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Atheist worker fired after refusing to attend company’s Christian prayer in NC, feds say.

Bring on the lawsuit! But pray it dosen't make it to the Supreme Court.

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itsmeagain 6 June 29

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And 60 years ago I was made to go to a Christian Sunday service at girlscout camp. And I thought things had changed until the current Scotus began it's rein of terror.

Yeah, I don't think I will live to see the Supreme Court return to its senses. 😟


Might as well take it all the way to the SCOTUS where he will lose and end all pretense that this is now a country where non-christians no longer have rights and this is a theocracy because of 6 robed religiloons.

Yes, that was my intended joke re the Supreme Court.

I worked for a Catholic healthcare organization for a total of 27 yrs. For the first 10 yrs, my awareness was just rising in regards to religious practice (opposed to my initial upbringing). When re-hired in 2004, I questioned the speaker at Diversity orientation in regard to current attitudes over religious diversity, which he carefully slithered around. He later became a friend and divulged his personal affinity towards the Tao, but the organization lagged far behind. When I left in 2020 'due to pandemic changes', the christian practices & prayers were still commonplace and I felt my distance from that had been an issue for some in leadership. Dang, never considered a lawsuit.

This is bizarre. Your response is all on one line so it is not contained in the box and runs off the edge of the page. It also appears to be in a different font. Does it look normal on your end?

@itsmeagain Whaaa? Just seeing this, and have no idea of how that happened, looks the same way to me here! I see my post normally in my profile, guess that's what I get for spilling my guts here?


The evil of Christian supremacism rears its ugly head again.


Twenty something years ago I worked for a computer company whose owner was a protestant bishop. He was also a white supremacist supporter. At a christmas party at a restaurant, he asked me to lead a prayer. I said I didn't know any. My job was terminated the following year.


And so it begins

Its been going on for a lot of us for a long time.


Hopefully they will get a nice settlement from the lawsuit. This is total bullshit!


What a horrible place to work for whether religion is on the menu or not.


The problem is it probably will be appealed all the way to the SC by some deep-pocketed group that supports the Bible-thumpers. They are way better funded than our side. The result of that good ole prosperity gospel, doncha know?

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