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If you believe….. πŸ˜†

On Nov. 9, 1966, Paul McCartney got pissed off at his band mates and rudely left a band meeting. While driving home, he was killed in a car crash caused by a slick road (and an unhinged fan or meter maid named Rita who he picked up hitchhiking).

Not noticing that the lights had changed, Paul was hit by another car, and burnt to death inside his own car while a crowd of onlookers, helpless, watched him die. His face was obliterated and his teeth were knocked out in the crash and fire, making identification impossible.

It didn't happen, of course. But many thought this was the true story behind Paul's death and him being replaced by "Faul". πŸ˜†

Did you ever believe it? If so, it happened 56 years ago today.

                                                                            - The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge
Ryo1 8 Nov 9

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I remember this. I was in kindergarten or first grade I think, and I remember crying on the school playground after they told me about it. It was back and forth between believing them or my Dad's denial, and I finally went with my Dad (with maybe a hint of suspicion remaining).


I remember there was a group of about 6 or 7 kids in my high school (yes, I am that old) who believed this story passionately. They claimed there were visual clues on album covers, clues in song lyrics, messages in Beatles songs played backwards, and a bunch of other horseshit surrounding the story. One of my earliest exposures to disinformation.


I remember this well.
There was even a "trial" on television about it.
One of the "clues" was that he was on the cover of LIFE magazine, there was a car ad on the opposite side, and some people tried saying it was proof that he died in a car accident.
Thing is, if you held the page to the light, the car ad was visible through the paper.
Even as a kid, I knew it was garbage, and Paul wasn't dead.
So fucking dumb.


I remember the story and how there were supposedly clues embedded in the Magically Mystery Tour album ("I am the walrus" supposedly meaning Paul was dead, "dragged a comb across my head" supposedly meaning a head injury, etc.), and the White Album (Revolution Number Nine played backwards sounds like "turn me on dead man). Of course it was all bullshit, but the harmless fun of it contrasts sharply with the decidedly nasty and dangerous lies from anti-vaxxers, neo-fascist seditionists, conspiracy theorists, and general self-promoters we are inundated with today.


This never happened because the Beatles never existed. At the behest of the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover four young MI6 agents were recruited to pretend to be these long hair communist freaks to scare the hell out Americans and get them back too focusing on the red scare after the Kennedy assassination. I read this on the internet in 1975.

Yes and that is why Stephen King (not Mark Chapman) was actually the John Lennon Assassins, he had gone rogue. In return King had his books boomed by "the government" in order to spread subliminal messages from MK Ultra.
See phoographic proff []


Shocked I'm not hearing this from Qanon, but no, it's a fiction, like Jesus, Moses, and the torments of early Christian cult members they call martyrs. Sure some Christians were killed early on, but it's less then a thousand to one verses the other way around after the Christians took over and started torturing and burning pagans and Gnostic Christians.
Also history is written by the winners....


I call bullshit


It's a good story I'm surprised it never got made in to a "Tales of the unexpected" episode.

Almost as good as the twilight zone episode "The Once and Future King" where an obsessed Elvis impersonator manages to steal a time machine to go back in time and meet his idol before his big break, but accidentally kills Elvis after "the King" attacks the traveler for playing devil's music and for being the ghost of his dead brother Jessie. When Elvis accidentally impales himself on his own broken guitar, the time traveler is forced to live Presley's life for him and even endure the same humiliating death.

I didn't see that episode (or forgot it). Have you seen Bubba Ho Tep (Elvis in a nursing home fighting an evil mummy, he had switched lives with an impersonator)?

@Beowulfsfriend I love that movie! My ex husband, who is a movie buff, alerted me to it. Funny!

@Beowulfsfriend Yes I have a copy of that film in my collection


No, I never believed it. Humans love conspiracy theories.

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