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The asshole that is Supreme Court justice Thomas has hinted that he next wants to target contraception and same-sex marriage: [] That man is an arrogant dangerous menace!

anglophone 8 June 26

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Maybe they should also work to overturn the legality of inter racial marriages. Where would that leave Thomas? Sounds like they are trying to foment another civil war. My question is why is Roberts siding with this rabid bunch.


It's not just Thomas.
Kavenaugh, Barrett and Alito all have nothing but hate for the liberal progress made in the last 150 years.
Remember how Kavenaugh went nuts denouncing democrats during his hearing? The Federalist Society and The Family have provided them with an agenda and they're pursuing it at full speed. Thomas said as much.


Let's bring back all of the old, tired and worn out repressive laws then, shall we. First order of business, string up that black man who had the arrogance and audacity to marry a white woman (probably a whore on reefer but still and all, she be white).
Be careful what you wish for Clarence Thomas, you just may find that those racist, white boys aren't your friends once you are no longer useful to them. πŸ˜‰

Clarence Thomas has no idea what forces he is meddling with. It's all about him, and nobody else.

@anglophone Best to lynch him then and make it public, the right message needs to be sent, women and people of colour need to know their place, under the heel of some old white man who is bitter as hell and probably going in that direction if his religion be true.

I found this article [] mentioning the Civil War in this context.

@SnowyOwl Welcome to the evil agenda of an evil man.

@anglophone It's a very sick minority that is calling the tune that everyone is expected to dance to with a smile on their face. I am hopeful that the majority will knock down this fanatical minority and putting things back on track to a free and equal nation.


Not only would this result in a lot of unwanted pregnancies, but just imagine the STDs that would result. Maybe that's his game...punishing people who have sex. IDK...what is their ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal is to impose his own morality on everybody else. It is a sign of his own deep personal insecurity and his own refusal to use what passes for his brain.

@anglophone He has good company on the court, too.

@Organist1 I should add that his attempt to bully other people comes from his own inner terrified two year old child - he never grew up as a person.


One thing is obvious: if Clarence Thomas could force the whole of the U$A back to Biblical times he would do so. He is a reactionary retrogressive, and he reviles the human progress that people have made in recent centuries.

I’m sure he misses slavery. He would have been the master’s slave driver, keeping everybody in line.

@Barnie2years And laughing and wanking off every time he used his savage whip on the back of some poor person less fortunate than himself.

@Barnie2years He could also exercise his slave owner's "rights": raping any female slave whenever and wherever he felt like it.

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