 27, 2018

I worked in Saudi Arabia for a year, a long time ago. I can honestly say that everyone was much more polite and unoffended with working with an "infidel".


I travelled in Morocco in 1979 and they told me that they generally hate Christians though the ones who told me that said that they were an exception.


I grew up with a Muslim best friend, however his mother was a white Christian and his father was a sunni muslim, so he was possibly atypical, but I never felt unwelcome in their home or company.


In my experience the primary hateful and intolerant religions are Christianity and Catholicism, Muslim follows close by as a third but the death seekers are not so much as religious as they are intolerant. I have met many others from many aspects especially in the military and they are generally not so hateful even after being hated on or entirely disrespected.


Lots of Jews and Muslims hate each other. It depends on the sect they are from. We have that too. Evangelicals think they are the only ones who are right while lots of people claim the Catholics are not even Christian. Isn't this a bit like "no true Scotsman?"


Do all Christians hate Jews and Muslims and other religions? I suppose a lot of them do but not all of them.
In my personal experience with Jewish people they tend to follow the line that they are god's chosen people and tend to look down on everyone as a result. Do they hate Christians? I haven't seen that to be the case but many of them seem to feel that Christians are confused because they have the wrong messiah and since they are Goys it wouldn't matter in any case.
Muslims I have had a few friendships with but it is tough because everyone is an infidel and so it is hard to get close. They do accept Jesus as one of their prophets so they don't hate Christians more so than they hate any other infidel and they are always hopeful for conversions to the one true religion but then aren't they all the one true fucking religion? Historically the Muslims have a better record of tolerance than the Christians do but that seems to have fallen off a bit since the Christian nations started bombing the shit out of them, time will tell.
Hindus and Sikhs that I used to play field hockey with in university seemed pretty tolerant of Christians although the Hindus tend to look down on everyone else perhaps because they have been around so much longer, the Brahmins tend to be the worst about this. Still I wouldn't say they hate Christians and they certainly don't want to convert them to their point of view, you pretty much have to been born into those religions and they have no shortage of members.
Buddhists tend to be pretty chill about all other religions but they are a little bit different in so far as they don't see god as separate from them but rather a spiritual state to be attained through many lives so if you're a Christian they aren't going to hate you but just feel a bit of pity for you because in their minds you are a ways down the ladder from achieving Nirvana.
So NO, the other religions don't generally hate Christians as much as Christians hate the other religions. At least that's my take on it.


Muslims are taught in the Quran and other holy scriptures to hate unbelievers, especially Jews.

Jews are taught that they are better than everyone else, but not to hate anyone else.


Generally in South Africa religions are tolerant of each other through their common bond of being religious. atheists are the satan in their midst.

Doesn't it feel good to be a unifying force? 😀

@Surfpirate Yes I am proud to be part of this group. I have recieved much valueable advise here.


I've not heard any here in Thailand from Hindus, Muslims, or Buddhists. They just mind their own business, as people should.

What about the ongoing South Thailand Insurgency?

@Jnei I don't want to get into trouble but that was mostly government troops firing at people on the border who are being marginalized. They also did/do horrible things to fleeing Myanmar refugees. They keep being found out and saying they're cleaning up their act, but they have a no-tolerance there for a lot of things.

But when I was teaching in Narathiwat, right on the Malaysian border, where most of the trouble was, the people themselves got along well. The school where I taught was about 50-50% Buddhists and Muslims, and in the morning exercises before school started, kids from each religion took turns leading in prayer chants. I adored ALL the kids..SOOO cute.

@birdingnut I find that in every conflict and disputed region the vast majority of people themselves get along quite happily regardless of religion or race and would much rather just get on with their lives without being shot at or bombed. It's usually only when you add politicians and religious leaders into the mix that problems arise!

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