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SCOTUS: Supreme Christian Overlords Terrorize US.

anglophone 8 June 24

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Silly Christians Overestimate Their Useless Sanctimony


What happens on the day SCOTUS outlaws interacial marriage to Ginni and Clarence ?


I found it totally silly that they took up a 50 year old item like Roe and defended getting rid of it because it was not in the Constitution. What's next. Will we regress into slave labor again?


If we had a President with any balls he would be trying to expand the Supreme Court and pack it with liberal democrats. Democrats need a new candidate for 2024!

Thereby making it truly a political body.

I feel your frustration but there ain't a damn thing the president can do about it if Manchin and Sinema won't agree to changing the filibuster rule.


They can have Florida

MizJ Level 8 June 24, 2022

Shouldn't Georgia be colored blue too?

@Flyingsaucesir Georgia I think is purple and was made red for the simplicity of that map. This was the Jesusland and United States of Canada map that was a joke a few years ago.


Gilead, here we come! Right about now, I wish I were a lot richer, a little younger, and knew a compatible Canadian woman that I could marry for immigrating there, with an agreement to be able to easily divorce later if it became adventageous for either of us. Canada is looking really good right now, if things were more like that for me.

Having lived most of my life in California, Canada would really take some getting used to. The loooong summer days and winter nights, the cold,....I know I would enjoy the northern lights....


When the red states secede, do they or the blue states get the nuclear weapons and the stars wars stuff?

Right now I'm thinking the blue states should secede. Let the religious nut jobs govern themselves.


Welcome to the new Divided States of America.

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