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What is worse, FEAR or GREED?

I pick fear, because when people control their fear they can control mass hysteria, which politics , religion and superrich feed off of, so easily.

Castlepaloma 8 July 2

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I also think fear is worse.

Greed is probably always bad as it carries implications of having enough but wanting more than your fair share.

While fear can be beneficial (e.g. fear of losing rights as motivation to action), I think it is easier to cause fear in people than cause greed, and to stir that fear to greater intensity, causing people to act in more extreme ways.

Generally speaking, fear of losing something we have is greater than greed for gaining something we don't have.

Good point, fear is much more worldwide that spread greater and over controls the mass of people greater.


For those who are greedy the word (enough) is meaningless. The greedy live in a perpetual future that never arrives. They are like the proverbial donkey chasing a carrot dangling in front of them.

In the case of rulers of a state, fear is the main tool of dictators. However, the actions of dictators lead to their own enslavement. I doubt that they are ever free of the fear of being held to account for the crimes they committed against their citizens.

Can imagine the greedy suffer more in life than the average person. People reach about 80% level of collective consciousness. Often change things from the great abuse upon them from the greedy. Then the people do the positive change for the better by leading themselves.

@Castlepaloma I sure they do in much the same way as they try to fill a bucket with water, a bucket with many holes in it.


are you all enjoying this nit picking and vacuous fiddling? meanwhile global warming "Rome' is burning, the C O2 numbers show the fire continues to worsen, and the supreme court just yesterday poured sugar in the gas tank of our biggest actually working fire engine. presumably your correct anti religion posture would suggest a general intelligence among you and perhaps the ability to verbally lead. ....................... but judging by how you use your time here, it doesn't seem to me that any of you could lead or think your way out of a wet paper bag.

It's important topic in life by the greatest destructive force on earth. The fear is a horrible waste of time and GREED, lacking balance. There is going to be vast amontnegotive changes to come., And a vast amount of different Perspectives

@Castlepaloma .....the house is on fire. all hands on deck, lets talk about the fact that THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!


Both served valuable roles in the evolution of humans:

Fear: Keep an eye on those leopards, lions, and hyenas.
Greed: The desire to provide for oneself and one’s offspring.

Neither is any better or worse than the human sex drive.

BD66 Level 8 July 2, 2022

. . . false dichotomy. 😛

They are similar in the sense of weakening and separating people from nature and living in a state of well being.


We are affected by both on a daily basis in our daily lives. I think fear is a more prevalent problem from a numbers standpoint. Yet greed affects us from everything from heating our homes to what we eat. I'd say both affect us all in major ways and I can't pick a winner. With that said, fear is something that can be fought and overcome by knowledge. Greed is what it is and a greedy person isn't likely to change.

Yes both are horrible, I used to be a tool for the rich most of my life. Now, I don't allow myself to be over focus on money. It's only 1/5th of the equation and balance it with spiritual, physical, intellectual and relationships. All equal in a balance lifestyle.

@Castlepaloma Yep, as I see it, true wealth is the absence of debt.


Gotta go with greed. It is through greed or because of greed the greedy use fear to control those they are actually a parasite to. Now some greed may start as fear but the greedy must control those they feed off or exploit. IMHO


Let's call both a deadly sin. Shall we?

It was a pretty big year for predators
The marketplace was on a roll
And the land of opportunity
Spawned a whole new breed of men without souls
This year, notoriety got all confused with fame
And the devil is downhearted
Because there's nothing left for him to claim

Don Henley, Garden Of Allah.

Agree, it has been the worst FEAR mongering and greatest world record profits for those greedy bastards. That I've ever experienced in my lifetime


This is the age of greed, it's almost accepted as the social norm. Fear is a cautionary tool.

Fear of not getting enough. That's what today's fear is based on (and there's a lot of it despite those shirts that said No Fear). As Jackson Browne said, "People have got the envy/and they've got it bad."

I've had a big sculpture business for decades and felt some GREED and the over ego, sucked me in. It was learning how to be fearless that got me out of the trap. Many People veiw me as successful, yet I was unhappy. Fearlessness has create a higher energy and bliss that I can not explain. When I was rich , it was like working with toxic materials and toxic people. Today all products and materials are all natural first being food, then freedom and affordable housing.Plus deeper intimate relationships.


Some say envy is worse than GREED. It's fearlessness that has gotten me, over every major tragedy. I've known many famous people and also watch them fall even harder than the average person.



Personally, I think that greed is worse. I suspect that everything which we might label as evil is actually greed in disguise. People taking what they want without thought or consideration for others in any way. I want this country.. I want to satisfy myself, my desires, my needs, at your expense ... etc. etc.

May have a good point there, there is a selfish gene in the human species. And us against them groups in an over ego world.

@Castlepaloma Not just humans. Everything. Humans have just let it take over.


It does seem like fear could more easily get large numbers of otherwise good people to do awful things. Seems like the things people do out of fear could also be worse. Or at least it might be easier to get someone to do something worse out of fear rather than greed.

There is definitely room to argue how many might "fall" for what or how bad of an action could be achieved. For a devil's advocate POV greed can be justified by things like "just business" or "got to get paid". Maybe NIMBY stuff could be related to greed in some way.

It dose seem it's rooted in fear from cavemen who feared the weather and many unknowns.
The super rich create a scarcity all the time and most people don't like their jobs for most waking hours of their lives. Then they are running around from the fear of being in the poor house or worse homeless. When in reality nature provides all the abundance for everyone. Just add love and work.

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