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Has let you down as a dating app? Take heart, there are other options.

SnowyOwl 8 Oct 12

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That is hilarious!


Sure sounds like a great place for all the old mentally demented obstructionist regressive republican fascists who no longer can own and control on all brain dead maga death cult members they still hoped they owned!!!


On the contrary, this place is my go to wedgie for the writing of the ancients.

Only the other day in 3,000 BCE a Mesopotamian woman came at me with the scissors she's invented that morning to cut the flat bread, only to renew here efforts that afternoon with the pizza wheel. Either way it was chariots affire.


Irving Finkel at the British Museum will be the hottest guy on that site. He also does some interesting YouTube videos.

I love Irving Finkel. I would date him.


Just about as practical as trying to date on Agnostic. I have yet to meet a single member in person from here. Probably doesn't help that my state has likely one of the lowest number of members of any state in the US. Probably also better suited for Luddites like me who refuse to get a smartphone and prefer doing all my internet at home on a laptop.

Take heart! It can and does happen!

@KKGator I know it does, for some people, but not for me, so far. it's been over three years, with very limited success.

Tom, you do things about like I do. My phone is not smart and I do sites from a computer. I'm also not wanting to meet someone, sell all that I have and go to another state to be with them. No catfish here and it's just not going to happen. However, my ex did call me from Dallas Tuesday night and we talked 4 hours. Now we are both up on everything and she is going to Fed Ex me a pair of New Balance shoes.


Women are hardwired for sexually flirting, try that and get back to me. We are all sexaul being too. Nothing gross.

@DenoPenno Glad to know I have company in my habits. I have dated two women from Match in the last three years, six months each, at different times, neither one seriously. The first one bought me a few really nice gifts, that I still value, but have had no contact with her since we stopped dating. The second one remains a friend, tho I wish we had more regular contact, but she has gone on to find a steady boyfriend from Match and is also busy with her work and family, so no time for contact with me.

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