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Rat infestation this morning in Los Angeles, California (south-bound 405 freeway).

Flyingsaucesir 8 Oct 23

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That is sickening.

Yes, and disgusting, disheartening, distracting, distopian, disturbing, disenchanting, dismal...


Did we learn NOTHING from history? Someone need to throw these fuckwads OFF THE DAMN BRIDGE. Toss that ASSHOLE Kanye along with them.

These assholes don't know or care about history.


What exactly did he say?

KW said he was going "deathcon 3 on Jews."

@Flyingsaucesir Was those his words or was that something that the press said that he had said?

@Jolanta it's on video, and he doubled down on the Cuomo interview, also on video, search in YouTube

@Jolanta You're pretty suspicious of the press, huh? I heard it first on PBS, then again on MSNBC, both sources I trust. It's not the first time he has spouted such nonsense. The guy is kind of a lunatic.

@Flyingsaucesir Yes, I do believe that he needs serious help, however I have found that a lot of the so called journalists do not tell the truth either. They lie outright or say it in such a way that it implies something or not.

@Jolanta You're definitely describing Fox News, OAN, Newsmax,...

@Flyingsaucesir And all the Murdoch media around the world.


A big pile o’ dogshit is what I see.

Too bad they are not whale shit, then we could never have to see or hear them ever again!!!

@of-the-mountain Unfortunately they’d pollute the ocean even worse.


Definitely Ill educated moronic mindless Fascists!!!

They are being used wholesale by the wealthy and their corporations, who use the so called religious right to form the white Christian nation to be control by white male Fascists!!!

They are so overtly stupid they do not realize they are completely outnumbered by 2 to 1 and growing daily!!’


Fuck Kanye, but still...

Enforce the goddamn Symington Amendment.

Excuse me, but what has banning U.S. economic and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections got to do with neo Nazis/Christian nationalists in L.A.?

And yes, definitely fuck Kanye 😂


Trump isn’t the problem. Kanye isn’t the problem. It’s the thousands, maybe millions given the poll numbers, who have always believed this garbage, but never had millionaire, front page, celebrities out there codifying it for them so they could find each other.

Social media + celebrities

You're very right. There have always been bigots and ignorant haters, but Trump came along and made it acceptable and even popular to be open and vocal about it. And the corporate media played right along and aided it, instead of condemning it, they just treated it as "another valid viewpoint", in the interest of their bullshit policy of "balanced reporting"...


Holy moley. I'd have been flipping a finger, but I'm sure they wouldn't see it. What friggin morons.

Brazen frigging Nazi rats out in broad daylight. Time to call the exterminator.

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