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Nick Anderson's Blurred Lines

This cartoon was received in an e-mail with the following commentary:

"This cartoon was partially inspired by an excellent special report that aired on CNN last Sunday on the growing control of the Texas GOP by Christian nationalist billionaires. But, it's happening around the country, so I didn't want to limit it to just Texas. They are especially intent on destroying public schools so they can push their publicly-funded, Christian-based education agenda."

It also contained the following links whixh did not copy with the text.

RussRAB 8 Aug 3

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The U.S. constitution start with "We The People". Seems to me that the only people that count are the billionaires not the citizens.

Betty Level 8 Aug 6, 2022

It worries me too. In a conversation with a former boss of mine America was founded as a Christian Nation because in England you simply had to be labeled Church of England and the people wanted free from this. PRESTO! Everyone that came to the New World came only from England. Sorry. That idea is absurd.

The whole notion that the US was founded as a Christian nation is absurd. The US Constitution has no mention of God and no mention of religion in the original writing of it except to prohibit any religious test for serving in the federal government. The 1st Amerment prohibits government fro establishing any religion and bars givernment from interferring with religious practices and belief. The only mention of God in the Amendments is in reference to a date - as in 'the year of our lord'. How anyone gets that these restrictions and prohibitions is somehow an endorsement of their religion is an unreasonable stretch at best. It is downright ignorant and arrogant.

@RussRAB Pointing out such relevant facts to any religious lunatics never achieves anything, and like trying to teach a pig to sing it wastes your time and annoys them.


I don't care how stinking rich those fundamentalist Christians are, they need to keep their genocidal maniac of a god out of politics.


Um thy lord and savior

Btbd Level 7 Aug 3, 2022

One more illustration of why we need to get the money out of politics. Overturn Citizens United!

You and I will be long dead before that ever happens, if ever. That problem has only gotten worse over my lifetime.

@TomMcGiverin Your pessimism is very....consistent 😂

@Flyingsaucesir Well, my man, I am nothing if not consistent, and honest to a fault....


Yes! Yield to imaginary stuff and follow books written by perverts, Women, children haters and abusers, animal abusers all who expect complete devotion to them by taking your money so they can live a lifestyle that no one else can afford!!!


The theocracy movement is moving forward on that in my area too.

And SCROTUS will keep pushing it.

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