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Nihilism and a philosophical approach to life after death (what about life before life).

JackPedigo 9 Nov 22

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There is absolutely no evidence of a soul, or spirit, or any part of us continuing on after death. None.


,,,,proof matters
we just CHASE OUR tail


Was the script’s author reaching for eternity?

What did he exclude?

I challenge the author to rewrite the script, referring only to himself with the first-person, singular pronouns: I, me, mine. Only then will he see his own limitations.


Your born to live and you live to die. The only time we will know there is an afterlife is when we die.

When we die we know nothing.

@JackPedigo Do you have evidence there is no afterlife?

@xenoview Do you have any there is? After eons one would think there would be something but nada because there is nada.

@JackPedigo I don't know there is an afterlife. Can you prove there is not an afterlife?

@xenoview Nope, you won't know anything. You'll be dead.

@xenoview It is not possible to prove the non-existence of anything. We van only use our critical thinking faculty to assess the probability of such existence. And in the case of God, or a soul, or eternal life, that probability is vanishingly small.


That is of course, assuming there is life after death.

Kind of a BIG assume! There is life but not ours.


Interesting.I say this and do not believe in a soul. There is no "you" left when you are gone.

There will be what remains of you in the memories of people who knew you.

There will also be what remains of you in the memories of non-human pets who knew you.

@yvilletom Memories are not the thing itself. They're just fugitive images produced in the mind, the result of collections of neurons recapitulating, imperfectly, a pattern of neural communication that was first engendered by a sight, a sound, a thought, a touch, or asome combination of these. When the brain ceases to function, these patterns can no longer be replayed. Memory dies with the body.

@Flyingsaucesir You seem focused solely on you, so I will clarify. Read it carefuly.

There will be what remains of you in the memories of OTHERS who knew you, and in the memories of OTHER SPECIES who knew you.

@yvilletom Yeah yeah, until they die or get dementia or simply forget.

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